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  1. jessecrall

    Harper Hypothetical

    There's a not insignificant chance that Adell is as valuable as Harper by, like, 2021 for a few pennies on the dollar. Much as I'd love to see a first inning of Harper-Trout-Ohtani giving pitchers suicidal thoughts.
  2. jessecrall

    Any Ben Shapiro fans here?

    I was the project manager for an engineering firm but it went under so I'm applying for grad school as a writer and doing mickey mouse jobs in the interim.
  3. jessecrall

    Rosenthal: Angels looking to shed payroll

    As attractive as Realmuto is, I'm leaning in @Dochalo's camp here more and more by the day.
  4. jessecrall

    Any Ben Shapiro fans here?

    Considering I'm a socialist pushing 30, I think we can fill in the blanks re: for intelligence, there is no clear measure and someone extremely capable in one aspect of life or understanding will be entirely deficient in others. I think anyone on the political spectrum would agree that much of the great damage in the world occurs when deficient people assume capability.
  5. jessecrall

    Any Ben Shapiro fans here?

    I graduated UCLA Phi Beta Kappa. High school was a lot harder. And any smart man knows that credentials do not make for a strong argument.
  6. jessecrall

    Any Ben Shapiro fans here?

    Well, I certainly agree with you about Shapiro's belief's being genuine.
  7. jessecrall

    Any Ben Shapiro fans here?

    I'd say we're both in some sort of tie for the bottom.
  8. jessecrall

    Any Ben Shapiro fans here?

    If Shapiro's someone who conservatives prop up as an entertaining thought leader, it gives me hope for the left's future.
  9. jessecrall

    2018 Hot Stove League

    You're right about Eppler avoiding guys who turned down qualifying offers and it's sound operating procedure considering who've they've landed in the 2nd round...Kikuchi and Suzuki are also on my wish list and since Lynn inexplicably looked like Verlander against Trout, I'll take him on a cheap deal as well. Moustakas, eh...the Angels passed last go around and he just screams "Will collapse any day now." Not to sound like an old school Moneyball scout but he's a slow, bad-body guy with mediocre on base skills. I'd rather have Fletcher at 3rd because he's cheaper and his defense is likely to be a good win better than Moose's. Descalco's still my guy to fill out the infield.
  10. Sorry, folks, my grandpa has logged in and he's trying to do comedy.
  11. jessecrall

    Post 2018 Farm ratings per Fangraphs

    I'm not sure why prospect discussions degenerate so quickly into absolute statements. There are costs and benefits to trading prospects AND to holding them. You look for opportunities. The Angels internal brass also has different expectations for their players than we do. They might believe that Brandon Marsh is a little more development away from discovering massive power that could turn him into a superstar. They might see something in Jose Suarez's delivery that suggests durability issues down the line. They might look to be aggressive but get turned down by potential trade partners. They might lean conservative but get blown away by another team overvaluing some of the Angels pieces. Who knows? I'd just try avoid blanket beliefs on all this stuff.
  12. jessecrall

    Rosenthal: Angels looking to shed payroll

    Boras mentioned Harper's potential as a 1st baseman and Harper himself worked out willingly at the position during the season. So I suppose it's possible that you sign him, he plays RF for a year and moves to 1B next year when Adell's ready and Pujols is presumably shuffled off into the sunset. I say "possible" in the same sense that it's possible that I bump into Eva Green at the supermarket and she falls head over heels in love with me. It *could* happen.
  13. jessecrall

    $30 Million Off Season, how do YOU spend it?

    Explain the Marte trade to me; his value lies in 2020 and 2021 team options at reasonable costs; since Adell can be reasonably projected to be ready by 2020, it seems like you're giving up a helluva lot for what could amount to 1 year of a 30-year-old coming off a good-not-great season.
  14. We have: Skaggs, Heaney, Shoemaker, Barria, Pena, Ramirez, Meyer, Tropeano, Canning, Suarez & 1-2 likely acquisitions. Maybe Sandoval, as well. Plus Ohtani in 2020. Bridwell if things get really bad. Will Suarez be better than Barria? Or Pena? Maybe. Maybe not. If he can bring in a proven quantity, you look into moving him. If he can't, you don't. Understand, I'm not saying you HAVE to trade any of these people. Just that it doesn't make sense to not consider your options. You talk about depth but prospects move up, guys get picked up from the waiver wire, the front office will surely sign some more utility guys or even a Marwin Gonzalez/Daniel Descalco type. The team will change.
  15. You're absolutely right but what you're saying will always be true. Contracts run out, players get hurt, veterans hit the wall. And the opposite perspective could be: Prospects seldom pan out, they're a gamble, they get hurt, they don't develop, they get to the majors and struggle and lose the value they had etc etc. I should note that I'd be reluctant to part with these guys. I'm not in any way saying we must trade them. Merely that the idea that we reflexively shouldn't is unwise. If the Marlins want a ransom for Realmuto, you hold. If they scare off other teams and their price drops, well...