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  1. Halokingfish

    Break the bank?

    Would it make sense to backload a contract for a free agent we want? We underpay him from 2019-2021 but backload the deal in 2022 and beyond when the Pujols deal comes off the books.
  2. I like the move. Cheap deal and he brings decent power and an above average obp to the table
  3. Halokingfish


    I would like to keep Angels baseball here in Orange County, but what are the realistic locations? The Great Park space(old marine base) would be a good spot but last I checked a deal fell through. There seems to be a lot of other projects going on there. The current digs with development of surrounding land and a refurnished(or new) Big A seems most likely if Angels stay in OC. They put in new lights there so what are the odds they did that only to leave? Ohtani is really marketable around here and with Disneyland near by it could be beneficial for marketing and tourism.
  4. Halokingfish

    Luis Valbuena Killed in Car Accident

    That’s the sad reality of Venezuela now. It is common for starving Venezuelans to surround conveys of trucks and loot the food they carry or steal farm animals. People there lack money, food and water. Their roads are becoming increasingly lawless and murder rates gone up. A sad reality for all. https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN1FT1G9
  5. Halokingfish

    Alvarez to Philly

    Trying to figure out what Eppler knows and what we don’t know.
  6. Halokingfish

    Dumpster Dives

    Yeah I reread your post and I realized you were aware Moore was off the market. As for Shoemaker I recall reading an article that his injury was misdiagnosed and the doctors found what the real issue is and corrected it, so maybe Shoemaker on a cheaper AAV with 4 years
  7. Halokingfish

    Dumpster Dives

    I looked up Matt Moore and the Tigers already signed him to a one year deal for 2.5 mil a couple of days ago. Oh my bad I reread your post and you were aware Moore was off the table
  8. Halokingfish

    Dumpster Dives

    Are there any dumpster dives in the free agent market that you wouldn’t mind trying out?
  9. Halokingfish

    Dumpster Dives

    Yeah that’s true, take it for what it’s worth but here is an article on how Harvey’s delivery in Cincinnati looked different from his delivery in New York and how he was able to touch 97mph a few times and that is average fastball velocity went to 94 vs 92. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.beyondtheboxscore.com/platform/amp/2018/6/22/17491990/cincinnati-reds-matt-harvey-mechanical-adjustments-fastball-velocity-slider-movement
  10. Halokingfish

    Dumpster Dives

    If players are getting overpaid, for example the Corbin deal, the Angels may have a hard time matching offers for guys if they aren’t willing to open up the checkbook. Who would you guys dumpster dive for and take a chance on? I would kick the tires on Matt Harvey on a cheap deal. See if he can contribute somewhat to the rotation. I’m aware he had Tommy John before and of his current downward trend, but he’s not even 30 yet(turns 30 before season), so he should be cheap and if the rotation doesn’t work out we can try him out in the bullpen.
  11. Halokingfish

    Two little birdies

    Would rather give Ward/Fletcher a longer look at third this season to see what we exactly have in them before we splurge a big contract on Machado at third. I don’t know if we can even sign him because if someone gives him the opportunity to play shortstop I think he takes that. Should focus on pitching this offseason and next year if we want a franchise changing 3rd baseman we should check in on local kid Nolan Arenado
  12. Halokingfish

    Nats get Corbin - 6/$140m

    I read that Eppler wanted durable pitching. Patrick Corbin already had a Tommy John surgery in his career, and after witnessing the pitching injuries this season we didn’t need to sign a guy that had that issue in the past for the stupid money the Nats gave him. Too bad Ohtani had the same injury but at least he is younger and can still contribute offensively at the plate. With luck hopefully Ohtani can recover faster.
  13. I’m a fast learner bro. Deal with it.
  14. Isn’t the best way to get the best prospects through a rebuild? So that way when the prospects are ready you only have to sign a couple free agents. Instead if you have limited talent from your farm and want to be a long term winner you have to hand out stupid long term expensive deals to guys that may have already played their best years and the team’s hands get tied up with so much guaranteed money tied up in bad places. My friends mentioned Pujols and Hamilton, the Wells trade and some guy named Gary Matthews Jr. If we were to through a full rebuild if we had a bad 2019, shouldn’t we be done rebuilding around the time Houston and Oakland contention is over?