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  1. Halokingfish

    We're gonna take the 2nd wild card

    As of right now the teams we are chasing, Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Houston and Minnesota all have top 10 fielding stats in all of baseball based on a general fielding search on ESPN. Right now the Halos are 13th. It would be nice to upgrade the fielding a couple ticks to help the sub par pitching out
  2. Maybe since Tim Mead is President of the Hall of Fame now he could make the offer of a lifetime to this guy
  3. I was still optimistic after the Chicago series but watching tonight’s game the team folded after Trout’s home run. That should have pumped up the team but they didn’t build on it. They seem to be tired and unmotivated day in day out
  4. This pen is full of chokers
  5. So it’s more of a psychological thing. Thanks for clarifying about save and non save situations
  6. Crap that Trout homer to waste instantly
  7. Bour allergic to good base running. Why is Allen still closing
  8. Halokingfish

    Dont start randomly calling up kids, please

    Is Jahmai Jones worth it to throw into the mix for LF? Decent obp/speed. Although used at 2B more he had some OF experience so the move shouldn’t be too hard should it? For at least the time being couldn’t he play OF. Isn’t he one of the high upside guys? Maybe Jarrett Parker is worth a look at when he gets healthy
  9. Halokingfish


    Checking the results of the games:
  10. Halokingfish

    Pujols back at cleanup 4/2 Gameday thread 7:10 PM

    I hoped I wouldn’t come to this. 1-5? Better straighten things out tomorrow on the off day.
  11. Halokingfish

    Pujols back at cleanup 4/2 Gameday thread 7:10 PM

    Sucks that they looked bad against division rivals. Win this game and get positive momentum going into the home opener Texas and have a fun weekend.
  12. Honestly I laughed because it wasn’t so much what he said but the way he sounded and how butthurt he was. The way he acted like he was entitled to Trout and lashed out with moronic stuff when it didn’t happen was what made me laugh at him. Oh and he lost 2000 bucks betting on Trout to Philly.
  13. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QS-ENgdCArA. This had me in tears.
  14. Halokingfish

    Trevor Cahill is the opening day starter

    Cahill was able to hit 95mph in the spring when his average fast velocity was a couple mph slower with the A’s. Hopefully he keeps it up. Having Lucroy, a catcher who caught for him last year doesn’t hurt either.
  15. I get why some fans boo players that left their team in free agency, but booing guys who were never on your team because they didn’t want to sign with your team? Phillies fans were saying they wanted to boo Harper if he didn’t pick them and now they want Trout to stay away from Eagles games and boo him if he shows. Stay classy Philly.