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  1. Halokingfish

    Machado to Padres....

    Good he got 300 mil. If we’re using Manny/Bryce as a floor for trout, hopefully we get trout on a reasonable extension and not a bad overpay
  2. Halokingfish

    Ottavino 3/27 to Yankees

    A guy I have been keeping an eye on is Greg Holland. Had a bad start to last season with St. Louis but rebounded rather nicely when Washington signed him. I don’t think he will cost that much and I think he makes sense on a one year deal. The pen is young and struggled to close games last year and a veteran presence who can close should help as a stop gap until one of the young arms establishes themselves as a long term closer. If Holland works out and by July the team is going nowhere he is another trade chip.
  3. Halokingfish

    Harper to New York

  4. Halokingfish

    Rest In Peace Paul (Pablo) Smith

    Hey @krAbs I’m very sorry to hear about your loss. I haven’t been on AW in awhile and I just saw this post today. My condolences to you and your family. Although I don’t know your father personally, reading the anecdotes of users that knew him gave me the sense that he was a good guy. May he Rest In Peace. It hit home for me, because my family went through something similar a few years ago. Take care and God Bless.
  5. Sounds a lot like the Angels. Not winning anything soon but not god awful
  6. Pujols either hits 50 or more home runs in 2019 or retires some point between now and 2020 would be good. There is no middle ground
  7. Halokingfish

    Grandal might work at leadoff?

    With Lucroy on board doesn’t seem likely Grandal is an option. What about Andrelton Simmons? Strikes out way less than most guys, gets on base at a pretty good clip, can definitely steal some bases and an ok amount of power. If he can take more walks I’d give him the job.
  8. Halokingfish

    Angels sign C Jonathan Lucroy to 1yr/$3.35M deal

    For a few million bucks if he can help out young pitching the Angels could call up this year, I’ll take it.
  9. Halokingfish

    Angels still in on Sonny Gray?

    Any word on Kikuchi? He must sign an mlb deal by 1/2 or he remains in Japan.
  10. Halokingfish

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Yes, Merry Christmas to all of AW and your families
  11. Halokingfish

    If only.....

    Thanks @Inside Pitch only been here for about a month still trying to fit in around here
  12. Halokingfish

    If only.....

    So I take this forum isn’t the best to learn more about baseball stats/contracts?
  13. Halokingfish

    If only.....

    Well a lot a lot about the Angels in particular like their fan base and whatnot. Plus this is the only baseball forum I use
  14. Halokingfish

    If only.....

    I already said in the past I am not new to baseball in the sense that I know the rules but I didn’t actively follow it or the angels until 2018. So I had a lot to learn about stats and contracts recently