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  1. Halodays

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Harper's wife is Mormon. There are more Mormons in the State of California than any other State. Plus the Angels Triple A squad is in Salt Lake City, the Mecca of Mormonism.
  2. Halodays

    Law on Canning

    SLC would be more of a learn how to win when you know you're not going to have your best stuff.
  3. Halodays

    Law on Canning

  4. Halodays

    Law on Canning

    With that thinking, any pitcher who has had success in SLC, should be dominant when called to Anaheim but somehow it hasn't worked out that way.
  5. Halodays

    Why haven't Harper and Machado signed yet?

    Hey I don't like it anymore than you do but they have agents for a reason. Everybody knows that Boras likes to drag things out and maybe Machado's agent is waiting to see what Harper signs for to get a better idea what he can get for his client. Really I don't care because neither one will be playing for the Angels anytime soon.
  6. Halodays

    Why haven't Harper and Machado signed yet?

    Their agents.Period.
  7. Halodays


    He rejected 4/60?....I hope it's because he didn't want to play for the Mets and not because he thinks he can get more money or years. I guess there might be some sucker but I sure hope it's not the Angels.
  8. Unless he's cheap and I mean really cheap, I still prefer Tulo at the league minimum.. The only thing I like more about Harrison is his versatility. He can play the outfield and might save the Angels from having Peter Bourjos as the 4th outfielder.
  9. Halodays

    Grandal might work at leadoff?

    Why not Ohtani? He's got better than average wheels and had an OBP% of .361. I'd rather have his bat in the middle of the order but the Angels don't really have a lead-off guy. If Calhoun or Fletcher start off the season on fire then they could move them to the top of the order.
  10. Halodays

    Shoe finds home

    Not a good career move. Pitching in those AL East parks is not going to go well for him.
  11. Halodays

    2018 Hot Stove League

    I agree. It's going to be bombs away at home.
  12. Let's be honest here. Had Hamilton came over and put up numbers like he did in Texas, Angels management and fans would have been a lot more forgiving. Maybe they should ask for a random piss test to any free agent they show interest in, just to ease their minds.
  13. What do you guys make of Upton's drop off in the amount of doubles he had in 2018? He went from 44 in 2017 to only 18 in 2018.
  14. Halodays

    Tulo only costs 555k

    I think this had something to do with his release. https://www.mlb.com/bluejays/news/blue-jays-not-sure-of-troy-tulowitzkis-role/c-301510050