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  1. He was who I was thinking of when I said that Adell was punished for getting promoted to Double-A. Kirilloff, a 21 year old OF (was 20 during the season) who has yet to reach Double-A got ranked 5 spots better than Adell, who reached Double-A at age 19. Adell is the only position player with four 60 grade tools (per MLB Pipeline) not in the top 10.
  2. I just saw that. 14. Adell 63. Canning I feel like MLB Pipeline is punishing Jo for moving up to Double-A instead of staying in the lower levels and continuing pad his numbers.
  3. Jinzu

    Zack Greinke?

    Greinke is owed $104.5 million from the Diamondback. $95.5 million after the $9 million in signing bonus still owed by them. If Arizona covered the $2 million trade assignment bonus + $15 million more, and we only need to send back a package of Jose Suarez + Brennon Lund, would you do it? 2019-2021: $21 million per year 2022-2026: $17.5 million total (After $15 million from Arizona) ”3 year” / $80.5 million is much more intriguing with money deferred this way. I don’t think Arizona will eat anymore money without receiving more from the Angels in return.
  4. Jinzu

    Zack Greinke?

    I don’t believe it’s been noted on here, but part of Greinke’s salary is deferred to 2022-2026. He only receives $21 million per year through 2021. “...the deal includes salaries of $31 million in each of the first three seasons, $31.5 million in 2019 and $32 million in each of the final two years. But he will receive $21 million of the money during each season, with the remainder deferred.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/77077480
  5. Hello everyone. I finally created an account after years of daily viewing. I’ve been an Angels fan for about 10 years. I wasn’t a fan of baseball before then, but watching the Halos led me to love the sport. I look forward to contributing to the Angels talk!