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  1. Jinzu

    Jaime Barria?

    I wish we would have kept Shoemaker. His 0 runs allowed over 7 innings in his first start would have been nice to have yesterday.
  2. The two balls in the strike zone called balls against Grossman were BS.
  3. Cahill gives up back to back HRs to the first two batters. I bet you really wish you were at the other game now.
  4. He was who I was thinking of when I said that Adell was punished for getting promoted to Double-A. Kirilloff, a 21 year old OF (was 20 during the season) who has yet to reach Double-A got ranked 5 spots better than Adell, who reached Double-A at age 19. Adell is the only position player with four 60 grade tools (per MLB Pipeline) not in the top 10.
  5. I just saw that. 14. Adell 63. Canning I feel like MLB Pipeline is punishing Jo for moving up to Double-A instead of staying in the lower levels and continuing pad his numbers.
  6. Jinzu

    Zack Greinke?

    Greinke is owed $104.5 million from the Diamondback. $95.5 million after the $9 million in signing bonus still owed by them. If Arizona covered the $2 million trade assignment bonus + $15 million more, and we only need to send back a package of Jose Suarez + Brennon Lund, would you do it? 2019-2021: $21 million per year 2022-2026: $17.5 million total (After $15 million from Arizona) ”3 year” / $80.5 million is much more intriguing with money deferred this way. I don’t think Arizona will eat anymore money without receiving more from the Angels in return.
  7. Jinzu

    Zack Greinke?

    I don’t believe it’s been noted on here, but part of Greinke’s salary is deferred to 2022-2026. He only receives $21 million per year through 2021. “...the deal includes salaries of $31 million in each of the first three seasons, $31.5 million in 2019 and $32 million in each of the final two years. But he will receive $21 million of the money during each season, with the remainder deferred.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/77077480
  8. Hello everyone. I finally created an account after years of daily viewing. I’ve been an Angels fan for about 10 years. I wasn’t a fan of baseball before then, but watching the Halos led me to love the sport. I look forward to contributing to the Angels talk!