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  1. RBM

    Kole Calhoun 2.0 and 2020

    I don't see Calhoun going anywhere this year. I think the decision for 2020 will play out on the field this year. If Adell continues to hit when he moves to SLC his $550,00 salary versus Calhoun's $14 M could become a simple business decision. And if Thaiss takes on Bour's role they will have shaved $46 M of space. They'll give some of that up in Arbitration but it still would give them the ability to be aggressive in FA.
  2. In and Out is the best for me. Animal style, fries light well, vanilla shake.
  3. I agree. I don’t think it’s a possibility right now but It would feel different than when the Astros traded for Verlander and Cole.
  4. No. It’s what I said about what you said. I respect your insights on the game we all love and I continue to learn more about it from your posts. Have a good night.
  5. This is a baseball message board but today, on two separate threads, you have made it about religious beliefs.
  6. Should he be named a "non-believer" because he "believes" in something that is not in line with your beliefs?
  7. It all starts with "building your bench". The problem we've had in the past is we had no "bench". We need to look no further than what the Astros did. They built a great farm system. They did it more successfully and differently than us because they went all the way down and built it back up. They got to a point where they needed to bring in guys like Verlander and Cole and they traded good prospects to get them. So, at some point, it means trading prospects who may help you in 2-3 years for an established MLB player who can help you now. I think we're close to being competitive enough to do this.
  8. Too early for a trade. And we don't see many guys in rookie ball getting traded. And also, if it was that would suck. I would prefer to trade the guys in AA or AAA who we already kind of know their ceiling. I'm guessing they're on their way to Burlington.
  9. I see the comparison but I take Moran and Musgrove over Thaiss and Suarez. Still very interesting to mirror the prospects within our system.
  10. Kind of but Pendleton always seemed like a fixture at 3B. Fletcher feels more like a Chone Figgins to me.
  11. I like the idea of getting a controlled SP this year but worry that Syndergaard or even Bumgarner will be huge overpays. I still like the idea of trading for Matthew Boyd from the Tigers or either Caleb Smith or Sandy Alcantara from the Marlins. It will still hurt but not as much and there would be more years of control. I would be open to a combination of Suarez/Barria/Pena, Marsh, Jones and Ward. Don't know if that would get it done. Losing Marsh is not great but this team needs SP's now and in the near future. And for 2020, we sign a #1 through FA, Ohtani is our #2 and the SP we pick up now is our #3/#4. We have Canning, and Heaney to fill out the rotation.
  12. RBM

    Game Day thread 7/14 M's at Angels No Simba

    Thaiss is Clutchier!!
  13. RBM

    Game Day thread 7/14 M's at Angels No Simba

    What happened to Trout? Didn't notice an injury.