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  2. RBM

    Keep bunting at the shift

    I hope players keep finding ways to beat the shift but I wouldn’t be upset if they ban it. I would prefer to see the mound lowered. It’s 10 inches now (was 15 before 1969). Move it to 5 inches or use a flat mound.
  3. RBM

    Keep bunting at the shift

    BREAKING NEWS: A player from UNC just had a bunt single down the 3rd base line against the Georgia Tech. Next batter, first pitch two run HR. Take that shift!
  4. Was at the game last night with my two boys. Good crowd. Nice game until the 7th and still had a chance to win in the end. Turn the page.
  5. Calm down haters. I think some of you are trying to make this something it definitely is not. This is a merely a loophole in the CBA that is being brought up now so it can be addressed in the next negotiation. The union will argue for the 20 game rule to include games cancelled within a certain time prior to the scheduled start. This should have been addressed when the 20 day rule was implemented If anything, I think the Twins look like the whiners here. They complained about a future trip back here on an off day while the Angels are already scheduled for the same scenario with a rescheduled game in Chicago against the Cubs. The bottom line is the MLB was always going to reschedule a day game the next day because there is nothing in the CBA that said they couldn’t.
  6. RBM

    5/23 Angels vs. Twins - make up game

    ESPN Gamecast had it at 467 feet.
  7. RBM

    5/23 Angels vs. Twins - make up game

    Maybe not but he’s only making $2 M more than Cahill.
  8. RBM

    5/23 Angels vs. Twins - make up game

    well, I guess we know which spot in the rotation Heaney is taking...
  9. RBM

    5/23 Angels vs. Twins - make up game

    Not true in this case. Harvey signed for $11 M - the highest of all the 1 year deals.
  10. RBM


    The article states: “Were Stewart to play in Japan for the next six years, sources told ESPN, he would be considered, under the present rules, an international free agent eligible for posting.” This makes it look like the MLB could change the rules for international posting so this doesn’t become a thing.
  11. Realignment won’t happen without expansion so the more interesting conversation is how we would fare with expansion from 30 to 32 teams. I think the MLB will expand to 32 teams in the next decade. We will probably see another team in the West and another in the East. Maybe Portland or Las Vegas and Charlotte or Nashville. So the MLB may end up with eight separate four team divisions similar to the NFL. The AL West may become Angels/Mariners/A’s/and the expansion Portland Beavers or LV Aviators.
  12. RBM

    5/21/19 Game - Scoreboard Message Photo

    Sorry for your loss. I'm sure if you contact the Angels directly they can assist. (714) 940-2000.
  13. RBM

    Are you kidding me?

    F*ck you internet! Your easily accessible knowledge really sucks!
  14. Yeah, times like these I kinda feel bad and responsible my three kids were born Angels fans.