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  1. RBM

    Tony Reagins

    He is. It was reported by Bob Nightengale. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/columnist/bob-nightengale/2019/03/19/mike-trout-never-wanted-to-leave-los-angeles-angels/3211347002/
  2. RBM

    Tony Reagins

    Here’s an interesting article that @Jeff Fletcher wrote following Trout’s rookie year in 2012. The area scout, Greg Morhardt, kind of discovered him. Morhardt was a minor league teammate of Trout’s Dad back in the 80’s. Eddie Bane should get a lot of credit also. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ocregister.com/2012/11/10/scout-saw-trouts-potential/amp/
  3. Or a AAA at bat...but he has play 17 AA games!
  4. Got it. I guess the 12 year versus 10 year deal makes sense though. They have room under the luxury tax this year but could get still get some payroll relief by adjusting the salaries and adding a prorated bonus. I'm guessing Trout's team also preferred a new 12 year deal.
  5. It looks like the Luxury Tax Salary/AAV will go up around $12 M (from $24 to $36) but the payroll salary will only go up $2 M. That will depend on how the years are structured. The extension is 10/$362 M but could stay at $34 M or less for a year or two until we get out from under the Pujols/Upton deals and then go up. EDIT: Those numbers were based on the reports it was a 10 year extension, not a new 12 year deal.
  6. The fact Trout agreed to no player options is a huge endorsement for Billy Eppler and his front office team. It's obvious, especially after reading the Bob Nightengale piece, Trout is happy with the direction of the team and wants to end the mindless speculation once and for all. It's also interesting to compare the big three contracts now: Machado signed through his age 35 season - $300 M total / $30 M per year. Harper signed through his age 38 season - $330 M Total / $25.4 M per year. Trout signed through his age 38 season - $430 M / $35.8 M per year. (He's currently making $ 34 M) I'll take the Trout contract every day over the other two and it still gives the Angels flexibility to continue to build around him.
  7. And it’s being reported the 12/ $430 replaces his current deal! So he’s signed through 38 not 40.
  8. RBM

    My New Favorite Person

    Trout? I thought it was a goof on Mark Teixeira. I see the Elway reference now also. Back to the topic, AJ Hinch is awesome! He was able to expose Angel Hernandez as the jerk that he is while remaining above it all.
  9. RBM

    The Angels rotation

    “I really wish we still had Vinny Pestano instead of Mike Clevinger.” - Said by nobody, ever. And by ever I mean never, ever including any of the alternate universes. Edit: Clevinger is pitching a perfect game through three innings vs. the Angels. Vinnie is on the water slides with his kids at Raging Waters.
  10. RBM

    AND he's done.

    True dat. Feeling like a chicken Caesar salad tonight.
  11. RBM

    Pujols' Historic Decline Revisited

    This is awesome research, analysis and a really good read. However, I was left with the thought that we are judging Pujols unfairly because of the amazing start of his career. He was better earlier than most like a Ken Griffey or a Robin Yount. I mean I wonder how he would fare if you compared him to the top 400 players through age 31 instead of the top 27. It seems there may be a skewing of the results with the limited sample you used. Regardless, as an Angels fan I’m dissapointed how it’s worked out but I still think Pujols can have a big year in 2019. He looked good today - a nice dinger in his second at bat and he just got under on another two swings.
  12. RBM

    2018 Hot Stove League

    I agree. In a market where Harvey gets $11 M and Cahill gets $9 M I’d be ok with 2/$24 M for Keuchel even though we would lose our 2nd pick and $500,000 in international pool money. I don’t see it happening though. I think the budget is set and we have some in house options. I like what Dillon Peters has done so far. He could be a good option if one of the other guys is not ready to start the season.
  13. I would hope that Ausmus will allow Lucroy to call his own pitches this year. I thought the micro-manager ego play was behind us.