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  1. I actually think he was fortunate to be drafted by the Angels in 2010 and he played the right years here. He was an 8th round pick who worked his way to the Majors. He was drafted by a team that has not drafted another everyday outfielder since he was selected in 2010. We all know Trout was the lottery ticket in 2009 at #25. In fact, Hermosillo, in 2013, is the only other guy drafted in the past 10 years who has played in the Majors. And from 2005 - 2008 only Peter Bourjos was selected So Calhoun (2010) had a clear path to the Majors with the Angels because they completely failed in drafting before and after Kole. Eppler did select Marsh in 2016 & Adell in 2017 so the future looks good.
  2. Matt Thaiss is not very good at baseball.
  3. RBM

    Andrew Heaney

    https://blogs.fangraphs.com/andrew-heaney-is-effectively-unusual/ This is from last year but still relevant. Interesting read. “The lefty throws a curveball that doesn’t curve. He throws a pitch labeled as a sinker that doesn’t sink. It has above-average spin (2,400 rpms) and the rise of a four-seamer. And his changeup is similar in movement profile to that of Stephen Strasburg.”
  4. RBM

    Andrew Heaney

    The best thing I can say about Heaney is if Eppler does his job this offseason he will be the #5 SP behind the two new additions and Ohtani and Canning. He has upside for a back of the rotation guy. I’d like to see him develop his change up and feel more comfortable mixing it in with the fastball/curveball/Sinker. He has an above average K%. He’s also cost controlled for the next two years and at an age where things click for many starters. He could be an effective #5 SP.
  5. I just like that he was traded for two dudes named Raider and Rainier. But if those guys ever make it to AA I'll be totally pissed off.
  6. This article is about the DEA attempting to source Fentanyl production.
  7. This is the most telling piece of information. Good teams are good because they are good. Loved Davey Lopes and his approach but never realized his SB% was so much higher than others.
  8. Well, Matt Thaiss just struck out again. The good news is his career batting average is still higher than Brandon Woods’ .192 vs. .186.
  9. The fact is the six drafts after Trout was selected in 2009 were bad. 2010 (Except Calhoun with the 268th pick in the 8th round), 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 (Except Fletcher with the 195th pick in the 5th round). There were a few trades that effected the balance but a lot of really bad drafts. And the four drafts before we selected Trout in 2009 were terrible - 2005 ,2006 ,2007 and 2008 were all really bad. So the reality is we strike gold and select the GOAT in Mike Trout in 2009 but our infrastructure is so bad at the time that the four years prior and the six years after he is selected the team provides him with very little help through the draft. And the draft/international pool is how most winning teams are built. This is the reality of what Billy Eppler walked into on October 4, 2015.
  10. RBM

    Astros Dynasty?

    What happened? I was going to comment on the demise of the "Astros Dynasty" and I got diverted to the Southern California Community College thread? By the way, I like Chip Kelly's chances against Orange Coast College this year!
  11. RBM

    Which young guys have futures?

    Of the players who were promoted this year I think Canning, Rengifo and Sandoval have some real potential upside. Suarez needs more time but I don't think so. Thaiss may fight himself into a Robb Quinlan role. Walsh is a nice story but I'm not sure it will equate to an MLB career. Who knows, I hope they all contribute in 2020.
  12. RBM

    Which young guys have futures?

    Except Skaggs. Too soon?