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  1. StandOutRealty

    Luis Valbuena Killed in Car Accident

    for many games this past year i’d screenshot Luis rocking the Louie Juice Jug and send it to all my friends playfully trash talking them about how great the Angels are and Louie is and now I see this... truly heartbreaking... while he wasn’t a star he was still one of my favorite Angels in a long time... RIP Luis... and thank you for all the joy you brought us
  2. StandOutRealty

    Yusei Kikuchi in Anaheim

    Ha Ha... I'm working on that... Dodger fans don't get leads
  3. StandOutRealty

    Yusei Kikuchi in Anaheim

    Hey Chuck... thank you for the warm welcome... love what you've created here... even though I've never posted I still feel like I've known many of you forever. So as a company we've done really well these past few years just concentrating on building / renovating homes throughout Southern California but as one human being talking to another (not Jimmy the salesperson / agent) I'd just be cautious as a buyer and more open minded as a seller if you think you could get the price you want to get for your home. Thank you again for posting my tweet and reaching out afterward... as a passionate follower of all sports, I've seen all the other communities out there for all my favorite teams and I can honestly say that none of them can hold a candle to all of you in the AngelsWin community.
  4. StandOutRealty

    Yusei Kikuchi in Anaheim

    Long time visitor, long time fan... finally decided to create an account and post here after seeing my tweet on your site during my daily Angels news checkup... you don't know how much fun and playful trash talking this posting has created amongst the Angel fans and Dodger fans in our office... you guys truly made my day