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  1. angelsnationtalk

    Is Ohtani the reason Trout stayed with the Angels?

    One of the reasons is because Trout doesn’t search for a spotlight or money. He loves where he is and feels comfortable there. The Angels offered him a price that he and his angent thought was good. He knows he could have gotten way more during free agency. The weather, organization and fans all treat him very well and to him that speaks way more than the tabloids. Plus, he knows Eppler has some magic about to happen and he wants to be a part of it. He ultimately feels that this is his organization and is ready to be the leader in the clubhouse. He can be a leader anywhere, but the best place to do it is where he already calls home and knows the organization from top to bottom. That’s a true leader. Similar to how Jeter was.
  2. Bryce Harper: OMG look at me breaking records Mike Trout: Hold my beer....
  3. angelsnationtalk

    Why not try to sign Dallas Keuchel?

    We do have it but we’d rather keep in it our pockets. But I agree. It’s not worth losing a draft pick when we clearly aren’t favorites for the playoffs. Specially with Houston, Boston and New York as powerhouses. Our chances to sign and lose draft picks would start next year if we’re ready to compete with Houston. This is the last season I think where the Angels really season the prospects and then 2020 is a whole new team.
  4. angelsnationtalk

    Kole Cahoun is tinkering with his swing again

    Read it again you’re missing the “then” between well and when..... but yes your stats are what I’m saying.
  5. angelsnationtalk

    Kole Cahoun is tinkering with his swing again

    He messed with his swing last spring and hit fairly well then when the season started he went back to his old stuff and tanked. He’s doing fairly well now while messing with it but I’d expect him to go back to his old swing during the season and hit .260-.250
  6. angelsnationtalk

    Rojas over Ward for 3B?

    They should play the hot hand with this. Ward and Fletcher are having not so good springs and Rojas is. Ward has a small taste in MLB and to me that isn't much to justify. Specially when he hit .178 with the big club last year. Rojas can't be any worse so, in my mind, so therefore he's earned the spot for it. And it baffles me that Zack Cozart says he can be ready for Opening Day when he's only had 7ABs this spring and is dealing with an injury that has nothing to do with his shoulder. Let Cozart take his time and give Rojas a chance that so far he's earned.
  7. He has not gone all out on every play haha. Jogged to a ball in LC gap and butchered a play in right field on the track
  8. angelsnationtalk

    Stolen Bases

    Using a long season as a reason is also a bit irrelevant. I won’t reference money but it is their job. Doctors work 60+ hours a week as well being on call but they’re still doing open heart surgeries. We don’t hear them say “maybe next time I’ll try it”.
  9. angelsnationtalk

    Stolen Bases

  10. angelsnationtalk

    Friends, it’s over. Bryce Harper has blessed the Phillies

    Okay he PREFERS not to discuss it.... sorry not the be UBER exact.
  11. angelsnationtalk

    Stolen Bases

    Put the cute hand guard on and they'll be fine. They get paid money to play baseball not to jog around the bases because it's spring training. Trout hit an infield single, they tag up for a sac fly, they run first to third, second to home. If the Angels are in the bottom 10 for stolen bases during the season then my point exactly. If they are in the top 10 then i'll swallow my words.
  12. angelsnationtalk

    Zack Cozart Diagnosed with Calf Strain

    where's my small violin?
  13. angelsnationtalk

    Stolen Bases

    I was thinking the same thing. It does worry me. I can understand not seeing Trout or Simmons trying to grab a bag (as long as they're running during the season). We should see the younger guys up and running. Spring Training is the time to work on these things and we better sure as hell see it.
  14. angelsnationtalk

    Stolen Bases

    We've had plenty of opportunities to steal bases still. Spring Training is where you practice all of these situations so they should be on the move. Specially right now with Bourjos, Adell, Marsh, Rengifo, Fletcher and Jones.
  15. Let's be real for a second. The tampering rule is BS. I applaud Harper for being vocal about wanting the best talent to come to his team. I wish more players were like that. If Harper does get his wish and convinces Trout to come to Philly in 2021 then the joke is on the Angels for not doing enough to make him stay. If this is the case then maybe Trout should have been vocal about Harper coming this way. We can bag on Harper all we want but he's just a fired up baseball player that wants to bring major talent to HIS TEAM. He took a lower AAV for this to happen. Sorry but if MLB or even the Angels call boohoo on this then obviously they are worried about it actually happening.