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  1. That may be but it's still a hometown thing for me. I think it's more important due to the rivalry we have with LA teams like the Dodgers and Kings. I don't want their name in my town and i'm sure they don't want want mine in theirs.
  2. angelsnationtalk


    You mean Hank Conger
  3. I think we need to stop protecting our team on this one. i actually agree 100% with the article. I’ve always hated the name “LA Angels”. I grew up in Orange County so damn right it means a lot. If Anaheim doesn’t work then go back to California Angels. But the last thing that should have been done is slapping a county name that we aren’t even in. It’s a slam to the city of Anaheim If you can’t create a strong brand from it. Hell, if that’s the case, then maybe Arte should move the team to LA.... Angels fans should care about their team name. It’s our identify as a franchise. And I know one thing for sure is that I don’t want any name association with the LA Dodgers.
  4. angelsnationtalk

    Will they trade Calhoun?

    Yeah that’d be the only reason they don’t.
  5. angelsnationtalk

    Will they trade Calhoun?

    He absolutely gets traded this year. He's having a decent time at the plate and his value has raised. With Upton coming back and Goodwin/Adell hanging out, you can bet the Angels are going to get a value back from him. If not they either decline his option (which would be pointless and loss of return), or they pick up his 14M option next year which is way too much for him. The only way to get value out of him is to explore trade options come playoff time.
  6. angelsnationtalk

    Brandon Marsh

    I know he suffered a grade 2 ankle sprain a few weeks ago. I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a timetable for his return back to the lineup? He was mashing right before he got injured. Side note- seems like from 2016-2018 Angels lost players to TJ surgery 2019 has been the year for sprained ankles. Adell, Simba then Marsh...
  7. angelsnationtalk

    Angels sign Will Wilson - will report to Orem

    @totdprods Agreed. Not to mention him trying to put the ball over the fence more is what has raised his strikeouts a bit. This kid has a very good eye and is young. Still better than Bour and can compliment Pujols right now. Only a matter of time until he's ready.
  8. angelsnationtalk

    Angels standing room only tickets

    Majority is Dodgers fans. But it’s sure nice to finally see the stadium full again.... bet that felt good for the team
  9. angelsnationtalk

    Gameday: Jun 10th Dodgers vs Angels

    Still think he’d be out
  10. angelsnationtalk

    Gameday: Jun 10th Dodgers vs Angels

    Even if he did I don’t think he would have made it
  11. angelsnationtalk

    Gameday: Jun 10th Dodgers vs Angels

    Does anyone else agree Ohtani would have been out at home if he tried to score on that pass ball while Lucroy was batting? Victor Rojas was saying he should have gone but I think he would have been hosed down. Martin got to it quickly and Kelly was at home waiting.
  12. angelsnationtalk

    The Dodgers

    I like their draft picks too. I think they drafted much better than the Angels.
  13. angelsnationtalk

    Who do you wanna see for round 2?

    Love the idea but he’s rumored to commit to LSU if he isn’t picked in round 1. Could be risky. Or a steal if he decides to play ball if drafted in round 2.
  14. angelsnationtalk

    Who do you wanna see for round 2?

    Who do you guys want the Angels to take in round two? After the first few rounds the Angels took a TON of pitchers for the rest of the draft in 2018. I wouldn’t mind taking a risk on Rece Hinds if he’s still available. Likely most power in draft and plays 3B/OF with a good arm. Unless a good starter falls like Canning did.
  15. Does anyone else really want to see Rece Hinds fall into our hands in round 2? assuming we get a position player.