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  1. angelsnationtalk

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Never trust the media. All they are is a professional version of clickbait looking for attention....
  2. Say "cool we're still under the luxury tax". then laugh my ass off when Cozart, Calhoun, Pujols is off the books collectively saving $56M more so we're WAY under the luxury tax. then I'd tell Eppler and Arte thank you for finally getting it right
  3. angelsnationtalk

    Angels sign Kevin Kelleher

    Save the laughing for our 80-82 finish this year
  4. angelsnationtalk

    Angels sign Kevin Kelleher

    Oh you know Eppler is betting on his "dream Bullpen" right now. He thinks this guy will be the guy everyone missed
  5. angelsnationtalk

    Angels bullpen is the ultimate Eppler gamble

    Thanks, but was a joke about us missing out on everyone
  6. angelsnationtalk

    Angels bullpen is the ultimate Eppler gamble

    I wonder how many of those were free agents this offseason that we missed on....
  7. angelsnationtalk

    Why didn't the Angels go after Harper/Machado.

    No I didn't. Just thought it was an interesting opinion and figured I'd share.
  8. I read a great article that talks about why the Angels never went after Harper or Machado. You can read it HERE The end states that we could have traded Calhoun and Upton to clear more room to afford one of them and still afford Trout. Not to mention Pujols' contract expires decently soon. I also do believe that the owners are too money happy and care more about running their team as a business first instead of a competitive team built to win. Just thought I'd share with everyone. Write down how you feel about this viewpoint.
  9. angelsnationtalk

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Just seems like a lot of low risk mid-reward type crap we’ve seen all offseason
  10. angelsnationtalk

    Angels acquire John Curtiss

    Our bullpen is set now....
  11. I almost responded to you with exact same thing haha. I believe you. The Angels are their own person. Sure, there's an owner, but the Angels are paying the contract not Arte Moreno.
  12. We can do more. Unfortunately "business" has overtaken wanting to win. Arte will never lose money being the owner. The only thing that loses money "technically" is the Angels. Arte can spend whenever he wants and however he wants..... He just needs to wake up and do it.
  13. Upton is not that guy. Lazy defense and a terrible arm in the outfield. He should be our first basemen so would could have made a run at Brantley, Harper or Pollock. I just never why he'd be hesitant on players that are 26 years old when he signs guys that were 32 year old. That's 6 years of someones prime. I'd rather eat the last 3 years of a 10-year contract than eat 9 years of what Pujols got. Like i've said earlier in this thread.... It's a load of shit if Arte or Eppler is afraid to dish out money to young talent. If he's afraid then he shouldn't sign Trout cuz he's about to be the biggest investment he's ever made. This should have been the offseason where the Angels puffed their chests after puffing it back 7 years ago with Pujols. It's nothing but a disgrace for them to sit around with baby 1 year contracts. Utter disgrace.
  14. You said it well. "50 million beneath it". I HIGHLY doubt that Arte himself loses any money. The Angels are their own person and Arte's money that he pays the players with comes from the Angels not Bank of America Arte Moreno. Mike Trout is waiting and this is the time to step the hell up and get it done. Also, Eppler saying "top 5 farm system" means we need to trade players for some prospects as well. Where the hell are those trades then? Something just doesn't add up. Either we have some surprise waiting, or Eppler is just losing his mind.