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  1. greginpsca

    Sonny Gray about to be traded

    Alvarez is on the Phillies.
  2. If you take away the salaries of Trout, Pujols and Upton, we become the Marlins, pretty much.
  3. greginpsca

    Why didn't the Angels go after Harper/Machado.

    Hasn’t this been discussed enough.
  4. greginpsca

    2018 Hot Stove League

    I think he has 2 options left.
  5. greginpsca

    Fletcher versus Ward

    I like both players. Fletch had a good first cup of coffee, while Ward not as much. Many here are down on Ward because of his small sample of stats. Heck, Trout’s first shot wasn’t so great. I think we will see better from Ward if he gets regular playing time. The lineup could use his power.
  6. greginpsca

    The Angels top-5 longest home runs in 2018

    No one has ever done that. Dallas MacPherson almost did it to CF. Way up on the back drop.
  7. What if the City says no and waves goodbye to the Angels. Do they play in the Colliseum with the old Wally Moon screen above the left field fence?
  8. greginpsca

    2018 Hot Stove League

    He is too busy playing the ponies.
  9. Heaney also avoided arbitration.
  10. Las Vegas, here we come. lol
  11. greginpsca

    Uniform Preference

    I liked the sleeveless from a few years back.
  12. Seems like a 'shit or get off the pot " year ahead for Herm. Two springs ago, he looked really good. This past season, he seemed to be intimidated by the big leagues. If he does become the 4th of'er this year, i could see him platooning with Calhoun. Unless Kole has an about face from last year.
  13. I am assuming that this article includes the real estate equity a team owns. Like owing their stadium out right, and owning their spring training complex. On that assumption, i would assume that the Dodgers equity in owning their stadium might account for at least $1.5 billion of that $3 billion shown in the article. Take away that $248 million increase over the last year, and they are pretty much the same position as the Angels. I don't know if the Angels and Dodgers own their Spring Training facilities. Probably lease them. I know the Dogs share their ST complex.
  14. greginpsca

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Bullshit! He HAS shown he is going with youth! He hasn't sign any of these type guys! You are being taken in by Agent propaganda, trying to generate contracts for their clients. In the past , Eppler has signed these guys{the cheaper ones] to 1 year deals as a stop gap , because we had the shittiest farm system in baseball. He can change that direction now . And he is. Like i said, why in the hell build up a farm if we are going to keep maxing out payroll for guys on the backside of their careers?
  15. greginpsca

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Not only no , hell no. if you have to have him , you only give him 1 year. The guy is 35! We have been down this road many times { Finley, Gaetti, Wells, Espinoza, etc, etc, etc] before.