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  1. greginpsca

    All Star Gameday Thread 07/17

    I remember that game. was in St. Louis. Callison was a pretty good, if not under rated player.
  2. greginpsca

    Angels bullpen getting trade interest

    Just a little advice for any GM trading for any of our pitchers. Move the fences at your park back and raise the height.
  3. Tdawg is more likely to go down with Carpel Tunnel, than TJS.
  4. Maybe Thais is moving up? Maybe Valbueana is being moved?
  5. greginpsca

    Richards’ MRI Shows...

  6. greginpsca

    How Babe Ruth Beat the Shift

    Stop pulling off the ball and hit it where it's pitched!!! Take what the pitcher gives you, Just watching Cole the first 2 months, his hips were open, {your hands follow your hips}and he is trying to pull most everything. At best in that alignment, you hit weak popups to left. Trying to hit to the opposite field with an open stance is like hitting a 3 iron with the clubface wide open. You need to have a squared up stance to drive the ball to the opposite field. All these guys in the article, go up there with a pull first approach.
  7. Marsh is older than Adell. He was held back by injury when he signed. So, he could possibly make it by the end of next year or 2020. Same with Adell. If Marsh doesn't make it by 21, he will be what, 25? If so, he would probably be better for trade bait.
  8. greginpsca

    Gameday thread: 6/10 Angels @ Twins

    I"ll be 66 in November.
  9. greginpsca

    Gameday thread: 6/10 Angels @ Twins

    Damn, you have to be as old as me, or close.
  10. greginpsca

    Thoughts on Pujols future...

    He will know it is time to retire when he starts hitting line drive singles on one hop to outfielders and gets thrown out at first base.
  11. greginpsca

    Gameday: 7/7 Dodgers @Angels

    Maybe Valbuena is in the lineup so he can be scouted so a potential team might bite on him in a deal. Happens every once in a while.
  12. greginpsca

    The Official 2018 Amateur Draft Thread

    Friday July 6th is the last day to sign draft picks.
  13. greginpsca

    Angels Trade Candidate: Ian Kinsler

    He waived it to come to the Angels.
  14. greginpsca

    The Official 2018 Amateur Draft Thread

    Am confused why Bailey hasn't signed also.
  15. greginpsca

    Deck McGuire Seems Like a Nice Young Man

    Pitchers like that are ALWAYS available. The trick is finding guys who can actually pitch a clean inning.