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  1. greginpsca

    "Tickets Sold" - 34,177 Monday night

    Back in the day, teams showed 2 attendance numbers. One was paid attendance, the other was ACTUAL attendance. Somewhere along the line, someone deemed it irrelevant to post the actual attendance. Damn those season ticket holders and ticket agencies that can't sell all those tickets they bought. Owners want to brag that they sold 3 million tickets, even though only 2. 1 million actually planted their caboose in a seat.
  2. greginpsca

    Velocity is Strangling Baseball

    As far as starting pitchers go, i would rather see more pitchers throwing high 80's with control and being able to pitch more than 5 innings. Bullpen arms seem to be pitching almost as much innings as starters. Because of the lack of control, walks seem to be up in numbers. Hitters try not to swing at pitches until they have 2 strikes on them. All about obp. Throwing strikes is the only way to get hitters to stop trying to make pitchers throw too many pitches.
  3. greginpsca

    2020 Trade Deadline

    We don't even know who the roster for 2020 will be. Now 2019 is a whole different story.
  4. greginpsca

    Fridays are RED

    Laundry Day. Gotta clean those sheets every once in a while.
  5. greginpsca

    It's time to cut our losses with Zack Cozart

    He has sucked since he came to the Angels. Once he got kneed in the head and went on the IL the team has played better. The young guys that the team has, that could replace him might not be stars, but they won't suck as much as Cozart.
  6. greginpsca

    It's time to cut our losses with Zack Cozart

    Time to add Cody Allen and Cahill to the list along with Cozart. These guy are killing the teams chances of competing.
  7. greginpsca

    Any word on the type of injury Cozart sustained?

    Kipnis was not playing at that time. He was on the il. I believe one of the other 2 was also on the il.
  8. It is apparent the Angels will release him sometime this season. They have eaten much bigger contracts in the past. He is owed $13 mil next season. He will get released and catch on with some team for the minimum as a utility if'er. That way he makes another $2-3 hundred thousand. I was one of those who really wanted the Angels to sign him, but he has turned out to be a turd in the punchbowl.
  9. Three guys will be needed to be sent down. Ward was up as a 26th man just for the Mexico series. Ohtani and Allen are supposedly being activated tuesday. So if they send Ward back down, 2 more will need to go to open spots for Ohtani and Allen.
  10. They are also suppose to activate Cody Allen.
  11. Was looking at Doug Whites resume. Appears he has no pitching experience as a player. Makes sense.
  12. Ausmus must be waiving the white flag, bringing in Stratten.
  13. Where is the rain when we need it?
  14. Cahill looks like nothing more than a batting practice pitcher.
  15. Yeah , coming off a game where he had 5 rbi's. That earned him an extensive rest.