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  1. greginpsca

    Gameday Thread: 8/20 Angels @ Rangers : Game 1

    Amazing what success a pitcher can have when they don't walk anyone, keeps the pitch count down by throwing strikes. The best way to combat hitters that like to work the count, is to throw strikes! Good job Heaney.
  2. I don't think he has homered since he started throwing again. Coincidence?
  3. greginpsca

    Update about Angels Stadium news

    Driving to games would be totally out of the question, if they move to Long Beach. Would be easier to get on a boat down the coast and drive it up the coast. Might be cheaper than parking a car in LB.
  4. Without Trout, we would compare with Baltimore or Detroit.
  5. Why have teams from the west coast open on the road , when there are so many games are postponed at the beginning of the season?
  6. greginpsca

    Do we contend in 2020?

    It is all up to the pitching staff. We need starters to give quality starts. Currently, they walk too many hitters and give up too many home runs. They have worn out the relief pitchers. They need to cut the walks down to 3 per 9 innings. They need to cut the hr's down to an average of 1 per game.Or close to that percent. They currently have given up almost 200 hr's, and there is still 42 games left. These days we are excited to see a starter get to 5 innings.Only because one rarely gets that far. We have only 3 pitchers that have pitched over 60 innings. Pena is one, and he is finished for the year. Some of the relievers are catching up to the starters in innings pitched. The staff has only given up about 30-35 unearned runs this year. Result mostly of good defense. Imagine if our pitchers had Seattle's defense behind them.
  7. greginpsca

    Gameday Thread: 8/6 Angels @ Reds: Suarez starting

    Looks like the smelling salts someone put under Upton's nose is wearing off as the game goes on.
  8. Cozart will probably have his last year of his contract eaten. Pena is out for 6-9 months. Maybe ready by the All Star break. I don't think any position players from outside the Org will be added to the 40 man roster this off season, except possibly a catcher. Only Pitchers!
  9. There will be enough guys that can be dfa'd, to allow them to put Adell on the 40 man roster. The Rule 5 guys don't have to be protected until a few weeks before the Winter Meetings in November. Guys like Cahill and Garcia and Bour will be off the payroll by then. The sooner Adell gets some playing time in mlb, the better the Org can get a better sense how soon he will be ready to come up permanently. I am not sure Rojas, Jones & Lund will be added. I don't think they would be plucked from the Angels, for various reasons. Rojas is what 28 or 29? Jones has had a terrible season. Lund is never going to be anything other than a 4th of"er, at best.
  10. greginpsca

    Time to Abandon the Opener

    I have to think our relievers are gassed. Seems like we use an average of 4-5 relievers a game. Over 2/3 of the season, they are just worn out. They look like they need a couple weeks of rest.
  11. greginpsca

    It's time to try some tribal rituals.

    If i recall, they actually had someone come out to the Big A and did some kind of ritual/blessing back in 2002. That season worked out pretty well.