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  1. greginpsca

    Next year's bullpen

    I have been a fan since the team became a team. For the most part , the team has been done in most of the pre- World Series seasons by the bullpen. Several of those teams bullpens were called the arson squad. It seems the past couple years the bullpen is doing a retro-arson squad thing. But the thing that bothers me is that the starting pitching is so bad. You could probably count with your fingers how many starters have pitched past the 6th inning. We feel good if a starter can get thru the 5th inning, so he has a chance for a 'W". Even as far back as '62 it seemed like our starters were better than this group. What i would give to have clones of Dean Chance, Ken McBride, Fred Newman, Ted Bowsfield on this staff. And others that i can't remember without looking them up. They were on really crappy teams, but they were the foundation of the teams. They kept the team in the game , before the pen would come in. The stats will probably tell me i am wrong, but it just feels that way from the naked eye. This starting staff just seems like a A+ staff, compared to the staff of what was a new franchise, that had only a few months to scramble to get players to fill out a roster.
  2. greginpsca

    GDT 9/20 Facebook follies

    The Angels should scout a different little league to find their pitchers.
  3. greginpsca

    Spending this off-season

    I think 1st 2nd & 3rd will be filled internally. Catcher and starting pitching will be the focus. And maybe rf.
  4. greginpsca

    Lou agrees

    Geez. I should become a scout. I have all the time in the world these days since i retired. Am cheap. Too bad there isn't a lot of talent in the Coachella Valley.
  5. Where is Cesar Tovar when you need him.
  6. greginpsca

    Wil Myers

    My sister would love it if the Angels were to get Myers along with Austin Hedges. That might make her dump her season tickets @ Petco. She loves Austin. She did bookkeeping for his parents back when he was a kid.
  7. Cozier had surgery on his left shoulder. Not his throwing shoulder, according to Jeff Fletcher. I thought it was his right shoulder also.
  8. greginpsca

    Lou agrees

    Amazes me how scouts are so wrong so often.
  9. According to MLB Trade Rumors, The Rockies may trade Arennado this off season. that is, if they feel they won't be able to resign him.
  10. greginpsca

    Sign Bartolo Colon this offseason

    The Angels already gone the route of signing over priced, over the hill players. Many times, and rarely worked out.
  11. Garvey came up as a third baseman. That is, until he hurt his arm and could no longer throw. The Dogs had a first baseman named Seinsoth who was an All American out of USC who was suppose to be their first baseman. Seinsoth was killed in a car accident just before his rookie year. His death opened up first base for Garvey. No telling what would have happened to Garvey if Seinsoth wasn't killed.
  12. The core of the Mariners is old, and getting older. Like Albert Pujols old. No prospects on the farm. Failed draft philosophy. That team has shown not to be a playoff team as constructed, with nothing in house to trade to get better. Ownership and fans will be looking up in the standings for several years at the 4 teams ahead of them very soon.
  13. This thread is something that you don't pay attention to until 3 years from now. Before then, if you need to make a trade using Fletcher as bait, his value might go south because of that contract.
  14. There should be a west coast double A league. I think the closest AA team is in Texas.