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  1. greginpsca

    Ohtani wins rookie of the year!!!

    How does that idiot have a show?
  2. greginpsca

    Ohtani wins rookie of the year!!!

    Who else wanted to punch out Russo after his stupid comments?
  3. greginpsca

    I hope the Angels go after Donaldson

    Players with back injuries rarely get back to 100%, unless the injury is muscle related. From what I understand, Donaldson’s injury was not muscle related. Anyone who has had something like a disc problem can tell you how debilitating it is. Save the money and move on. We don’t have any room on our DL.
  4. greginpsca

    I hope the Angels go after Donaldson

    Don’t count on it. Eppler has said all holes will be filled internally, except for pitching.
  5. greginpsca

    $30 Million Off Season, how do YOU spend it?

    Morton has been quoted as saying that he will retire if he doesn’t sign with the Astros.
  6. greginpsca

    $30 Million Off Season, how do YOU spend it?

    James Shields $10m Jason Hammel $10m Jonathon Lucroy $6 mil 3 relief arms off the scrap heap $1.3 m
  7. greginpsca

    Cozart for Gray?

    The Yankees usually don’t do cheap.
  8. greginpsca

    Cozart for Gray?

    Utility infielder. I proposed this trade last week in another thread. Cozart has 2 years @ $13 mil each year left . While Gray will probably get close to that for the upcoming in arbitration. The Yanks could throw in a minor league relief pitcher to help even out the money. I just think this deal could be good for both teams.
  9. I don’t see Boston letting Eovaldi getting away. He should be their top priority.
  10. greginpsca

    Taylor Ward

    Don't see 4 or 6 . I think Eppler said those would be filled internally.
  11. greginpsca

    Brian Dozier?

    Murphy makes no sense when you have more important priorities.
  12. greginpsca

    Corey Kluber?

    Funny how back in the 60's they had several good starters, but crappy position players.
  13. The more i think about it, Walsh might be that 1b/4th of'er.
  14. greginpsca

    Corey Kluber?

    Cleveland is getting out ahead of things to get as much as they can for their guys. They want a better and cheaper team in 3-4 years from now. Imagine what they could get back if they were to trade Kluber, Carrasco, Bauer, and Lindor? That haul could turn around a team quickly.
  15. Pitching , pitching, pitching. And a catcher. I don't anticipate anything more. Third base will be one of Cozart,Ward,or Fletcher. Second base will be one of Cozart, Fletcher, or Rengifo. Utility infielder will be Cozart, Fletcher or Rengifo.