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  1. HaloCory22

    Haha Arte told the Dodgers to fu** off.

    It's stupid either way. This only benefits the area for both sides. CA is such a financial clusterfuck as is why not do something good for the area and pump some revenue into it along with bringing a mall back to life? Angels fans in Ventura County/LA County can easily access the 66ers for away games in this case as well. Who wants to go to the IE? Especially with Lou there
  2. HaloCory22


    I was wondering what we'll do with him when Upton returns as well last night. The guy is earning his keep for sure. Whether that's sustainable that's obviously to be seen. He's bound to drop off a bit but even so he'll still be a very solid option to take Kole's spot in RF. I'd be very pleased if Kole continues to at least hit for some power and hopefully we can deal him at the deadline for a bullpen arm and give Goodwin the starting job the rest of 2019 and compete for the spot in 2020 with Adell and Hermosillo. Fortunately, we still have a month+ till we have to worry about it and by then we should have a much clearer report on Goodwin and what he's capable of.
  3. HaloCory22

    When Ohtani arrives...

    The team will get better and more importantly Trout will get better. He'll actually get pitches to hit with Ohtani protecting him.
  4. The biggest thing for me as a fan (besides watching Trout) is starting pitching. When we had Weaver/Haren at the top of the rotation it was truly fun watching them. They had lights out stuff and made watching them a joy. I felt incredibly confident in the team's chances of winning that day. Not a single one of our guys even remotely gives me that feeling today. Skaggs is the closest due to his stuff but even he is far from it. He's more like CJ Wilson confidence level. I know he has the stuff and potential to do it but will he? That has to take a toll on the offense too. I know 2 of our big bats are out right now so things will get better but it's a lot for the current group to take on. Taking on two bottom of the rotation FA signings and hoping they'll fill the gaps is blind faith. You can argue the team is building for next year, sure. Ohtani could be that "Ace" we're talking about but I'm not putting all my eggs in that basket. I'd love some insurance to build WITH Ohtani. Who knows how Heaney will pan out. Hell, who knows how most of our rotation/prospects will pan out (obviously). We need some stability at the top. Depth is great especially with how crappy the Angels luck has been of late with SP injuries but there needs to be a horse on the hill every 5 days we can truly be confident in. If we have 4/5 guys with 4.50+ ERAs is that actually depth?
  5. Yeah it's going to come down pretty damn hard. People here are scrambling to get their cars some protection. Had to take my car to an underground parking garage to keep for the night. It's nice right now. Sunny and 80 but it's supposed to start rolling through around 10pm here. Tennis ball sized hail they're projecting.
  6. HaloCory22

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    This is just the greatest news ever.
  7. I don't think that's disloyal. He's just using one of the tools provided to him in the contact extension the Angels gave him. Shouldn't have given him a no trade clause if they were worried about that to begin with. Which makes me believe Trout has zero intention of doing that and never gave the Angels any intention of doing that when he signed the deal. If he's leaving for sure and we have a trade in place to lock down a few pieces and he decides to veto it then oh well. It'll suck, sure, but he's more than earned the right to do that at this point. Not like it's Josh Hamilton's contract we're trying to deal away.
  8. I browsed through this article yesterday. Can't remember if it stated anything about a new stadium in the same lot. That would be the ideal situation. LA Live is amazing. Texas Live in Arlington is amazing and even better once their new ballpark opens up. Seattle has a great atmosphere around their park along with the Giants and Padres. The Angels really need this. They're making strides with Golden Road and some of the new apartment buildings but building up this massive entertainment district would really put the Angels on the map for must travel destinations for opposing fans. In a perfect world I'd love to see a new stadium and a new arena for the Ducks on the same lot together. Both teams really really need the upgrade. Honda Center is close but still a bit of an inconvenience.
  9. HaloCory22

    It's about time, Cory

    Thanks a lot, gents! It's been a long time coming but I definitely found the one. Couldn't be happier right now. Such a surreal feeling.
  10. HaloCory22

    It's about time, Cory

    At her quinceanera actually
  11. HaloCory22

    Bourjos Back!

    Uhh... It's Bourjesus.
  12. I was also wondering this. A new ballpark next to the Inglewood stadium and Forum would be smart.
  13. The most likely result will be a new stadium going up in the current parking lot. Plenty of space to build a new stadium and support parking until the current stadium is torn down. As you can see by this brilliantly designed microsoft paint diagram I made a few years ago regarding a possible NFL Stadium in the lot, it's very doable. I'm assuming that Chinese development deal on the corner of State and Orange is still happening, correct? Either way, there's a great opportunity here to develop the lot into an entertainment area, build a new stadium and bring in the $$ for all parties involved.
  14. HaloCory22

    The Official 2018-2019 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    If Montour is the centerpiece of a deal for Nylander you HAVE to do that immediately. Montour isn't anything special. More and more as I watch him the less impressive he looks imo. Whether it's his D partner or simply just not meeting expectations we should absolutely sell him while we can. Now with that said... I don't think Nylander is an 8 Million AAV player right now. Maybe a bridge deal for 2 years around 5-6 Million and then lock him up long term after that. He's clearly talented and someone the Ducks can build a future around.
  15. Angels really drop the ball with their marketing and in game promos. It’s been like this for years now. But hey... we have the world record events!