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  1. Calzone 2

    Hansel Robles

    Robles with a 97 mph rising fastball. That pitch is deadly. I think for the most part the bullpen has been solid and kept our season alive. Hopefully the reinforcements will show up soon so they can make a real push. Still have 85% of the season left so anything can happen.
  2. Calzone 2

    Hansel Robles

    Yep he has the look of a closer. He’s calm, takes his time and doesn’t appear to get rattled. I hope they groom him into that role. He just may be that diamond in the rough.
  3. Calzone 2

    Hansel Robles

    I like this guy as a closer.
  4. Calzone 2

    Some praise for our Halos last night

    Praise? We just lost to Scranton / Wilkes-Barre
  5. Geez fly 2800 miles to a different timezone with a AAA roster and basically playing baseball at 2:30 in the morning. %#^*@#* ! ! ! ! !
  6. Walked Ford twice and got burned by the same guy
  7. Lol @ Lucroy. Player of the game and dumbass
  8. Yeah right and sleeping with one eye open.