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  1. Calzone 2

    Will Captains ever return to baseball?

    Does the captain have to speak several languages or just use hand signals.
  2. Calzone 2

    The quest for .500

    You predicted that Mike Trout would be an Angel for life. You were spot on. You also predicted that the Angels would be good in 2019. You're very close to being right about that too. It seems to me that they are on the cusp of being very good if everybody comes back healthy and contributes. That, combined with some savvy moves before the deadline, some call ups, just might push them into a serious playoff run. It could happen but everything has to go right.
  3. Wow Tanaka with a full 9 inning complete game shutout tonight. That's becoming a rarity in MLB.
  4. We could just load Edwin Jackson into the Angels team bus and the Jays probably wouldn't give a sh*t.
  5. Calzone 2

    The quest for .500

    It's been kinda fun discussing the chase to .500 It's going to happen soon but then what? Can we get to second place? That should be our next goal.
  6. We really do need to get to .500 so we can relax the rest of the season.
  7. This has the look of a season changing game.
  8. Calzone 2

    Top 50 Trade Candidates (MLBTR)

    Remember when Lucroy was a thing.
  9. Calzone 2

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    I sure hope that Upton can step in and hit .390
  10. Calzone 2

    Top 50 Trade Candidates (MLBTR)

    Yep Tovar needs to be released. He can’t hit at the MLB level.
  11. Bleacher Report has him as 189 but moving up.