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  1. Mark PT

    No word

    Gr 3 Sprain: 8 weeks if everything goes well. 12 weeks to heal most often. 12-16 weeks for strength and balance to return.
  2. Mark PT

    All Umpires Suck

    I did not think you were being a jerk but was embarrassed that I did not know, for the life of me, what an opener was.
  3. Mark PT

    All Umpires Suck

    I was not being a jerk. But I dont understand what you mean by opener as it regards an umpire
  4. Mark PT

    All Umpires Suck

    Absolutely you can and you can track the flight better. You are trained to follow the ball with your eyes and box in the flight of the ball with your body position.
  5. Mark PT

    All Umpires Suck

    How would you improve it?
  6. Mark PT

    All Umpires Suck

    It was the era he developed in. Wendelstedt, Brinkman, Freming, Kaiser. These were all no tolerant umpires and that is the way the game was umpired back then.
  7. Mark PT

    All Umpires Suck

    I see your point and it is valid but I do disagree. A major criticism of baseball is that it is too slow. Taking time out to judge a strike/ball, which most people judge is a non-factor would slow the game down to a intolerable level (this refers to average fans). Also I am of the opinion that this is a human game. Dont robotize it too much.
  8. Mark PT

    All Umpires Suck

    Impossible to see high and low and follow left to right from behind the pitcher with accuracy. This whole problem is only one of talent. Eliminate the old boys club at Umpire development and actually take the guys with the talent and this problem is over. Also stop employing guys over a certain age and leave it to younger umpires.
  9. Mark PT

    Can we please get out of the AL West

    Dont want the Dodgers in our division. This team needs pitching. at least 2 more starters and we'll be fine.
  10. Mark PT

    Since April 5th...

    Great post. I still dont think we are at are full potential. WIth Upton back there will be more protection in the line up for Trout and Ohtani. If we had one more starting pitcher...
  11. Mark PT

    Jared Walsh appreciation thread

    Trout and Ohtani will get locked in but even when they are not they protect everyone in the lineup. La Stella is batting so well due to both of them.
  12. Mark PT

    A note of gratitude to Eppler

    And as you list, rebuilding the farm from the worst in baseball to, what, 5th or 6th from what I saw. This alone gives him credibility.
  13. Mark PT

    Oakland grants A's site for potential new stadium

    Come on man. What better to do during half-time than catch a few waves?
  14. Mark PT

    It's time to cut our losses with Zack Cozart

    Perfect comment. I had the same opinion about Calhoun several weeks ago but it looks like he in turning things around. With Calhoun batting well, and if they remove Cozart, the Angels will have a very formidable lineup. Now for some starting pitching.
  15. Mark PT

    Kole Calhoun

    We need to hope he continues his pace of the last 10 games because with Kole and Ohtani , we have a formidable lineup