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  1. Cooper12

    Low Key Rant

    Eppler is a loser
  2. At this point he has to be deleted from the MVP race.
  3. Cooper12

    We're not done yet

    Losing is so fantastic! Now that we are not allowed to criticize anyone or anything, isn't this great!
  4. LTBU!! A win against Verlander!!! I'm proud of these guys!
  5. Robles always makes me nervous.
  6. Respect to the Astros, looks like they are all honoring #45 on their hats.
  7. Noe being the opener makes no sense, he is a guy who can pitch multiple innings if Pena had shit the bed. Why not have the opener be a guy who will give you one max inning?
  8. Hahaha! Why when I refresh, it ads for a Jaguar car? But yes, Busty latinas are in my search history.
  9. Anyone seen the ad at the bottom of the page? Good lord, a Latina looking girl, with a great ass.
  10. Every Team has to have an All Star representative...but yes I agree with you.
  11. A few years back a 3rd base coach got drilled in the head, I can't remember the team or the coach, but MLB made it a rule. Think about it, a guy standing there, without a glove, not expecting a line drive.