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  1. I assume 2019 refers to the number of times that joke has been used on this board?
  2. I've got my eyes on the Astros. I want the wildcard game played in MinuteMaid Park
  3. Great Baseball Quotes

    Johnstone is from Edgewood HS in West Covina (last scool I attended before moving to Colorado). Others from that school include the Roenicke brothers, Rick Auilera, and NBA legend Jeff Cook
  4. Unleash the Herm?

    But they'll still eventually need slots for Richards and Tropeano even if they don't pitch this year. I just can't see them using up an option year on him
  5. Unleash the Herm?

    Might be a good idea but will cost someone else a spot on the 40 man. Who gets the next DFA? Wright? Fontana?
  6. Carjacker picks wrong car to jack

    Sorry man, that street corner is out of my way
  7. Confederate Monuments

    Chronicling and remembering the Civil War is one thing, honoring the generals who led them to defeat is another altogether. I haven't been to DC lately but I don't remember seeing a statue of Westmoreland next to the Vietnam Memorial
  8. Carjacker picks wrong car to jack

    One of my rules to live by is never give a ride to anyone with neck tattoos
  9. Dodgers get Granderson for Cash and PTBNL

    Grabbing a 36 year old who's reliant on LH power for his value. Another recipe for this board to lose it's everlovin collective mind
  10. I'm not seeing Stanton as an Angel but I could see him moving somewhere this winter. It would be a nice PR thing for the Marlins to get the local boy Machado but yeah, Stanton has to move first
  11. No LL love for Trout

    Yeah if you want to root for the Yankees go live in Poughkeepsie
  12. Yeah I'm already assuming that Machado ends up in Miami and Harper ends up in Baltimore
  13. This has all the makings of a disaster/survival movie. Damn shame Heston isn't around to lead the all star cast
  14. Social media Peyt's Mom peeves

    Public Service Announcement If you know any people who refer to themselves as "pet parents " please do the humane thing and have them spayed or neutered.
  15. Why does answer have a w in it?

    Was that a rhetorical response?