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  1. arch stanton

    Angel Pitching woes and free agency

    And miserable weather and 6 million Texans
  2. arch stanton

    Florida's Finest

    Would anyone really object if you killed one of the vultures and beat this person senseless(er) with the corpse?
  3. arch stanton


    You willing to give odds on that bet?
  4. arch stanton


    In his mid-70’s, overweight, high stress job, makes new enemies practically every day
  5. arch stanton


    I’m not sweating him being in office too long. I don’t think it’s much more than even money that he fails to survive his current term
  6. arch stanton


    I still prefer curmudgeonly
  7. arch stanton


    Nobody's disputing that they all take money. The gist of this was that the Reps take money from the NRA thus beholden to them while Jason points out that the Reps take more money from other groups thus making them less beholden to the NRA than they are to pharma and insurance. Which leads me to believe that they should all be shot, drugged, and then forced to use ObabmaCare to get treatment
  8. arch stanton


    I have one personal exception to the "no violence" policy. Anyone showing up to one of these events wearing a mask should be fair game for pretty much any form of abuse
  9. arch stanton

    Trout slump

    I was thinking the same thing watching that last AB
  10. arch stanton


    I don’t like Dunkin coffee. I’m one of those people who brings a thermos full of his own coffee to work everyday to make sure I can drink what I like
  11. arch stanton

    Trevor Rosenthal

    He’s toast
  12. arch stanton

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Frito-Lay franchises out all over the place. Their stuff is usually made locally and thus much cheaper than the other western snack brands
  13. arch stanton

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    Sometimes suicide watch means watching someone commit suicide. Win-win
  14. arch stanton


    If you say bad stuff about the international superstar maybe she’ll write a song about you and make you relevant again