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  1. Finally - a new ballpark in Las Vegas

    The location is in what would be considered the burbs of Vegas. Polar opposite of Cashman. The crowds they'll draw will be mostly locals but if they were wanting a Major League team they would definitely have to do something to ease the heat
  2. North Korea borders both China and Russia so I have to disagree about the aggressive neighbors
  3. Trumped

    The bases in the Philippines have been closed since the volcano erupted in 1991. There's a very limited advisory group in the country
  4. So they fixed the run defense and the running game this year and the QB and kicker both decide to regress. FFS
  5. Alright whose truck is this

    Don't look at me. I'd never buy a Chevy truck
  6. Finally - a new ballpark in Las Vegas

    A little nicer neighborhood than Cashman
  7. What have you watched recently?

    Apologies if it seemed a little cryptic but I hate typing on my phone
  8. What have you watched recently?

    My wife and daughter enjoyed Atypical. They're hoping it gets another season. It's been 35 years but JJL will always be Stacy to me. Whenever I see her I start humming Jackson Browne tunes I watched the first episode of The Grand Tour, the Amazon Prime show with the Top Gear crew. Looks like it'll be something worthwhile to watch on the days I'm alone or when it's just me and the little one.
  9. Red Sox dump Farrell as manager

    Does he get to play in the AL East?
  10. Red Sox dump Farrell as manager

    The difference between Rodriguez and Pujols is that going into his age 38 season the Angels have at least some reason to assume he can still produce next season and unlike Rodriguez, Albert is actually liked and respected by his teammates
  11. Obamacare Horror Stories

    So he broke it off in his own party's ass forcing them to pass something that will get half of them tossed out next November. Nice
  12. Meanwhile, in firefighter news ...

    I work in an office full of black guys and if I brought in a watermelon I would be applauded
  13. Random Thoughts Thread

    Are there still kids who are allowed to cross the street without a parent correcting every step?
  14. The Issue Of Our Time

    We were told a few years back that we should use the terms pin and socket when referring to electrical connectors because male and female was offensive. Now it's just plain inaccurate
  15. I do not like people

    Predators always feed on the weak