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  1. arch stanton


    If you’re gonna march kids through the desert at least give them some Gatorade
  2. arch stanton

    Can this trend be reversed? SJWs

    Maybe I should have lead my post by saying it depends on the kids
  3. arch stanton

    Can this trend be reversed? SJWs

    Depends on the kids I guess. I’ve never laid a hand on any of my girls and would never let anyone else do it either and they’re all perfect angels
  4. arch stanton

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    But if he was chairman of the congressional breakfast committee he’d know. It’s probably not his knowledge he’s trading on. It’s knowledge obtained from sources not available to the trading public at large. Ergo, insider trading
  5. arch stanton

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    So he doesn’t eat breakfast?
  6. If Skaggs gets on a decent stretching routine and quits pulling his own groin he could get 30 starts. His arm has been fine
  7. arch stanton

    Break the bank?

    The second quote isn’t mine
  8. arch stanton

    Break the bank?

    A lot of future considerations here. Others on the current roster will be making more. Ohtani will come due at some point. And Is a FA we sign today going to be productive enough in 2022 to warrant the big money?
  9. arch stanton

    Break the bank?

    Building through free agency gives you a 2014 level season followed by the 2015-2018 seasons. If you want sustained success it has to come from within first
  10. Yeah it seems like every inning we end up sending someone to the plate with 2 outs. F'in Sosh
  11. arch stanton

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    Calling someone named Sully British is a good way to get cracked upside the head with a Guinness bottle
  12. arch stanton


    The biggest issue they all have with Brexit is the Irish backstop. They should stick with Puerto Rican backstops like the Angels do
  13. arch stanton

    Puig officially on the block...

    You think Puig is enough of an upgrade over Calhoun to justify trading away prospects and spending a third of the off season budget and I'm the optimist?
  14. Larussa is defending one of his former players who he thinks is being disrespected. It's what any successful long time manager would do
  15. arch stanton


    They have no intention of impeaching. They'll just let him twist in the wind for 2 years