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  1. Ichiro and Bartolo

    I’m pretty sure the oldest I’ve seen in person in Hank Aaron. Probably a few I saw on tv older
  2. Recipe Of The Day: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

    We did put blueberries in the batter. We always do. I’m not saying they weren’t good. Just not payoff for the extra work good
  3. Recipe Of The Day: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

    My daughter made these. They’re good but probably not good enough to justify the extra work. Could probably duplicate nicely with pancake mix and some lemon zest and juice. The ricotta is barely noticeable
  4. Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    It’s feels like it should be illegal to even call them news networks. They don’t investigate or send anyone into the field. They don’t even really talk about news. They are political propaganda networks and should be required to call themselves that
  5. You get three seasons in which you can option a player between AAA and the majors. After that he has to stay on the major league roster or get DFA
  6. Gameday: 3/14 Angels vs Indians

    The three pitchers struggling are the three who rely heavily on the splitter. Maybe they get better once they get out of Arizona
  7. Brown butter is an underappreciated ingredient but this is a side dish
  8. Trumped

    I think the point MAGA is making is that it's not so much accidental as the willful disregard for established safety procedures. Procedures that are written in blood
  9. He probably hasn't faced too many 6'4 lefties with big curveballs before. Chalk it up to OJT
  10. Badly want new uniform color scheme...

    I just want to have a navy and red cap with the current logo on it that i can wear. I don't care about the rest
  11. Is Kinsler changing our minds?

    Kinsler is the type of vet you love to get. He's not HoF material but an above average player who's played on winning teams yet doesn't have a ring. He knows he's only got a limited window to win one and make his money
  12. Trumped

    Unless you just won a major championship participating in a parade suck giant donkey ass
  13. Recipe Of The Day: Sheet Pan English Breakfast

    Mash refers to mashed potatoes so, no
  14. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    Boras has a track record of working for longer contracts. He and his clients will have to adjust to teams being far less likely to pay for those declining years in the mid-thirties
  15. I mentioned the blacks because the others brought it up. My point was that when that many death sentence convictions could be undone then how many more who were actually executed might also have been undone if the same resources were available. I asked MAGA about the black community grouping because I find it lazy to group that way