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  1. Maybe calling it a test gives you the wrong idea. Just consider it a long written job interview
  2. So now you can be on the lookout for teams trying to bring pressure from both ends. Your tackles have been exposed
  3. arch stanton

    peeing on the toilet seat pros This is the way to go. I won’t have a house without it again
  4. Are you asking if Von Miller and Bradley Chubb are sack hungry?
  5. arch stanton

    Decision on Next Manager

    Torre was a crappy retread until he wasn't. Same with Francona
  6. arch stanton


    Tagiga habibi, tagiga
  7. arch stanton


    Let’s just not get all high and mighty before I get kid #2 into college and get the mortgage paid down some more
  8. arch stanton

    Moving to Colorado. Tips?

    The first time I took a job over here I had to go to St Louis for three months first to get some training and process the visa. I left Las Vegas in late January wearing my Las Vegas in January clothes. I had to go the very next day to buy boots and a proper jacket since the high for the day was 9 degrees
  9. arch stanton

    Moving to Colorado. Tips?

    I made that move 37 years ago. I really like Colorado but that first winter can suck
  10. arch stanton

    Managerial announcement coming when?

    Torii’s downfall would be his passionate love affair with cameras and microphones
  11. arch stanton

    Amazon Essentials Clothing Brand

    If you’re wearing a 3 button pullover the second button position is crucial. If it sits too high the shirt is rendered useless
  12. arch stanton

    The Official 2018 Election Thread

    That’s a very specific and creepy threat
  13. arch stanton

    Its funny how fast Yankee news escalates...

    Rumor was that Machado has wanted to be a Yankee all along. Putting him between Torres and Andujar would make for a pretty offensive minded infield but that defense might be a downfall