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  1. arch stanton

    2019 Stanley Cup playoffs

    Mike Smith made 99 saves in the 2 games in Denver and lost them both. The Avs are skating circles around them but Smith has actually been really good
  2. arch stanton

    The Matt Harvey Experiment

    Damn we were typing those numbers responses at the same exact time
  3. arch stanton

    The Matt Harvey Experiment

    That’s the thing. His stuff looks fine. He has moments of brilliance. He just seems to have some focus issues. Ritalin maybe?
  4. arch stanton

    Why can't the Angels hit left handed pitching?

    The problem now isn't that the LH hitters can't handle lefties. It's that the RH hitters can't handle lefties
  5. arch stanton

    Why can't the Angels hit left handed pitching?

    When you see that Albert is 3-16, Bourjos 1-16, Cozart 1-16, Fletcher 2-21 against lefties you wonder if it matters
  6. arch stanton

    WTF is with this bleeping weather?

    After what was a super mild and pleasant winter followed by a lot of spring rain, we have our first 100 degree day today
  7. arch stanton

    2019 Stanley Cup playoffs

    Seems the primary difference between San Jose and Vegas is the difference between Jones and MAF
  8. arch stanton


    The bottom line on Yemen is that the Saudis aren't going to allow an Iranian backed regime to run the country and the civilian casualties get much worse if they're forced to use older cluster bombs and non-precision munitions because we decide not to sell them the good stuff anymore. Trying to halt the war now would just drag it out that much longer
  9. arch stanton

    2019 Stanley Cup playoffs

    Carolina outshoots the Caps 45-18 and Ovechkin scraps with Svechnikov. I wish I’d been up to watch that one
  10. arch stanton

    General NHL Talk 2018-19

    And Makar scores in the first period of his first game against his hometown team
  11. arch stanton

    2019 Entry Draft Thread

    I think he will fall to 5. I could see Chicago taking Turcotte and the Avs taking Dach
  12. arch stanton

    General NHL Talk 2018-19

    Everything I've heard so far says if he plays he burns a year but that the rules for Seattle aren't yet set in stone
  13. arch stanton

    2019 Stanley Cup playoffs

    Columbus has a ton of talent and they know they're getting blown up after the season. I was never a big Duchene fan but I'm glad to see him get a chance to do something in the playoffs. He sucked in that situation with the Avs Since I can't stand golf on tv I watched the Islanders-Pens game and they're tough to score on. There's a pretty good chance they take out both the Pens and the Caps on the way to the conference final
  14. arch stanton

    General NHL Talk 2018-19

    So Cale Makar won the Hoby Baker but lost the championship game. It looks like the Avalanche will try to sign him today and actually use him in the playoffs, especially if it turns out that Sam Girard got hurt in game 2 against the Flames. This is a bit of a dilemma since it burns a full year of ELC time meaning he has to be protected from expansion if the rules stay the same. On the plus side, his RFA comes due with a year less time to build up his value and he could a huge help if they lose Girard. You can't have serious post season aspirations if you have to trot out a 3rd pairing of Ryan Graves and Patrick Nemeth