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  1. PattyD22

    Home Runs

    I miss the hit and run, moving runners over, and strategic baseball other than a stupid shift. And I also miss George Foster.
  2. PattyD22

    Trout slump

    All line drives on the score sheet.
  3. KrAbs isn’t a clown. He’s a good guy. This is a clown and he scares the shit out of me:
  4. PattyD22


    I couldn’t agree more Doc. As you stated, it’s going to take a few good moves, maybe a gamble or two, and some breaks to finally go this team way for once, but I expect to (hopefully) be at least 8-10 games over .500 and make a legitimate run at a playoff spot. i can honestly say that not having Simmons in the line up is really hurting this team. Tovar, while being an OK defensive player, is simply lost at the plate. The exact same thing can be said for Stassi. Good defensively, horse shit offensively. Getting Simmons back, and hopefully LaStella near the end of August or early September can hopefully start building some positive momentum into the off season and the start of 2020. Hopefully.
  5. PattyD22

    Gameday Thread: 8/15 White Sox @ Angels

    It’s never easy. It’s never f*cking easy with this pitching staff
  6. PattyD22

    Gameday Thread: 8/15 White Sox @ Angels

    Good job Andrew Heaney for going 7 solid innings. 0 walks tonight. Abreu aside, pretty solid outing tonight
  7. PattyD22

    Gameday Thread: 8/15 White Sox @ Angels

    Is it too early to declare the Trout "slump" over? 3-3 tonight so far.
  8. PattyD22

    Gameday Thread: 8/15 White Sox @ Angels

    Knowing what we know about Tovar (.200 BA) and Stassi (.143 BA) why Gallego didn't send Fletcher on that line out to left field is questionable. First and third no outs. 0 runs.
  9. PattyD22

    Trevor Rosenthal

    Decent pitchers don’t get hurt and go on the IL? Decent pitchers don’t tragically pass away? While I understand your frustration, your basis is off.
  10. PattyD22

    Trout buys $9 million Newport Beach mansion

    He talked me down from 10 million, the cheap ass. Hated to part with it, but with just me and mama, it was just too much house.
  11. Not really sure why a struggling Upton is still getting the AB’s over Goodwin, lefty pitcher or not. Upton has seen his average drop about 40 points in the last 2 weeks. Goodwin seemed to be swinging a fairly hot bat recently (as was Thaiss). Head scratching
  12. PattyD22

    Another bad year on the farm

    From your lips (well fingertips) to Gods ears Second Base. Let’s hope this comes to fruition. I’m not getting any younger.
  13. I hate to say this, but the Angels seem to be the right remedy for teams that are struggling lately. Real slumpbusters
  14. Then a snap back to reality....