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  1. mymerlincat

    A difficult decision coming on Ohtani

    I'd rather Ohtani be a full time starting pitcher and not hit than a full time hitter that never pitches.
  2. mymerlincat

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    I just want to stop crying. I just want everything to be ok. But it isn't.
  3. These were the two things I had there. The sushi was ok, but I didn't like the philly cheesesteak at all.
  4. Another thing I really liked, only had it once though. When I went about 3 times last year I thought the Change Up was very underwhelming, maybe they have better stuff this year.
  5. I went to Saint Archer’s last year, great food. Loved the wings.
  6. The Big A burger? Is it anything special? Been thinking of trying it for awhile.
  7. What do you guys usually eat when you eat at Angel Stadium? I usually go the Smoke Ring and get either a Legends Dog, or the pulled pork potato helmet thing. Sometimes I get garlic fries.
  8. mymerlincat

    Wilfredo Tovar DFA'd

    You beat me
  9. mymerlincat

    Angels and Marlins match up well for a trade

    Cesar Puello for future considerations