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  1. mymerlincat

    Kaleb Cowart is back

  2. Assuming we don't pick up his option and let him hit free agency, what do you think his next contract will look like and who do you think he will sign with?
  3. It's hard out here in these streets
  4. mymerlincat

    Kaleb Cowart is back

    Can’t tell me Cowart is seriously a better option than Rojas
  5. Damn shame we didn’t hire Baldelli instead
  6. mymerlincat

    Garrett Richards might pitch next week

    I’m suggesting that his box score stats of his first start in over a year holds no meaning in any discussion
  7. mymerlincat

    Garrett Richards might pitch next week

    Did you actually watch his start or did you just stat watch to push some narrative? His stuff looked pretty good. It's foolish to act like his record in his first start since July 10th, 2018 holds any meaning.
  8. He will be in about a year
  9. It means that they would have no reason to try to hire Eppler
  10. Because they’re trading all of their players to extend the window. They have proven they can scout and develop minor leaguers. Their pool is barren because Betts, Benintendi, and Devers have graduated, and Margot, Espinoza, Moncada, and Kopech were traded.