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  1. Very good. Who is the PBP guy? Isn't he on ESPN sometimes?
  2. Blue Jays announcer just said, "This guy needs a higher league. He's just the best there is."
  3. The Blue Jays are Facking terrible. Let's go 6-1 on this stretch of the trip. I'd take 5-2 as well. GO Angels!
  4. robblin17

    Why I’m Optimistic About this Team

    This was my big reason for writing this post. Guys like Rengifo, Canning, Suarez, Fletcher, have not been seen around these parts for some time. I'm also probably seen around here as more of the negative type, but I can see the tide turning this year and definitely in to next year.
  5. robblin17

    Why I’m Optimistic About this Team

    We will be over .500 at the end of next week.
  6. Lucroy is Facking worthless.
  7. There we go. Come on. Lets go, Fletch. And please pinch hit for Lucroy.
  8. Nice, Fletch! Pagan is annoying as shit. Throw the Facking ball.