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  1. Exactly. Damn, you're a genius.
  2. It's one piece of the disappointing puzzle that is the Angels' organization over the past ten years. A move (among others) that ended up being a terrible one that really got the ball rolling on the team's mediocrity. I'll take it as a badge of honor that Fletch finds it fascinating.
  3. Gotchya. Edit: Looks like search results only go back to 2013. Naps was traded in 2011. Oh well.
  4. Sorry. Where are the reports about this other than posts on Angels Win? I have not been able to find them.
  5. Of course. Is there proof of that? I did not know of this, but yes, that would be a valid reason to trade him. Still was a terrible deal though.
  6. Pig headed? Man, that’s all you guys have? The real point is we shipped a valuable player like Napoli off for zero reason. Was he a great catcher, no. But let’s gauge the difference in offensive/defensive value combined with Mathis. We could have rode with him until we found a better catching replacement or just used him as a 1B/DH. Thanks for the name calling though!
  7. Hold on, let me get the front office phone recordings.
  8. Perfect! If that’s what you think!
  9. So we should extrapolate one year over his entire Angel’s tenure, got it.
  10. In years outside of his 22 y/o and 23 y/o season, in which Jeff Mathis played a combined 23 games, Mathis averaged 80 games a year with the Angels. His average was greater than any single number of games played with any other team he played for after the Angels. Was that better for ya, champ?
  11. Using a year in which he played in 5 games is fair to use in an argument of usage, got it.
  12. Sure. Whatever floats your boat.
  13. Lol. And twisted it to fit your argument and make it look like Mathis played just as much with the Angels as he did elsewhere.