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  1. robblin17

    Jo Adell Comps

    Understood! So, what might be his floor? Or his range is somewhere between Upton-Springer-Hunter?
  2. robblin17

    Angels the "Mystery Team" in on Machado?

    What's the latest you think these guys will hold out until? Is it possible they do not sign before pitchers and catchers report?
  3. robblin17

    Jo Adell Comps

    Thanks to everyone for the contributions.
  4. robblin17

    Jo Adell Comps

    Deferring to guys that are more well versed in the minors and follow these players more closely. What would be some of your MLB comps for Jo Adell? I'm curious on ranges too, such as, if he reaches his full potential he is player X and worst case scenario he is player Y as a major leaguer. I tried searching online for some, but did not really come up with anything great.
  5. robblin17

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Lowrie to the Mets per Passan. Two year deal.
  6. Hey Ryan Howard, Go F*ck Yourself. Sign him to an extension to shut these dumbasses up.
  7. robblin17

    Angels Sign Matt Harvey

    So, we're getting Harper!?
  8. robblin17

    Angels Sign Matt Harvey

    Reminds me of Tommy Hanson.
  9. robblin17

    Realistic Trade Options

    Does the picture of JT Realmuto on the home page remind anyone else of Jeff Mathis? For that reason, I'm out.
  10. Can you fill us in on the terms of the deal?
  11. He has always said he will hang them up when he is done. And he's about there. Also, who knows how he is feeling after another surgery?
  12. Pujols retiring after the Cardinals series. Or sooner.
  13. robblin17

    Why not waive Pujols?

    Because he's a good guy, mang.