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  1. Because Bozart is paid a lot. Like that loser #5.
  2. Lol at Ausmus Facking pinch running La Stella for a meaningless run. Pinch hit him for Facking Bozart. The Facking worthless joke of a major leaguer.
  3. years of bad innings and games* FIFY
  4. robblin17

    Cody Allen

    Another great Eppler signing.
  5. Anyone defending any part of this organization is a Facking idiot.
  6. Bozart has the most punchable face. Like that other bozo we used to have. Trevor Bell was it? Facking losers.
  7. Nice at-bat, Bozart! Facking loser.
  8. Can we cut Facking Bourjos and Cozart? Talk about two completely Facking worthless pieces of Facking shit.
  9. A lot. C, 1B, 2B, 3B, RF, SP, CP.
  10. robblin17


    He needs to be DFA’d. Who gives a F*ck how much he is owed. Sunk cost. Guy is not a major leaguer at this point. Bring up anyone from AAA with a pulse.
  11. How about that spin rate!? Stratton is a loser!
  12. Man, I like Eppler, but what the F*ck? Absolutely atrocious. Add Cahill and Cozart to that mix, too. Goodness.
  13. Must be nice to have major league hitters.
  14. This offense is a Facking joke.