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  1. Valbuena should've been at home waiting, at least Fletcher has his head in the game, he was the cutoff guy.
  2. Mariners went full Angels there. Nice.
  3. L.O.B. Angels of where the 5 meets the 405 at Lake Forest Drive.
  4. Upton getting so many cookies and missing, man he's streaky.
  5. So Fletch will be on the Bench Friday right?
  6. Red Sox DFA Hanley Ramirez.
  7. May 25th is " Robinson Cano and Nelson Cruz Wine Stopper Set Night " Great opportunity to change it to a set of hypodermic needles with their numbers on them?
  8. Does the suspension start when he's off the disabled list?
  9. Damn, was hopping someone would get on to clear the pitchers spot. Stupid NL.
  10. We have the power now.
  11. I normally say the same thing, but when they're taking pitches 6 inches off the plate and getting called strikes it's kinda hard.
  12. Upm wont let him have a meltdown inning if he's getting calls 6 inches off the plate. Plus Calhoun is up next.
  13. LOL am830 with the Tropeano intro.