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  1. Reveille1984

    Gameday Thread: Orioles @ Angels 7/26/2019

    We have $135M commited to 2020 (without potentially trading Calhoun's $14M) and the luxury tax is $206M. How exactly is signing Cole putting us over the luxury tax?
  2. Reveille1984

    Gameday Thread: Orioles @ Angels 7/26/2019

    Thaiss/Rengifo have been Dumb and Dumber in the infield the past few games.
  3. Reveille1984

    Gameday Thread: Orioles @ Angels 7/26/2019

    Hopefully we can somehow snag Gerrit Cole this offseason along with having Ohtani pitch again in 2020. That along with maybe trading for a mid-rotation guy should put us in a way better spot next year.
  4. Reveille1984

    Gameday Thread: Orioles @ Angels 7/26/2019

    Tropeano doing his usual mound dump. Thaiss has also been super underwhelming both offensively and defensively in his time up here.
  5. I'm using a free trial of Hulu TV for now because of this. It's $5 more than Sling Blue+Orange, but has DVR included (if you care about that) and also local stations that Sling didn't have (CBS, etc.) and their own Hulu content. It's been pretty much the same quality as Sling so far, so If they don't work out the dispute I'll just cancel.
  6. Reveille1984


    Trump supporters don't want a centrist, they just want someone that will make their hateful rhetoric from the middle ages okay as long as "their side is winning". They are mostly poorly educated, disenfranchised and have no idea that Trump could give as much of a shit about them as he does about immigrants and minorities. To see Trump as just "obnoxious and annoying" is putting on the biggest blinders possible as to the disgrace that has been his presidency. He's vile, openly and brazenly racist, has multiple sexual assault allegations, has created essentially internment camps at our borders, stokes hate and aggression at every opportunity, is a dictator apologist, has zero knowledge of or respect for the constitution, and is an international embarrassment who has put us backwards on the world stage tenfold. To think he stands for Christian values (or ANY values for that matter) is completely laughable. Anyone that can watch him speak or go through his Twitter feed for more than 10 minutes and still support him as a competent world leader of the United States is severely flawed in a fundamental way.
  7. Reveille1984

    That was for Tyler

    I don't get emotional much when it comes to sports, but when they started tossing their jerseys on the mound I couldn't help but tear up a bit. Just an insane night.
  8. Reveille1984

    Who Do You Trade?

    I think the only chance we have with Gerrit Cole is the fact that he's from Newport Beach, so if he wants to be back in OC we have a slight advantage I guess if the money's relative. I'm willing to throw whatever it takes at him considering how awful our pitching has been and for so long.
  9. Reveille1984

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ Rangers 7/2/2019

    Hopefully it's not a fracture
  10. Reveille1984

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ Rangers 7/2/2019

    The curse of the Angels continues
  11. Reveille1984

    Pujols not retiring

    0.1 WAR is a "legit rebound campaign"? You could toss pretty much anybody at 1B and they'd do a better job. He sucks, and we're stuck with him for two more seasons. It is what it is.
  12. Reveille1984

    How are the Angels worse than the Rangers?

    We have the worst SP ERA in baseball, it isn't exactly a surprise. The Rangers also have the 2nd most runs scored in all of baseball... that isn't exactly a "mediocre" offense as you say.
  13. Reveille1984

    Jaime Barria

    Can't be any worse than what we're trolling out there on the daily right now. SP, 62 games in: 5.60 ERA Combined 1.0 WAR 270 IP (Lowest in MLB) 1.90 HR/9 (2nd worst in MLB)
  14. Reveille1984

    5/23 Angels vs. Twins - make up game

    I bet Ohtani's under one of those umbrellas
  15. Reveille1984

    Here comes Minnesota

    I say 2-1 if we can beat them down offensively. Trout's getting hot, so there's always a chance. They have one of the best offenses in baseball, and we have pretty much the worst SP staff so it should be exciting!