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  1. Reveille1984

    Any word on the type of injury Cozart sustained?

    The medical term is actually DVB
  2. Reveille1984

    Brandon Marsh with a cryptic Tweet.. hmmm

    I'm in the same boat, honestly. He's basically a fringe/4th OF/defensive replacement/pinch runner type guy in my mind (or in other words, an NL player). His BA has dropped 50 points every time he's been promoted while his K rate has risen astronomically. Obviously his AA performance so far is plummeting his prospect value (1 XBH in 73 PAs and almost a 3 GO/AO ), but AA is the biggest leap in terms of pitching so he has time to turn it around. He's only 21 years old and probably won't stay THIS bad, but he's a lot less exciting than he was last year.
  3. Pretty much this. The worse your talent is, the more likely a manager is to make a decision that potentially affects the outcome of a game because you have so many interchangeable nobodies that you have to try and squeak every ounce of value out of. It's the whole reoarganizing deck chairs on the Titanic meme. I'm sure Ausmus isn't some managerial mastermind and he's also made some stupid in-game decisions, but he also doesn't have a lot to work with. Having an actual MLB roster with guys like Ohtani/Upton/Adell would make a lot of these lineup decisions moot, but that's not where we are right now unfortunately. I'm not sure why some people become almost politically charged like it's a non-bipartisan argument between advanced stats and "feel for the game". You can use both the eye test and sabermetrics, they each have a place in modern baseball. Nobody is advocating for using one or the other. Saying that "the metrics" have forced the Angels to fill their lineup with mediocre turds is just a laughable premise though. Guys like Bour, Harvey, La Stella, Smith, etc. are not secret gems that were undervalued by other teams. They're just literal piles of baseball poo that Eppler is throwing against the wall to see if anything sticks while maintaining financial flexibility.
  4. Looked more like a neck/head injury
  5. I think he just tried to apply the tag before the ball was in his glove and completely whiffed
  6. Still barely hitting .100, 20+ games into the season. He's really lucky this team is so thin on talent or he'd be riding the pine.
  7. Reveille1984

    Eppler’s dumpster diving tactic for FA’s

    There's really no fixing this team with free agents anyways. You need to build a core of young, good, cheap players and then supplant them with a handful of guys from the open market. Hopefully guys like Adell, Rengifo, Thaiss, Canning, etc. can do that for us while our shit contracts continue to expire, but nobody realistically expected us to be in the mix this year. Sure, Eppler probably could have done better than this. But not too much better given what was out there. Especially missing two impact bats in Upton/Ohtani, this lineup is going to be hot garbage. Hopefully next year (or even later this year) it looks more like this, which gives me some semblance of hope: Rengifo/Trout/Ohtani/Upton/Adell/Simmons/Pujols/Thaiss/Lucroy
  8. I wish this were the case, but we actually just have bad players
  9. That is THE Kevan Alan Smith and don't you forget it
  10. Hey we got swept in the first round one year, that was something
  11. He started terribly, but has picked it up in the last few games (6 for 13 with 2 HR)
  12. Thaiss and Marsh aren't playing much better so far in the minors unfortunately. Rengifo should be up sooner rather than later hopefully though.
  13. Just looking at the names in the lineup, I don't think anyone is surprised that this team sucks ass
  14. I kind of want to see if Cozart can finish the year with a sub .100 BA out of morbid curiosity