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  1. Second Base

    Gameday Thread: 8/19 Angels @ Rangers

    Should've traded Bedrosian.
  2. Second Base

    Update about Angels Stadium news

    I actually think the Angels have themselves a solid opportunity in Long Beach, in the event that they (or the city depending on things) spends a metric ton of money. Arte, throughout his tenure as the owner has been willing to spend money to cement a legacy. He spent a lot of money to purchase an MLB team. He spent even more money branding a non-LA team as an LA team, even though he knew it would take a long while before people would ever know them as the Los Angeles Angels instead of the Anaheim Angels or the California Angels. He's spent money in order to build a winner (it hasn't worked, but he's spent enough for it to work). The plan for Long Beach, is going to take some work. Granted, the city will likely foot the bill, or most of it for the ball park, but the transit system and parking situation will need to be resolved. As it currently stands, a 3,500 space parking garage, in additional to finding walkable parking spaces near the waterfront stadium will be a nightmare. Their willingness to designate lots as far as 7 miles out as stadium parking and offering a bus or trolley to transport fans to the facility is only going to result in more traffic to a congested area. But as with many things, you throw enough money at it and it can be resolved. And I think that's where Arte steps in. Sure, there will be the parking garage (which would be a nightmare getting in and out of, but that's for another post), but I think this is where a transit train would really resolve some issues. The Padres for example built the COASTER which is a train/bus/trolley which transports fans from all over to the ballpark. You can just park at one of the nearby malls where there are more than enough spaces and take a 15-30 minute transit to and from the stadium. Tracks are built intersecting as little roads as possible, minimizing any road congestion (the San Diego area was built up pretty intelligently in most parts, so traffic congestion isn't as bad as other areas to begin with). Chances are, Arte's going to need to pay for transportation that leads directly to the ballpark if the city is going to fund the ballpark itself, which is likely to cost 1.1 billion. You have to figure if Arte can throw 200-300 million at the transit system, then getting to and from there games really won't be an issue. And as for the location and stadium itself. Long Beach is further from Los Angeles (in most parts) than Anaheim is, but the major different is that Long Beach is coastal, and Anaheim is inland. As a coastal city in the LA metropolitan, they aren't as averse to the Los Angeles moniker. Truth be told, no one outside of So Cal gives two craps about what locale you identify as. It's all LA. Everywhere from Santa Clarita down to nearly Camp Pendleton, and as far east as Pomona. I see a lot of folks on the board identify themselves from different areas, San Bernardino, West Covina, Lancaster, Glendale's all one big cluster of roads, houses and malls. I live way up in the Northern part of the state, and when I explain to people I grew up in West Covina, they give me a confused look, then I just say LA. It's like identifying yourself as someone from Fremont or Benicia. No you're from San Francisco. Or you're from Queens or Brooklyn. No, you're from New York.
  3. Walsh keeps throwing scoreless frames. He's a better pitcher than we've been giving him credit for. And yes, Hermosillo should probably be in the major leagues. I understand why he's in AAA, he missed a chunk of time rehabbing from the hernia, and Goodwin took that 4th outfield spot and had run with it. But as far as his ability, he should probably be a plain outfielder.
  4. Maitan went 3-5, Rondon 2-5. Jerryell Rivera's line looked pretty solid. I'd love to see him make good on that potential. Obviously Jackson has reached a level of play where it isn't really fair to him or the opposition for him to keep playing in the pioneer league. Michael Hermosillo went yard again, which he's been doing a lot of lately. And Trent Deveaux hit 2 HR's tonight.
  5. Jordyn Adams went 4-5 with 2 SB on rehab in Arizona tonight. It's crazy, the talent gap between rookie ball and A Ball. And right on cue, because we're talking about him, Will Wilson went 2-4 with a double. Bradish pitched 7 innings of one run ball tonight.
  6. Will Wilson, a polished collegiate hitter is batting .275 in Orem, and Jeremiah Jackson, a raw 19 year old from the prep ranks last year is batting .268 and has set the team record for homeruns.
  7. Second Base

    It's time for a reunion

    Wilson could come out of retirement. Looks like he's still got that throwing motion.
  8. It'll be good to see Stassi behind the dish handling Canning. The kid needs a steady hand to guide him through his rookie year, not a catcher that allows any breaking ball in the dirt to reach the backstop.
  9. I really enjoy our broadcast team. The article is right though, The Padres, Giants and Mets do have the best three in baseball. My personal favorite are the Giants. Being in Giant country, I'm not a huge fan of the team, but that broadcast crew has been the best in the business for a decade now.
  10. And therein lies the issue. is pretty much the worst place you can look to get detailed incite of prospects or even remotely accurate information on any of the lesser known prospects. I'm going to flat out say it, because AngelsWin involves more people who are more focused on this system specifically, our Top 30 Prospect rankings are much better than anything you'll see from says the Angels will end up with 5 players from their current prospect crop that end up being average or better major leaguers. The pessimist in me says 6. The optimist in me says 13. The realist in me says 10. And you can choose to believe me or not. That really isn't my concern. I'm simply saying that using the knowledge that I've accumulated on each one of these guys through this stage in their respective careers, I believe there are currently 10 prospects in the Angels system that will end up being average major leaguers or better. For me, I identify an average major league position players as one that is a starter, and not just on the worst team in the league. As a pitcher, an average pitcher would be one that makes it into a rotation and pitches better than a #5 starter, or one that pitches in relief and becomes something better than a middle reliever or mop up pitcher. Jo Adell, Brandon Marsh, Jordyn Adams, Will Wilson, Matt Thaiss, Chris Rodriguez, Jose Soriano, Oliver Ortega, Kevin Maitan, and Jack Kochanowicz all fit this description to me. Adell will be a perennial all-star. Marsh, Adams and Wilson will be studs that may make an all-star team once or twice. Thaiss will be a solid starting 3B/1B. Maitan will be a switch-hitting starting 3B/1B with plus power. Chris Rodriguez, Jose Soriano and Jack Kochanowicz (super aggressive on him) will be mid-rotation starters and Oliver Ortega is going to be a dominant late inning reliever for a few years. The other guys that I think will miss out, like Jeremiah Jackson, Jose Suarez, Karen Paris, and Patrick Sandoval, all have the upside to exceed the FV50 mark though. I'm not saying they will, but I am saying the talent is there. And then there are guys like Aaron Hernandez who to me looks like he could turn into a lethal 8th or 9th inning option as well. There's just a TON of potential in this system, which is a far cry from the days of Jerry Dipoto. I agree with @Dochalo that the Angels are probably a mid-ranked farm system, though I think they're still being undersold. They were a mid-ranked farm system back before they produced Canning, Barria, Suarez, Buttrey, Rengifo, Fletcher and Ohtani (technically). Yet when we compare the Angels recent output of prospects (Sandoval and Thaiss included), they FAR exceed that of your average major league team. The Angels were a top five ranked farm system a year or two ago, but were only ranked middle of the pack, and most publications are now only beginning to realize how wrong they were. I think the same thing is happening here. They're going to rank them right there in the middle, but there's so much more talent here than they're being given credit for. Then suddenly when Jordyn Adams figures it out they'll pretend like he shot up out of nowhere even though he was a first round pick. Or Chris Rodriguez is suddenly healthy and pitching like a Top 50 prospect and they'll act all surprised by that as well. But the boys on AW, they knew.
  11. I never know if being anti-Semite is in opposition of Jewish people or their faith.
  12. You aren't attaching that to me, all I did was compare him to Daniel Nava. Call him Zackery Nava Borenstein.
  13. Second Base

    Do we contend in 2020?

    2020 is the beginning of the Angels window of contention, yes. It always was. That's why you've seen so many young players come up in the past two years, because they'll be hitting their stride for 2020. - Rengifo will be playing at a level we haven't seen yet. He still has a lot more on base ability and speed than what we've seen. Next year, he'll be the leadoff hitter, and a dangerous one at that. - Jo Adell is going to be a star in short order. Yes, he will be streaky to start, but the defense, power, speed, it'll all come together as the year progresses. - Third base will not be an issue at all. We've seen what La Stella can do, Fletcher has proven his value, and Thaiss will be performing above his present tomorrow levels, which have already shown considerable promise. - Because the Angels will be in a win-now mode, there will be less room for underperforming. Albert simply won't be playing as much. Thaiss and La Stella can play 1B too, and more DH at bats will be open with Ohtani moving back to a two way player. - Upton will either be healthy or we'll see more Goodwin or Marsh, both of which are quite talented. - Inserting Ohtani back into the rotation, as well as whoever else they acquire will give the Angels a couple access and a mid rotation starter. - Quoting another thread, the Angels have the four youngest starters in baseball this year. All four of those starters are going to be better. This will be off particular intrigue because of Griffin Canning. He'll be a mid station starter, which will give the Angels four front or mid rotation starters. - The bullpen will have Middleton back, and will have Pena and potentially Ramirez with velocity back. Suddenly your not going to worry about having enough arms to cover innings, you'll be more worried about finding enough innings for the amount of quality arms on hand. - Financially, the Angels will likely hold the same payroll they have now, they're just going to be getting a lot more bang for their buck. More importantly, contracts to Simmons, Albert and Upton will be ending in 1-3 years at this point next year. This means that the Angels will have a steady stream of older players exiting and more money coming available. - As those older players reach the conclusion of their contacts, prospects will be graduating. Particularly ones with upside like Marsh, Adams, Maitan, Wilson and Paris in the field and Rodriguez, Soriano and Kochanowicz on the mound. The Angels are likely an 80-85 win team in 2019, and a 90-ish win team in 2020, and they're only going to get better from there. From 2020-2030, the Angels will be a 90+ win team.
  14. Second Base

    The age of our rotation

    Let's look into this idea of a solid rotation by looking at the rotation of the teams currently set to make the playoffs. We'll simply be using non-advanced metrics to analyze these teams. Yankees: Tanaka - 4.93 ERA, Happ - 5.48 ERA, German - 4.05 ERA, Paxton - 4.40 ERA, Sabathia - 4.78 ERA. Rays: Morton - 2.90 ERA, Chirinos - 3.62 ERA, Snell - 4.28 ERA, Stanek - 3.40 ERA, Glasgow - 1.86 ERA, Yarbrough - 3.90 ERA. (To be fair, entering next year they'll have Morton, McKay, Glasnow and Snell which won't be fair) Twins: Berrios - 3.24 ERA, Gibson - 4.24 ERA, Perez - 4.80 ERA, Odorizzi - 3.44 ERA, Pineda - 4.15 ERA. (After this season, the vast majority of this staff will be free agents, so in order to remain competitive, the Twins will need to spend a lot of money) Indians: Bieber - 3.28 ERA, Plesac - 3.13 ERA, Clevinger - 3.02 ERA (Kluber and Carrasco are on the mend). Astros: Verlander - 2.68 ERA, Cole - 2.87 ERA, Miley - 2.99 ERA, Peacock - 4.13 ERA, Greinke - 3.08 ERA. Entering 2020, the Yankees rotation appears to be in shambles, and they'll need to make some hard decisions, swallow some money and spend some more to try and field a better team. Their offense is already really good, and so is the bullpen, but that rotation doesn't look playoff caliber in any way. The Rays on the other hand look like the most dangerous team in baseball in 2020, if they can stay healthy. The Twins don't appear to have much of a future in the rotation, so again, they'll need to spend hundreds of millions just to keep up, which I don't see happening. The Indians rotation has been, and likely will remain elite for a couple more years, but much of it is dependent upon health. Carrasco is fighting leukemia, Kluber has a ton of mileage on his arm, Clevinger had the back injury. The Astros are losing Cole and Miley, but they've got enough young guns in AAA and the bullpen to not replace them as much as fill the gap. Now if the Angels can enter 2020 with something like Ohtani, Cole, Wheeler, Canning and Heaney, their rotation would be better than the Yankees and Twins to be sure. Depending on the Indians health, it may keep up with them. Depending on the Astros replacement arms stepping up, it may be able to keep pace with them as well. The Rays....I don't see anyone keeping pace with them. The end result here, is that if the Angels spend some serious money, which by all accounts that is a strong likelihood, then they will indeed have a strong rotation. One with upside, and a ton of depth with Barria, Sandoval and Suarez in AAA.