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  1. Second Base

    Will Captains ever return to baseball?

    Nobody out-douches Boston.
  2. Second Base

    Will Captains ever return to baseball?

    I think Varitek was a captain as well. And no, I don't think there will be. No one needs a reminder that Pujols and Trout are the leadership here.
  3. I haven't heard anything about it. I know he struggled in Orem to finish the year, but it wasn't as if Maitan was lighting it up there. Maitan was promoted, Jackson wasn't. If I had to guess, I would say the Angels personnel thought some adjustments were needed just like those on this board thought. But I think given the miserable performance of Maitan, De Valle, and Williams in A Ball, it's hard to imagine Jackson doing worse. If it were me, I'd give him a few more games in Orem. If he continues to do this to the pitching, promote him to A Ball. Best case scenario is that he does well there and jumps back on pace with Adams and together, they're ready for the Cal League next year at age 20.
  4. Also, I think the Angels probably agree with you that his swing/load needs some refining. Otherwise, why isn't he in A Ball with Adams like he should be?
  5. You're not the only one. And I'm not saying you're wrong. He likely does need to change it. But there are a couple recent examples of it working. That's all.
  6. Every single last bust has a few things in common. The first being that there was hype, the second is that they failed to meet that hype, and the third is that there was always one glaring weakness that they were unable to fix or an injury. If we trace back their minor league careers, these glaring weaknesses were small things they could potentially work on, but they were so talented it didn't amount to anything. Billy Hamilton, not enough bat. Lack of discipline. Delmon Young, lack of walks, character flaw. Corey Patterson, slow to adjust. Mark Prior, injury, etc... The only one that sticks out with no discernible shortcoming was Brandon Wood. Nothing about his minor league resume suggested that he would be that bad in the majors. But that in and of itself was it. He never experienced failure before. He got to the major leagues and mentally couldn't navigate it. But that, you can never predict. Literally, the only thing I can think of that would prevent Adell from being incredibly successful in the major leagues is his plate discipline, but even that has improved, even against better competition, so it doesn't hold up. And mentally, he's an intelligent man with an inner drive and confidence to him that stars have. In the most non-bias opinion I can offer, Jo Adell is the real deal. This kid is going to be incredible. A young Matt Kemp. The party that no one realizes is that he's played the last 8 years of his career with an injured or non-functioning or weakened lower half, and has still managed to remain semi-productive. But before his legs were gone, Kemp was the best player in baseball for a couple years. Now obviously the was no Mike Trout to be compared to back then, but that's who I envision Jo Adell being. Hopefully a healthier Matt Kemp.
  7. Second Base

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    Through a weird circumstance I actually had a chance to watch Kelso pitch for Feather River. Big, strong kid. Glad they were able to sign him.
  8. Raider Uceta checks in as the youngest position player on the team at 18 years old, at least until Kyren Paris arrives, who will be almost a year younger. Guys I'll be keying in on most, Uceta, Paris, Deveaux, Connor Van Scoyoc, Stiward Aquino, once he arrives, Jack Kochanowicz, and mysteriously missing, or maybe I just haven't noticed, Will English.
  9. Sucks, but yeah, they probably lose Puello and Tovar in the next week. And really, I think Goodwin only got his shot as 4th OF in the first place because Hermosillo had a hernia and subsequent surgery to repair it. But he's starting to find a groove in AAA. I expect we'll see him later this year and ultimately inherit the role next year. That's the kid you want to see in that role. The bat profiles similar to Goodwin over the l on ng run, but Herm is faster and a better defender. A good bunter too. He just has to use the whole field and work on that pitch recognition.
  10. I know everyone here hates the load, but to be fair, Cubs fans and scouts all agreed that Javy Baez's huge leg kick, drifting hands and aggressive nature wouldn't play up at the top level. But it's becoming apparent that they very much do. Same thing goes for Bo Bichette. Scott's thought his swing needed to be broken down and rebuilt in order to hit for any kind of average. That and having two different swings (non 2 strike with the leg kick and 2-strike with no leg kick and choking up on the bat) would be too hard to manage. Both extremely athletic middle infielders, both have made scouts look stupid in their assessments. Jeremiah Jackson isn't at that level....yet. But he definitely had the potential to be there. So we can dislike the wonky load all we want, but so far in his career, he's produced at a higher clip than almost all if his peers. I think until he gets into a situation where he has to change, I wouldn't change a thing.
  11. The performance is legit and matches the skill set. Smith should factor into the catching rotation for the next 2-3 years.
  12. Meaning we will all need extra coconut oil, French fries and several bags of ice. Don't ask for details.
  13. Second Base

    Why I’m Optimistic About this Team

    If you're the optimist, I'll take the view of the realist. This is an Angels team in transition. Lucroy, Allen, Harvey, Cahill, Calhoun, they're all here for 2019 only. If the Angels were a serious contender, 1/5 of their active roster would not be on a one year deal. Their only role is to keep the team competitive "just in case" and to play well enough to get traded at the deadline. The Angels are a .500 team. They aren't going to catch Houston, and for WC2, they would need to beat Boston and Cleveland. This is the year where the prospects get their feet wet in preparation for a run in 2020 and beyond. Guys like Rengifo, La Stella, Fletcher, Ward, Walsh, Thaiss, Canning and Suarez are auditioning for a spot next year. When the trade deadline comes, the Angels will trade any of the short-term players they can, and that includes La Stella and Skaggs, though I doubt Eppler trades either of them at the deadline. La Stella is necessary for 2020, and Skagfs can be dealt in the offseason for just as much as the trade deadline, plus it will give the Angels a chance to assess whether or not Suarez, Heaney and Pena pitch well enough to justify taking Skaggs. I expect Lucroy and Calhoun wil be traded, that's it. No one will want Harvey or Cahill. Allen already got DFA'd and the same fate awaits Harvey and Cahill. Lots of sunken costs here. The Angels will continue to play through spots of inspired ball mixed equally with incompetence and finish around 81 wins, a solid 9- ish wins short of the wild card. But in 2020, with Ohtani back in the rotation, as well as a full year of Canning and Suarez, in addition to whatever front of the rotation starter they trade for or sign, combined with Adell in RF and better production from 1B, the Angels wil win 90+.