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  1. Then again, that draft was insane. 1-1 SS Royce Lewis - (19) hit .292/.352 with 28 DB 14 HR and 28 SB between A Ball and high A. Definitely talent, but production tiled off considerably upon promotion. It's close but I think I'd still take Adell. 1-2 RHP Hunter Greene - (19) Injured. 1-3 LHP Mackenzie Gore - (19) Injured and ineffective in A Ball. Great stuff though. 1-4 1B/LHP Brendan McKay - (22) An American two-Way player. Hit .214 but with power and plate discipline. However, absolutely dominant showing on the mound. Probably will be a pitcher unless he learns to hit better. Maybe could be a power but off the bench as well as starting pitcher. Adell is way more valuable Still. 1-5 RHP Kyle Wright - (22) Already made his major league debut. Cruised through AA/AAA with little difficulty. Mod rotation starter. Solid pick if you need help immediately. 1-6 OF Austin Beck - (19) Hit .296 in A Ball with 2 HR and 8 SB. 1-7 OF Pavin Smith - (22) Hit .255 in high A. 1-8 OF Adam Haseley - (22) Hit .305 between high A and AA with 11 HR. (Both of those picks came out of Virginia, and suddenly Matt Thaiss' selection, under slot bonus, production and growth through the minors looks like an absolute steal comparatively. 1-9 2B Kenton Hiura - (21) Hit .293/.337 with 34 DB 13 HR 15 SB between high A and AA. The kid can hit, no doubt about that, but there are serious questions as to where he'll play defensively. A below average second baseman, doesn't figure to be more than a below average corner outfielder. 1-10 OF Jo Adell - (19) Hit .290/.355 with 32 DB 20 HR 15 SB and elite defense between A ball, high A and AA. I think any redraft puts Adell at either 1-1 or 1-2. Still early though. Nick Pratto looks very promising, as does Helios Ramos. Dipoto made the most Dipoto pick ever, grabbing a low upside collegiate performer, who is also the best prospect he has now.
  2. I would say this is what happens when you get to draft in the first ten picks but.....I still wonder how in the hell this kid made it to pick #10. Don't get me wrong, I'm as well versed in the story as anyone, but are just some things I have trouble understanding. Ok so Pujols, I get. Some kid at a location community college, sure, he goes in the 11th. That happens. And Trout even. A cold weather kid, never played against better competition, not heavily scouted. His athleticism propelled him into the first round but really, if not for the Angels and the Yanks, he might've gone much later. But Adell, built like that, speaks like that. Leads the nation in HR's as a senior. Plays for the top amateur team in the country with Evoshield and is their star player. Sure he had a rough junior year, but all the same. A kid with ALL of that going for him, scouts still convince themselves there are 9 better player skills to pick Lucky us.
  3. Second Base

    Bourjos Back!

    Speeder Bourjos....the new Eric Young Jr. I suppose. Quite frankly, if Kole Calhoun is still our RF, we'll need a better 4th OF than Peter. We'll need someone that not only fills the 4th OF role, but platoons with Calhoun because he's proven incapable of hitting LHP, no matter how Scioscia drew up the lineup. He'll probably spend the majority of the season in AAA. Also, Adell called, said he's keeping #25. Peter can wear #98, or wtharever they make other rookies wear.
  4. Second Base

    Marlins release new logo and uniform....again

    Pretty much everything about the franchise is dated, but not in a good way. The ball park is cookie cutter. There's very little that's specifically Southern California or Orange County about it. It's not a bad place to play baseball, ease of access, centralized location, great weather, and they've been here long enough that there some passionate history behind all of it. But the Angels need a ball park that reflects all of that, and they just don't. It'd be nice if they found somewhere to play for just a year or two so they an tear current Angel Stadium to the ground and build something the fans can be proud of. And if they are going to stick with renovating the same old thing that wasn't worthy of renovation in the first place, then it needs to be a very VERY extensive renovation. Everything, walls, concourses, exterior design, everything except the playing surface. And as for the logo, again, find a balance between the two. Their current jerseys look like they're straight out of 2002....because they are. That's back when JNCO jeans, frosted tips and N'Sync were awesome. That logo was never a classic or futuristic design and it was never meant to be something that stuck. It was an improvement over the periwinkle unis....but then again, EVERYTHING was an improvement there. The Angels need to design a logo and color scheme that fits the current era, works in the future and is a specific nod to the past. Reincorporate navy blue back into the color scheme, and while we won't go with the "CA" logo anymore because we decidedly aren't the California Angels anymore, We could still redesign the A or have an LA in it, I mean we've been the LA Angels for a decade now. If we want to the be known as LA, then put it in the logo, just not exactly like the Dodgers. As we've seen, the Mets and the Yankees do it differently, and so could we. I just think the Angels deserve better. If the Marlins can get a new ball park and new logos to try and reflect the current Miami vibe while respecting the culture there, so can the Angels.
  5. It's really not that bad, they just do it so frequently. I'm really glad they're tearing down that abomination in left center field. But they are paining the OF walls the same electric blue color as their logo, which should create for some technicolor level entertainment. I wish the Angels would redesign and return to their roots. The white unis look good but they could definitely use a rebrand.
  6. Ya The calmest Yankee fan in the world right now.
  7. It's insane, Mike Trout has had the most dominant seven year run in the modern era (clean run), and has only two MVP's to show for it. Every single year, folks looks for a reason not to vote for the best player. Personally, I think you put Trout in Boston's lineup and allow him to play his home games at Fenway and the vast majority of his season in the hitter friendly parks in the AL East, he probably hits .330 with 50 HR's and a .500 OBP. And likewise, if we put Betts in the Angels lineup, away from the AL East, he probably only hits .320 with 25 HR's. But this isn't an award about what would happen or even an award for who the better player is. It's simply who had the better year. Mookie Betts did. He had everything going for him that Trout didn't, but he still had a better year nonetheless.
  8. As I said, word around is that the Angels legitimately believe that Jahmai Jones will be their starting 2B sometime soon. Other GM's might be asking for him, but I don't think the Angels have any intentions of trading him. If anything, I think you're going to see Taylor Ward start playing a bit more 1B and LF/RF so that he can be a corner infielder and outfielder, you'll see Luis Rengifo start logging more and more starts at 3B so that they have an avenue to get him into the lineup, and you'll see David Fletcher this year used as a super-sub, which the Angels figure will be his permanent role. I think at some point, the Angels infield will consist of Matt Thaiss or Taylor Ward at 1B, Jahmai Jones, Andrelton Simmons at SS, Luis Rengifo at 3B and David Fletcher logging a healthy amount of starts at every spot other than 1B.
  9. Silver lining, if they wait until 2020, Adell will have a better chance at winning Rookie of the Year. Not only will he have improved beyond where he was a year earlier, but he won't be competing with Vlad Jr. I realize that's not how any team thinks, it's just fun to think about. If Adell won in 2020, that would mean the Angels would've won three of the last eight awards. Not bad for having no farm system for a solid three years.