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  1. Non-Angels source says Canning came out throw 96 and started the all night. Fastball velocity was extremely consistent, which can be construed a couple ways. Either he isn't mixing it up, or Nats hitters couldn't catch up with 95 all night. Given the results, I think it's the latter. Throwing BB's.
  2. If it were me, I'd see a lot of open spots on the 40 man. Cam Bedrosian, John Curtiss, Noe Ramirez, Chris Stratton, Zack Cozart, and soon enough Peter Bourjos. A couple of those spots will need to go to JC and Keynan, but other than that, there are definitely some places to trim some fat.
  3. I'll put it like this, if Griffin Canning pitched against the Angels and walked Mike Trout every AB, he would still fire six shutout innings against the big league team right now.
  4. Second Base

    Starters ERAs

    It's a good thing we'll have Griffin Canning and Shohei Ohtani back next year.
  5. I gave up watching the major league game after I saw the 6 game losing streak, rebuilding M's hang 5 runs on someone that shouldn't be a big league starter in Chris Stratton and instead turned to the AAA game. Rengifo squared that ball up and didn't drive it out by accident. Not sure how, but the sooner they promote him, the better for everyone.
  6. He's slower and less athletic in his actions, that's for sure. He didn't look great at 3B but at least he seemed familiar. He's more of a 1B. I'll be curious to see if Thaiss at 3B becomes more of an emergency thing or if it becomes another position he can handle. He looked fine in his actions.
  7. Second Base

    The Angels seem pretty bad

    Any word on what role Ramirez will be preparing for? I have to imagine relief.
  8. Thaiss looked comfortable over there, though he was not challenged much. I think he only had three balls hit to him. Fielded them all cleanly, quick enough release, good arm. But I think that's just natural athleticism. He'll need reps to become proficient I'm guessing. Rojas looked like a train wreck in LF.
  9. I watched much of the game as well. He wasn't challenged much, but Thaiss looked fine at 3B. I thought it was just me, but I observed the same things about Rojas. He looked very uncomfortable and slow. Also, Carter Kieboom is a stud. That kid is going to be star very soon.
  10. My phone used to correct Ohtani to octane.
  11. It had been discussed a couple years ago moving him to 3B, but nothing ever came of it.
  12. I'd just like clear up that I was really being sarcastic. I'm not worried about any prospects on April the seventeenth. I tried to make it clear by calling him Bobby Baldoquin, claiming Dipoto has been vindicated and including a gif of the extremely attractive girl from parks and rec giving you a faked "wow". Something must have been lost in translation.
  13. Starting pitching has perpetually been a problem for a few years, but I'm thinking it's going to get better in the future. Eppler clearly isn't stupid, he understands what is going on. If he has not found something that works, he will trade for it or sign it in free agency, if it's available. Recent extensions have weakened free agency. But next year, we will have Ohtani and that's an ace anyway you look at it. Then you add in Canning that might end up playing toward the front of a rotation, if not, dynamic at the back of the rotation. Then you have Suarez, who can play up as a left handed, better version of Barria and be a mid rotation starter, or he can play out of the bullpen. Either way, he's a major leaguer. But the wild card here is Pat Sandoval in my opinion. I'd compare him to Lucchesi, with some obvious differences. But that can play up in the middle or back, or not at all. Then you have to look away long term possibilities. Chris Rodriguez had shown some promise early on. He could jump up and be ready next year. If things break right, later on next year you could have Ohtani, Canning, Sandoval and Rodriguez all pitching in the middle or front of a rotation. That would require some unforeseen luck, but after seeing the injuries the Angels endured, I think pretty much anything is possible. But a more likely scenario is that Ohtani and Canning give the rotation the upside it needs, they sign a free agent like Trevor Bauer, and with Skaggs and Heaney rounding out the rotation, in order to prevent injuries, they will shift to a 6 man rotation to get Barria in. Beyond that, because of the injury history, we will see guys like Pena and Suarez in the bullpen and Sandoval and Rodriguez in AA/AAA. I still think hitting presents the greatest long term issue facing this team. Until Albert retires, he's in the lineup, which means you have to work around a black hole in a spot that should be your most productive. Second base and third base are an obvious problem, and while we have options that could fix it, nothing looks set long term. This team needs Rengifo to work out as the starting 2B and leadoff hitter, otherwise no one will consistently get on base in front of Trout. They also need Adell or Marsh to work out in RF because that is the long term future of this offense. They also need a 3B and Ward/Rojas aren't earning glowing remarks from most scouts. They'll also need to find a decent part time 1B when Albert is at DH, so it would be a huge boost if Waldh or Thaisd work out. A lot had to go right for that offense to keep pace with elite units.
  14. We got 99 problems but a pitch ain't one.