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    I'd like to see you elaborate on this with a trade of Simmons for a combo of pitching/prospects and the insertion of Fletcher/Rengifo to cover SS. It would open up $ for FA as well (late-tier innings eater, established vet MIF, bullpen, etc.).
  2. Wisconsin27

    The Non-SP 2019-2020 Free Agent Class

    I debated posting the same thing and agree that McHugh is the top target after Cole. You have to get the best players/fit you can regardless of what team they are on, but boy, does it help if they are on the ones you are chasing.
  3. Wisconsin27

    The Non-SP 2019-2020 Free Agent Class

    Good post. I honestly think Eppler is going to need to find a trade partner for mid-rotation pitching using some of the young, cost-controlled IF prospect capital we currently have. I don't think Cole's signing impacts this need one way or the other. If this happens and we lose some combination of those players, I can see where an established available veteran on a reasonable contract could come into play. Otherwise, I don't see the value in using the available dollars we have on a large-price IF'er. We need pitching. No need for anything significant in the OF. I suspect they like where they are at with C. Smith is serviceable and I have to believe Sassi is better defensively than we've seen and they feel they can work with his bat. So the larger, initial point (if we miss out on elite SP's, what about a paradigm shift to establishing a really strong pen ala Milwaukee), I love it. If we miss on Cole and Ryu and are unable to trade for a 1-2 SP, then I would be all for exploring the idea of building a really nasty pen. As weird as it may sound, I really like the core we have. Buttrey, Robles, Key, etc. Hell, even Bedrock (this board's modern-day version of Mathis) is solid when used appropriately (I realize I lost a few of you there!). If we could pull a couple of multiple-inning arms from the list you included and were willing to move our guys with options up and down like we do with our starters, I can envision a formula that could work. Though I do think it would go against Eppler's nature (i.e. spending on relievers).
  4. Wisconsin27


    Boy, a rough couple of days at work haven't allowed me to get back in on the conversation (though I admit I did go fishing right after work last night!). First, I certainly meant no slight to the many regulars here that I didn't name in my original post. My goodness, read this site daily for a few years and you get to feel like you actually know most of the guys on here! And I will add, when you don't post and just take it in as fans of the same team debating with each other, it's not personal at all. So cheers to all of you guys. And seriously, it's my favorite source and there is a ton of knowledgeable folks here, so much appreciated. Second, I didn't articulate the "Cole or bust" comment as I intended. I was really thinking more along the lines of how Eppler is going to address the offseason (and less so on the idea of whether the Angels get him does or doesn't mean a successful '20). In other words, if you were in Eppler's shoes (i.e. clock ticking despite doing many things wonderfully well), what approach would you take? Wait as long as Boras decides the game will be played or put your best offer out there and walk if it's not accepted? There are so many awesome points made in this post already that I wish I could bundle them into something that makes sense. We know Arte's history of making an offer and moving on if it's not accepted or swooping in at the last minute unexpectedly. I can't recall many significant signings in-between where we waited a long time along with 2 or 3 other finalists and won the race. Unfortunately, that runs counter to Boras' approach. Rarely does he ever take the "first, best offer" and he often overplays the market. Of course, this always comes with the now-traditional hoopla.....his media cronies post demands, fake teams being interested, "mystery teams" involved to drum up anxiety and interest, etc.. If you are Eppler, how long do you give him knowing the pressures you face (contract, Mike approaching his 30's, the need to be competitive in '20, the little availability after Cole, the need for more time for young talent to develop and the expiration of AP's contract, etc., etc.)? I have a ton of respect for Eppler, but outside of Cole agreeing early to a "first, best offer," I don't envy the position he is in at all (not that I wouldn't LOVE to take a crack at it!). Thanks to those who have replied. Glad we are able to have some good discussion at an otherwise tough time. Mike
  5. Wisconsin27


    Thanks, TP. But honestly, thanks for all you add. I don't feel like I add a ton to the discussion, so I have always treated the site as my news source (or comic relief in the case of TDawg!). I hope you are correct. That said, I can understand why your last paragraph puts Eppler in a tough spot; It may be a case of what's best for the team doesn't jive with him getting another contract. That would be tough on anybody.
  6. Wisconsin27


    Hi, I have been reading this board multiple times daily for years. I really want to express thanks to the many long-time contributors; particlary Doc, Second, TPod, and the many more who offer the routine contributions on the state of the farm; I have no other trusted source. I have chose to write for the first time in many years because I quite simply don't understand the "Cole or nothing" mantra that appears to have become etched in stone. Let me start by saying that I agree that if we were to draw it up, Cole is at the top of the list. The reasons have been discussed ad nauseum. And I agree with most we need a 3/4 innings eater "in addition to Cole." All of that said, I suggest we pump the brakes. I get the whole "local connection," White, Sassi, etc. But lest we need to be reminded he is a Boras Client. If we know anything about Boras, we know he's going to holdout until very late in the process and likely take the largest offer regardless of location. This leave Eppler, who I admire but also understand currently has one year to prove himself, in a very difficult spot. Does he "plan" on acquiring Cole and proceed by adding that 3/4 starter, only to potentially be left out of the other top players available via FA or trade? Or does he make a "best offer" and proceed with a secondary plan unwilling to wait around? As a Laker fan and recently impacted by the KL debacle, I can fully understand why he would move on despite my desire to roll-the-dice and put us in contention in the most obvious way possible. Am I wrong for feeling it's not a "Cole or bust" offseason? Are people truly of the mindset our '20 season rests largely on attaining Cole? Mike