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  1. This is an old school Angels BP meltdown.
  2. Hi my name is Justin Anderson and welcome to Jackass
  3. I also want to point out that 5 of my top 10 are black guys. Anyone who disagrees is racist.
  4. Updated sick prospect top 10: Adell Marsh Canning Jones Thaiss Suarez Adams Rengifo Jackson Knowles Moved Rengifo up because he's killed it at every level and is just 21. I think that's a good list. Sandoval and Ward are interchangeable at 11/12.
  5. tdawg87

    Ty Buttrey promoted

    If he beans a batter a guy with the word "Butt" in his name is not escaping a fart joke.
  6. Ok nm Sandoval is not a top 10. Rengifo goes there. Sandoval is 11. Ward is 12. Our system doesn't suck anymore.
  7. I think Sandoval is now a top 10 prospect. In fact: Adell Marsh Canning Jones Thaiss Suarez Adams Jackson Knowles Sandoval Sick top 10'z.
  8. tdawg87

    Ty Buttrey promoted

    If only Richards didn't vagina out.
  9. tdawg87

    Ty Buttrey promoted

    1 hit and 6 K's in 5 IP. Jerez has looked fantastic.
  10. tdawg87

    Ty Buttrey promoted

    I'm drunk btw
  11. tdawg87

    Ty Buttrey promoted

    Buttry males
  12. tdawg87

    Ty Buttrey promoted

    So begins the era of the butt.