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  1. Best Bill Murray movie

    Surprised there hasn't been more love for Meatballs. The perfect summer camp satire movie
  2. Under RottenTomatoes, the Tomatometer is at 93% and Audience rating is at 56%.
  3. Southern California Firestorms

    And people think there isn't climate change? This (no rain from October into January) has NEVER, EEEVER happened in SoCal in the 140 years that records have been kept! Things that will happen before rain next falls in SoCal (NOT JUST A FREAKING TRACE): Sabres win SC. Browns win SB. Padres win WS. Rodney can shoot an arrow through that stupid F'd up massive High Pressure ridge!!!!
  4. A Burbank theater apparently saw the sound go out for 10 minutes during last night's midnight showing.
  5. The Official 2017 MLB Winter Meetings thread

    CC, come on down!
  6. Jerry Dipoto

    Uhh Diputrid, I hear it's not so bad fighting the A'th to avoid the AL West cellar?
  7. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    Or Valbuena could be dealt, since Cowart is a very good 3B to back up Cozart with (and confusing fun with the similar names). Cron's improved defense and sock can still be important.
  8. Third base plan

    If Borass is waited out, and a contract becomes say 4 years/$60 million, then yes you are correct.
  9. Third base plan

    Agreed there, ideally, Valbuena would get tops about 100 starts mainly at 1B and a little DHing (and only against RHP). Now, if they could find a LHH who plays a solid enough 3B and hits well enough, they could deal Valbuena and keep Cron and his improving defense. If no other LHH's are acquired, then that still only leaves Calhoun, Valbuena, and Ohtani. Valbuena needs to be kept then, otherwise there is a dearth of LHH's in the lineup as Ohtani would likely only DH some 60-70 times.
  10. Pujols has been terrible

    That's in another couple of years, when it's easier to Bonilla his remaining salary over several years.
  11. Third base plan

    It could, although obviously not etched in stone, as Shohei may only DH some 60-70 games, which leaves some 250-260 games for Pujols and Valbuena. Valbuena is not very good defensively at 3B, granted Simba's ridiculous range makes range less important at 3B. Need a reliable glove and arm at 3B, and not another Noscobar or Valbuena butchering it.
  12. What is the latest on Watson? First he's coming here, then nothing?
  13. Pujols has been terrible

    MAGA (Make Albert Great Again)
  14. Third base plan

    Do the Halos gamble on Valbuena having a resurgence similar to his post-ASB numbers in 2017, and thus move him into the 1B/DH platoon along with some 3B backup and then trade Cron for say a solid enough late innings reliever? That then only leaves 3B to truly solve for 2018 and hopefully also after that.
  15. WTF is with this bleeping weather?

    Just as long as these stupid winds get out of here soon!