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  1. Why does he get away from using RF so much? What makes him still so pull happy? Stubbornness? Failure to understand his current limitations?
  2. Dodgers get Granderson for Cash and PTBNL

    One word: Carpetbaggers Brooklyn loved them. Those are the Dodgers I recognize. These guys are the Dogs, Doyyers, Latriners, et al.
  3. Andrew Heaney will pitch tonight (+ other injured)

    Just sit him the rest of the year and let him slowly build the shoulder back up. Nothing else is going to work. Halos aren't going anywhere with this mess of a pitching staff.
  4. Wish I could give more than one like to this.
  5. Scoreboard Watching

    Kind of hard to continue to win when all of your pitchers get hurt.
  6. Pujols has been terrible

    He makes me want to create a dart board with Arte's face on it.
  7. To quit sniffing glue
  8. I'd settle for this org developing ONE real starting pitcher, much less four of them! This org became a joke at developing pitchers!
  9. Too bad the Halos never have a good lefty reliever!!!!!!!
  10. Why is Marte STILL here? THis is a mess for 2018!!!! Incoming finish like 2001 (9-29 finish then)!
  11. His body is one of a wimp. Constantly on the DL!!
  12. RETIRE GHOST PUJOLS!!!!!!! RETIRE!!!!!!!
  13. DUMP MARTE!!!!!!! Can't even spell his first name right!!!!!!! Too bsd this team can't do 9th inning rallies themselves!!!!!!!
  14. Andrew Heaney will pitch tonight (+ other injured)

    Is Meyer always going to have shoulder troubles?