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  1. Angel Oracle

    Baseball Photo Trivia

    Building on that, this guy debuted as a MLB pitcher at age 19 for the Halos in 1962, making one start. He then went back to the minors and toiled there until being called up briefly by the Dogs seven years later in 1969, making 3 pitching appearances. He went back to the minors, and eventually converted to the OF. He was called up as an OF for good in 1971 by the Dogs and had three full solid hitting seasons from 1972-74 for the Twins.
  2. It was one game for Bourjos, after a bunch of 0 fers.
  3. Angel Oracle

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    And WTH is going on with Chris Sale?
  4. Angel Oracle

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    So many solid pitchers having health issues, I sure hope that going forward, the youth teams don't run their pitchers into the ground. It's time to go back to how pitchers were brought along more slowly. NO breaking pitches or splitters until at least becoming a teen (preferably HS years), and NO year round pitching!
  5. Good to hear that Suarez is sitting on 91-93mph, and that his breaking pitch, changeup, and command are plusses By June 1, potential starters are Heaney, Skaggs, Suarez, Cahill, Canning, and Harvey? With Barria, Pena, and MAYBE Stratton for depth?
  6. Angel Oracle

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    Back in the lineup by first week of May?
  7. Ryan and Tanana were 1A and 1B from 1975-1978. Tanana made three All-Star games in that timeframe.
  8. And hope yacht fuel declines in cost to .50/gallon.
  9. Wouldn't it be retroactive back to the season opening day, meaning until May 27? Sounds like he will be out until at least June 1 anyway?
  10. Angel Oracle

    The extended Kole Calhoun experiment

    He needs to get a lot better defensively to handle the 3B portion.
  11. Angel Oracle

    The extended Kole Calhoun experiment

    True, except defensively Brantley >>>>>> Goodwin. But, I'm fine with not offering 3 years to Brantley.
  12. I'm higher now on Walsh anyway. Or even move Upton to 1B/DH a year or so from now, when Trout, Adell, and Marsh could well be patrolling the OF and Upton will be 33. By sometime in 2020, could even effectively rotate Ohtani, Upton, and Walsh through the 324 starts total between 1B and DH. 90-100 DH starts for Ohtani, 140-150 1B/DH starts for Upton, and 84 1B/DH starts for Walsh
  13. That's what I was generally thinking too. Bigtime Pass. If Bauer is a FA after 2020, then only if needed, revisit signing him.
  14. Depends on how much in prospect capital it would take. He isn't a FA until after 2020, and is only 28. Would be 30 in first season under a new contract in 2021 and beyond. He is picking up where he left off a year ago, when after 4 decent seasons, he finally put it all together. He would probably be cheaper money wise than Cole long term, and is also a local guy.