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  1. I was thinking the ultimate noodle arm, Johnny Damon. But, yeah
  2. Matt Thaiss in the AFL

    Isn't age 32 a bit young for even a minor league manager?
  3. Matt Thaiss in the AFL

    +1, although Thaiss likely needs another half a year to a year to get ready. Cron is All-Star when in a groove. Cron is also Jeffy Mathis when he isn't. Too wide of a variance!
  4. Finally - a new ballpark in Las Vegas

    Isn't Cashman Field like a gazillion years old?
  5. It's Official

    The least that Theo and Jed can do is to supply Joe with some REAL relief pitching to back up Wade Davis. Then again, the Indians had one of the deepest pens around, and look where they are now.
  6. Wanted: Angels hitting coach

    I'd rather hire Randy Orton, his stare alone will motivate Halos hitters to new heights.
  7. World's Shortest Books

    How to hold press conferences, and how to tweet, with POTUS Donald Trump
  8. That's my concern, going from a 70 arm to 30 arm in just a year plus?
  9. Arizona Cardinals

    Nando's team and mine collide in London on Sunday. Gurley, a rejuvenated special teams unit, and a recently slumping Goff vs a strong secondary, the game should be to quote Jim Harrick "a ball burner".
  10. World's Shortest Books

    Back on thread subject: How to hit against Justin every post-season team facing him since 2011.
  11. Weird that Utah went for two with OT approaching, most coaches would take the extra point and give OT a shot.
  12. California Golden Bears Football

    Nice Big West basketball facility though, can seat about 7,000 to 8,000 when upper section is used.
  13. California Golden Bears Football

    San Diego State's unbeaten season dream ended, thanks to Boise State. Not a shocker of course, just wanted to see if SDSU could run the table.
  14. California Golden Bears Football

    I always like the circled C helmets from the 1970s. I'm still trying to wrap my head around Cal 37, top 10 Wazzu 3. Most shocking PAC-12 score in a while? I hate the SEC, but it's starting to look like Alabumble vs Georgia for all the marbles?
  15. The official 2017-18 LA Kings thread

    Sometimes, a coaching change at the right time lights a fire. Sutter/Lombardi will always be held in total regard for bringing two SC's here. But their time was likely up.