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  1. Like Chuck said, judging by Suarez' and Canning's stats, it doesn't seem to do much good. Too many balls still find holes in the big OF area. Baseball was not meant to be played a mile above sea level. Fences at normal distance = HRs left and right. Fences moved well back = hits left and right.
  2. Angel Oracle

    The next big Sensation....

    The oddest thing about this, and this does seem to be accurate, is that Japanese pitchers usually have their innings controlled, correct? Ohtani never pitched that many innings in Japan. Tanaka and Darvish never were really pushed beyond normal limits there.
  3. Angel Oracle

    How about all-in on Corbin?

    I went down like a jobber would after a Constable Corbin Deep Six.
  4. Angel Oracle

    Please stop!

    I still have my red Vlad top, and proudly wore it to Cooperstown.
  5. Angel Oracle

    The next big Sensation....

    Can always use more pitching, depending on the money involved and his ability.
  6. Angel Oracle

    Any word on Trout?

    August 21 was going to be my guess. That's a week since he first went back home, and bereavement leave is generally a week in the work place. Especially given how young his brother-in-law was, has to be a total shock to family members.
  7. Angel Oracle


    The only Madness Oh yeah!!!!!!
  8. Angel Oracle

    Worst possible debut for Ward

    Appier was pretty solid in 2002 (3.92 ERA in 188 innings). Beyond that? I agree.
  9. Angel Oracle

    Will the pitching health EVER stabilize???

    I get that pitching injuries are on the upswing. But it seems now that the Halos have gone to the head of the class with number of lengthy pitching DL stints these past few years.
  10. Angel Oracle

    How about all-in on Corbin?

    The Skanks could be hurting for pitching. Lynn, Happ, and Sabathia are all FAs getting up there in years. Gray is a flop. That leaves truly just Severino and a declining Tanaka. With only Ellsbury being a bad contract, I can see them throwing big money at Corbin. Plus New Skankee Stadium is a blessing for LHPs with the deep LF/LCF area.
  11. Angel Oracle

    How about all-in on Corbin?

    I think I'm missing the punch line here, getting old. Anyway, he's a lefty who's been durable aside from the one TJS, and on pace for 200 innings this season after 189 innings in 2017. He's also doesn't turn 30 until next July. His command has blossomed this season, 1.03 WHIP so far. He's also K'ing more batters than ever, 190/37 Ks/BBs (5/1 ratio). Intriguing background lends to his maybe pitching into his late 30s. He didn't pitch until his junior year in HS, and thus there is NOT a ton of wear and tear on his arm. The money is the one concern, given the lack of healthy and very solid starting pitchers. It would give the Halos THREE LHP starters. Is that a concern, going forward?
  12. Angel Oracle

    Trabuco Canyon Fire

    Thanks, there's still college athletics entertainment there, Portland is closer to it than to Eugene, and the weather is the same as Eugene albeit maybe a little cooler in the summertime.
  13. Angel Oracle

    Kole Calhoun - Historic 1st/2nd Half Split?

    Update: .703 OPS!!!! Incredible, a jump for the ages from .374 to .703 in less than 2 months
  14. Angel Oracle


    It was Ryan for me, until Vlad arrived.
  15. Angel Oracle

    Despair to make debut with Angels

    I liked it better as Despair.