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  1. Gr8halosfan

    I'm looking for 1 of those Angela Ducks Hat

    That's more expensive than the old craigslist ads I saw. I'll keep digging the Internet but thanks That's always a last resort.
  2. My baby was born the 21st so I couldn't go to the Angels Ducks night. I want to get the hat for my wife. Thanks
  3. Gr8halosfan

    Jack Clark: Pujols was a 'roider

    And now Jack Clark has been fired by the radio station
  4. Gr8halosfan

    Kobe and Howard pick their LA MLB team

    It's well known that Kobe's wife is the Angels fan. Thats why he goes. It's obvious he really doesn't care much for baseball but he has said he is a Yankees fan. It's obvious he isn't a fan, a fan actually cares.