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  1. azmancini

    Angels in on Moose

    Used car salesman
  2. azmancini

    lol A's (Kyler Murray)

    Exaggerated size...see Taylor Ward
  3. azmancini

    No more "Disabled List"

    Nice, posting something for me asshole. This is screen shot and reported. And you’re a Moderator? Not for long. Posting in someone’s name is over the top.
  4. azmancini

    No more "Disabled List"

    I agree, not sure why they elected her.
  5. azmancini

    No more "Disabled List"

    Go find a safe space in Venezuela comrade!
  6. azmancini

    No more "Disabled List"

    God forbid 3 K’s in a row written in the scorecard or posted on signs in the stadium.
  7. azmancini

    No more "Disabled List"

    Ok then, Alexandria Obstructed-Cortex!
  8. azmancini

    Well... Pecota doesnt like us at all...

    Please, spare me Pecota! They have only one Pitcher forecasted for a sub 4 ERA and that is 3.71. Give me a break. Even with the concerns with this staff, that level of shitting the bed is stretching it. Also, no way in hell that Barria pitches to a 7-7 5+era. This kid with a ton of guts just does not get any love. Heaney at 4.77? Give me a break. I don’t even see Harvey anywhere near close to a mid 4 era..To much on the line for him. Skaggs is a hard call because he’s such a pussy. Cahill is hard to call as well as he could be blastoff Blanton or 2002 Appier. Cody Allen will not get to 32 saves if he’s sporting a mid 4 era. I don’t see him crapping the bed 2 years in a row. On the flip side, I think they were actually nice to Cam and Noe. Those dudes are AAAA mental midgets and nothing more.
  9. Looks like it was a foul ball by Franmil Reyes. I just watched it on MLBtv and as expected on a foul back, it was no straight line drive. It was an arching foul back like most. Believe me, I truly feel for this poor lady and her whole family, but that type of foul is not generally deadly unless your not paying attention and it hits you just right while you have an existing condition in some cases. Being elderly didn’t help either of course. I just don’t want to see the safety warriors scream for the whole ballpark to be closed in with a damn net because of these type of incidents. MLB has done a good job enclosing the true “hot zones” and that seat was no way in a hot zone. It’s called bad luck unfortunately. RIP also feel bad for that kid Reyes.
  10. And 106 in Loge is in back of home plate. I thought she was sitting down the line. 106 means it was a foul back which generally is not a sharp screaming line drive. A foul like that should not kill someone unless it hits you just right not paying attention. RIP poor women and family.
  11. azmancini

    Dallas Keuchel

    Do you have proof of that we’ll known fact?
  12. azmancini

    Jim Callis: Is Vlad Jr. the best prospect ever?

    Thought you said Chicks! I was going to agree 1000%!
  13. azmancini

    Three new REACTIONS at

    Here is one for the Boner. For those of you who don’t know who this is....'s_Boner