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  1. azmancini

    Angels scouting Kim Kwang-hyun

    Translated... Incheon = Sports Chosun Park Sang-kyung reporter] Incheon SK Happy Dream Stadium on the 20th. On this day, a crowd of foreigners with speed guns were seated at the top of the stands behind the home plate. It was a major league scout who gathered to watch the pitching of SK Wyverns Ace Kim Kwang-hyun, who was announced as a starting pitcher for the Lotte Giants. Six major league club scouts from the Chicago Cubs, the New York Mets, the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Los Angeles Angels, the Detroit Tigers, and the Kansas City Royals. Their steps are now unfamiliar. Last year, Kim Kwang-hyun has been reviving since joining the starting rotation after rehabilitation. Kim Kwang-hyun, who was announced during the Incheon Samsung Lions exhibition on the 14th, took a rest due to the cancellation of rain, and did not take his eyes off the pitch all the time while Kim Kwang-hyun defended the mound Kim Kwang-hyun's pitch was not good at the start of the game. After two rounds in the first round, he allowed Jeon Jun-woo to hit the ball. Lee Dae-ho paused his pitch while hitting his right hand with a glove on his bat. Jacob Wilson's game was unsettled, as he sat down in front of the mound and threw out his sighs. But Kim Kwang-hyun broke through the crisis himself. Kim Kwang-hyun, who overcame the goal by dealing with Min Byung-hun, was beaten two times with two strikeouts. In the 3rd time, he showed excellent crisis management ability by inducing the player to hit the Lotte 4th hitter Lee Dae-ho in the first and second base. The number of pitches, which was 27 at the first time, was greatly reduced from the second time to mid-10. Six innings, three hits, two walks and seven strikeouts. At 152km of maximum restraint, he successfully showed his weapons such as sliders, two seams, and curves, and succeeded in winning 15 seasons. Kim Kwang-hyun must play two more seasons at SK to qualify for FA. Even if they want to enter the major leagues, the situation cannot be achieved immediately. Even so, the major league teams' interest is growing day by day. After the 2013 season, SK's 'specials' must be a prerequisite, like Samsung Lions, who helped Oh Seung-hwan enter the overseas market through a 'big win'. In the baseball world, if the various conditions such as SK's second consecutive series in Korea, personal scores, and the conditions suggested by major league teams are posted, the 'Kim Kwang-hyun's overseas expansion' formula will be established
  2. azmancini

    Gameday Thread: 8/15 White Sox @ Angels

    With Upton doing his job over the course of the year with RISP the Angels win more games. He stinks.
  3. azmancini

    Gameday Thread: 8/15 White Sox @ Angels

    He still sucks
  4. Got to agree with you there.
  5. Great job Ohtani! Hey Strad....Melvin sucks!
  6. Go find a safe space.
  7. Of course he does, because September is the last month before his winter vacation and he is relaxed and happy that work that he doesn’t want to do anymore is almost over and he could commence spending his millions.
  8. I think he needs to see a lot of couch time!
  9. azmancini

    Eppler Polls

    May you become allergic to Latex
  10. azmancini

    David Fletcher

    So why would a rare slump elicit a discussion about a potential utility role. I think the dude has earned more respect.
  11. azmancini

    Eppler Polls

    Don’t send it to some street in the bronx this time.