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  1. Yes, then we could have two Skaggs quality pitchers!
  2. azmancini

    Your most unpopular Angels take?

    Smug much burger boy?
  3. azmancini

    Angels draft Jack Kochanowicz at 92

  4. azmancini

    This Date in Angels History

    I was there
  5. Of course, who needs to vent when their winning. Too busy enjoying the success to vent. Accept it.
  6. Speaking of tossed salad, that eunuch behind home plate needs to mix one in its diet
  7. Actually, he doesn’t physically look right as face has been bloated and looks pale over the past few weeks.
  8. Looks like the other partner of the deliverance duo is coming in to strain his neck
  9. Should have had the c#nt bunt there? But but, Cozart wasn’t at the plate..
  10. azmancini

    Andrew Heaney’s offering alter

    Wouldn’t mind trying the last one