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  1. Taylor

    WT Serious F Manfred?

    Dangit, IP.
  2. Taylor

    WT Serious F Manfred?

  3. Taylor

    WT Serious F Manfred?

    If I were to run for MLB Commish, I'd probably choose @ANAHEIMBOB as my runningmate.
  4. Taylor

    WT Serious F Manfred?

    What a stupid, passive-agressive thing for the commissioner to say. Instead of being classy, he got defensive and threw Trout under the bus. What a tool. He should have just said something like, "Mike Trout is a generational player, and we're so lucky to have him. I have no doubt that his popularity and legacy will continue to soar throughout his career."
  5. I like how all the comps for Rengifo are other Latino dudes.
  6. Arenado might be a tad overrated. I Split G GS PA AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SB CS BB SO BA OBP SLG OPS TB GDP HBP SH SF IBB ROE BAbip tOPS+ Home 404 399 1720 1562 289 500 111 19 99 354 6 5 134 234 .320 .373 .606 .979 946 54 7 0 16 20 12 .322 120 Away 406 401 1697 1539 194 407 94 6 72 220 7 7 127 287 .264 .320 .474 .794 729 39 8 4 19 18 14 .279 80 It looks like he greatly benefits from playing in Denver. A .794 OPS is still decent for a 3B, but we'd likely be paying .900 OPS money for him.
  7. Not going to lie. I'm not excited about Rengifo if he's just going to be Maicer Izturis without the eyebrows.
  8. A few questions about this ... I see this a lot, where a stud minor league pitcher is projected to be a #2 or #3. How often are minor leaguers projected to be #1s (or "aces")? Is there something about a pitcher's stuff that makes a scout think, "He'll pitch pretty well, but occasionally get blown out, so he won't be an ace" versus, "This guy's stuff is legendary and he'll be a #1 fo sho." Was Ohtani projected to be a #1? Lastly, what are the descriptions of a #1 vs. a #2 vs. a #3 vs. a "very good" #3? Is it based on stats? (i.e., a #1 pitcher has an ERA lower than 3.00 and a K/9 of 9 or above).
  9. And he has a dog named Marine Layer.
  10. The Dodgers didn't look much better than the Angels during their 6 games this season. Actually, the two teams looked pretty even. I think the Dodgers have lost much of the mojo they had last season.
  11. Last year, the Dodgers were far-and-away better than the Angels. This year, I'd say the Dodgers are slightly better than the Angels.
  12. Taylor

    All Star Gameday Thread 07/17

    Meh, I likely won't tune in.
  13. Taylor

    Trout's last 29 games

    Trout sucks. I fear that his best seasons may be behind him.