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  1. Nice, my second like from tdawg in two weeks! On another note, Brad Ausmus is going to be a sexy old guy.
  2. Taylor

    Kole Calhoun trade value

    They're not going to trade an ace-caliber starter for a guy who's hitting .230 and is a free agent after the season. Perhaps Calhoun could be included in the deal, but it would take a lot more than just him.
  3. Taylor

    Kole Calhoun trade value

    There's about a 0.00000000% chance the Indians make that trade.
  4. I used to hate cats. Now I love them.
  5. They're normally a 1/10. Well-done makes them 5/10.
  6. Taylor

    Kole Calhoun trade value

    2 PTBNL and 1 Cash Considerations Alternatively, 3.5 Rondons.
  7. Does his neighbor work in the textile industry?
  8. Well-done INO fries make them about five times better, in my opinion.
  9. Taylor

    Shame that we aren't Astros fans

    Broken images are also acceptable in Texas.
  10. Taylor

    Thoughts on Thaiss?

    He's the Derek Jeter of the 80s.
  11. Taylor

    Shame that we aren't Astros fans

    That's the only way you can get away with wearing bright, flamboyant colors in Texas.
  12. I wonder if st1ck got the job.