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  1. Taylor

    I'll get right on that

    Cals had a good one about a guy in a blue Dodgers hat.
  2. We saw The Peanut Butter Falcon the other day. It's a fantastic movie. Kind of like a modern-day Mark Twain story. Well, not totally modern-day, but you get the point.
  3. Taylor

    Religion and Politics

    I can see why my post came off that way. That's not what I meant, though. Christians speaking out about gay marriage but ignoring poverty, systemic racism, modern-day slavery, etc. is an example of being so hyper-focused on one issue while ignoring other important societal issues. I'm not saying every Christian has to get fired-up about every issue. But which of the following issues are Christians most known for? Poverty Abortion Human trafficking Gay marriage Racism Domestic abuse Caring for the marginalized
  4. Taylor


    YV and MAGA are excited for war with Saudi Arabia.
  5. Taylor


    I'm 20 percent across the board. Even if the waiter skus, perhaps they're just having a bad day and/or have been dealing with morons for the past six hours. If it's a really awesome waiter, I tip 25 percent. I always tip $1 for takeout food. I used to be cheaper than this. But my wife is super generous and inspired me to up my tip game.
  6. Taylor

    Religion and Politics

    When I say "corporate sin," I mean collective, societal sin, not corporations.
  7. Taylor

    Religion and Politics

    If you fail to address the existence of corporate or institutional sin, you'll just wallow in self-righteousness and alienate people, brush over systemic evil, and stand idly by while horrible things are happening in society. Just look at the Christian church in Germany during the rise of Hitler. Or Christians today shouting about gay marriage and the Supreme Court while human trafficking exists. Personal holiness is important, but it's just self-righteousness if it never compels you to help shape a better world. Faith without works is dead.
  8. Taylor

    Religion and Politics

    There's danger is only discussing social justice and institutional sin in church. There's also danger in only discussing personal righteousness and personal sin in church. There needs to be balance.
  9. Taylor

    2020 Democratic Field

    Reminds me of when the Virginia governor said that 93 million Americans die every day from gun violence.
  10. Taylor


    You aren't the hero we deserve, but the hero we need.
  11. Taylor

    Religion and Politics

    And his son (Jerry Jr., not Jonathan) is even worse.
  12. Taylor

    Religion and Politics

    While this is true, there is also a historical and cultural reason for this that I can't possibly understand. I can scrutinize and critique white evangelicals, since I am one.
  13. Taylor

    Religion and Politics

    To be fair, I've encountered far more people who think Jesus aligns with Republican values than people who call Jesus a socialist.