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  1. Taylor

    The Caravan(s)

    Does the legitimacy of a situation depend on whether or not people complain about it?
  2. Ugh. Our country deserves a second term of Trump if the Dems choose Hillary again.
  3. Taylor

    The Caravan(s)

    I agree that them being pointlessly deployed at the border is preferable to them being pointlessly deployed overseas. It's unfortunate that those are the only two possible scenarios for US soldiers.
  4. Hopefully he has more than a shot. It shouldn't even be close.
  5. Taylor


    Did @Don ever get that Joe Mauer tattoo?
  6. Taylor

    I hope the Angels go after Donaldson

    If the Angels sign him, he'll hit .200 with 15 HR. If some other team signs him, he'll be top 5 MVP.
  7. Taylor

    The Caravan(s)

    Is there anyone here who thinks the soldiers being deployed was anything other than political theater to rally the base for midterms?
  8. Taylor


    Trump wishes he was hero and deserve.
  9. I'd be happy to look at any evidence you have of widespread voter fraud.
  10. Taylor

    The Caravan(s)

    Trump has been quieter about the caravan since the midterms than Christine Ford has been about Kavanaugh since his nomination.
  11. https://www.newsweek.com/matthew-whitaker-jews-muslim-judges-attorney-general-1210003 The headline is a bit disingenuous, but the quote seems real.
  12. He also said that he would block the nomination of any judges who aren't Christian. He sounds like a great Christian.
  13. Taylor

    California Burning...again

    Sorry to hear that, Nate. That's awful.
  14. That's only 1/15th as scandalous as the amount of hush money Donald paid to his mistresses.