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  1. Taylor

    Taking a NYC/DC trip in May

    Our Ellis Island tour will be done around 4 PM. So perhaps we'll stick around the area for a bit, grab dinner, and then hit up the Staten Island Ferry for the sunset views.
  2. Why would the Clintons still be killing people?
  3. Why does it matter?
  4. The irony...it burns!
  5. I think Trump just tweeted about Terry Collins still being the Angels manager.
  6. Could it be Deniz? I guess we won't know until he Tweets about bringing in old cups to get free sodas at Carl's Jr.
  7. Taylor

    Trout and then what?

    Torridd's kid: Hey Dad, I just found the cure for cancer! Torridd: That's great, but what are you going to do next?
  8. Isn't that still lower than your daily average?
  9. Taylor

    Trout and then what?

    If this is a joke thread, well done. If this isn't a joke thread, LOL!
  10. I think several of us gave him an involuntary standing ovation after hearing the news.
  11. @Glen is our hero with the ultimate jinx thread!