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  1. He always gives the Angels fits.
  2. Something something Pujols
  3. (It's just a coincidence that I'm creating this thread shortly after changing my avatar to Carrot Anderson.) My wife really wants to get into gardening, but we live in a one-bedroom apartment (ground floor) with a decent-sized porch. Our anniversary is coming up, and the traditional fourth anniversary gift is fruit/flowers, so I thought I'd get my wife some kind of starter kit that would allow her to grow herbs (the non-hallucinogenic kind), flowers, and possibly fruits or vegetables on our porch. I don't know where to start, though. I see things like this on Amazon but am not sure what would be sufficient and needed. Any pro tips?
  4. Taylor

    Pujols not retiring

    You're supposed to be outraged!
  5. Taylor

    Pujols not retiring

    Good point. And they all played about 10+ major league seasons.
  6. Taylor

    Pujols not retiring

    Bengie, Jose, and Yadier. It's pretty impressive how all three brothers turned out to be MLB catchers.
  7. Taylor

    2019 Draft

    I heard he opted to go to Kensington State.
  8. Taylor

    AL Player of The Week

    What is up with Trout's mitten?
  9. Taylor

    War with Iran?

    My Mitsubishi needs some freedom.
  10. Did anyone else hear that the Angels signed Matt Harvey to a 1-year deal? I heard it's breaking news.
  11. Taylor


    If Mexico does it, it must be OK.
  12. Netflix has become so streamlined that they're now making movies whose titles are just the genre of the movie.
  13. Taylor

    Gardening Pros

    Don't get too excited, T. I don't think you can smoke oregano.
  14. Taylor

    Obama Poll

    @Lou agrees.
  15. Taylor

    Obama Poll

    Just curious about AW's approval rating of the President.
  16. Taylor

    Pujols not retiring

    It's more of an inside joke. Just like you won't find "Kelvim Escobar tripod" on Google.
  17. Taylor

    Why I’m Optimistic About this Team

    I feel like we've been saying that since around May 12.
  18. Taylor

    Pujols not retiring

    Garret was also once spotted in line at Roger Dunn, chomping on a carrot.
  19. Taylor

    Pujols not retiring

    Garret's nickname was "Rabbit," like Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh. Rabbit enjoyed carrots.
  20. Taylor

    Obama Poll

    You were arguing that Sarah Palin had more political experience than Hillary because the Secretary of State doesn't do anything other than implement someone else's policy.
  21. Taylor

    Obama Poll

    It should be a picture of Maui from Moana.
  22. Taylor

    Pujols not retiring

    He looks really lazy out in the carrot patch, but that's just because he's always so relaxed.
  23. Taylor

    Pujols not retiring

    That's because his squat factor overcompensates for his .150 career BA.