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  1. rottiesworld

    It's April 21st...

    The Mariners will fall apart later in the season as they always do. They always seem to start hot and then fall apart. We just need to do something with our pitching and closer.
  2. rottiesworld

    Angels sign Cody Allen

    And Allen should give back 500K for every game he blows
  3. rottiesworld


    well they did hire a stupid manager, and is a Sosh clone
  4. rottiesworld

    F*ck Joey Gallo

    Well it's not the Gallo. It could be anyone when they are facing fucked up pitching. I don't know why they love Cam so much, butt duty I guess. He sucks so bad and I just don't understand why they keep him. It is time to release him once and for all.
  5. rottiesworld

    04/10 Angels vs Brewers GDT Taylor Ward batting 6th

    Damn Albert needs to retire as he has runners at third a few times with less then 2 outs and can't drive them in. I wish he would just retire.
  6. rottiesworld


    I thought you were putting the housing interest rate
  7. rottiesworld


    And they didn't have suck ass Pujols back then
  8. rottiesworld

    Pujols back at cleanup 4/2 Gameday thread 7:10 PM

    piece of shit Pujols should be clean up of the dugout. I can't believe he can't even hit a damn fly ball. It is really a great start for the season.
  9. It's not Gods fault that old man Pujols can't hear him saying to retire and give the Angels their money back.
  10. rottiesworld

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ Mariners (April Fools Day, 2019)

    They need to get good players by spending money, which they don't want to and going over the budget. I guess they will continue to get players from the 99 cent store.
  11. The second game of the season, and no runs. When will the Angels score a run and who scores the run??
  12. rottiesworld

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    Next for Trout, He is going to buy the Angels
  13. Philly can kiss my ass, it's not like they are going anywhere but home after the season, no playoffs or World Series.
  14. rottiesworld

    AND he's done.

    I do as well
  15. Being uqpset is passed that point. We all have to deal with him every season and it is the same thing and has not improved all the years he has been here. They just need to get rid of him and get someone they can trust.