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  1. rottiesworld

    Game day: 8/17. Angels @ Rangers

    Wow, just 7 more games to last place. The Angels sure have a lot of work in the off season and they need to stop getting crap from the trash.
  2. rottiesworld

    Off-season wishlist

    Well I'm pretty sure Machado will stay with the Dodgers, they didn't trade to get him just to let him go.
  3. rottiesworld

    Gameday: 8/1 Angels @ Rays; Mike Trout DH Day

    I say no the Rays are not that bad, it's the Angels that aren't worth crap. I can't believe they can't even beat the Rays. I'm surprised the Angels aren't in last place. I feel sorry for Trout having to go through this shit every fucken year. I hope he ask for a trade as he should not have to go through this. I know that he gives it everything he has but the front office and owner are so tight with the money being in there ass to spend it and get good players instead of crap the GM finds in the trash can and then keeps players who would not make a little league team on the Angels team for the whole year. There better be a lot of changes next year and Moreno better stand up and get his check book out of his ass and spend on great players, or Trout will be gone and hopefully the fans stop going to the games until he does or sell the damn team.
  4. rottiesworld

    Gameday Thread 07/28 vs. Mariners

    If Arcia plays about 8 more games might pass Albert in RBI'S lol
  5. I think if you waive your no trade and are traded to another team should terminate the no trade part in the future.
  6. It was fun seeing Seattle message board, fans were pissed and saying that New York are on the Angels payroll.
  7. Damn trade all the fucken relievers already and get some fresh blood, they all suck.
  8. No one wants Kinsler is the problem, would be nice of they could trade him.
  9. Well there are a lot of turds out there that only want to sign with a contender
  10. Send his sorry ass down to the minors the way they did with Calhoun which seemed to help him. I can’t believe how many strike outs Upton has had and always with runners on base.
  11. rottiesworld

    This team is a pathetic sh** show.

    I feel sorry for the people that go to the game and spend their hard earn money to see this fucked up worthless crap team. These players get a lot of money and don’t fucken care. You have fuckton who got a new contract and is not doing shit and should be sent down to the minors like Calhoun did and see if he can get his shit together,, just because you have a big contract you need to earn your position or send their ass down and bring up someone who really cares about their job and position. I served in the military and got injured defending our country and can’t work anymore for 500.00 dollars a month and I will never get anything like what they get millions of dollars and beautiful house like a castle and 3 or more car’s and I have a crap house and car. I’m tired of these loser’s that don’t care and just want their money.
  12. rottiesworld

    Gameday Thread: 7/24 White Sox @ Angels

    Because the Angels fucken suck so bad and can’t even beat Chicago, but the Angels make it hard to watch their games
  13. rottiesworld

    Angels bullpen getting trade interest

    We need to be sellers if any team wants our crap except Trout and Simmons.
  14. rottiesworld

    How is Valbuena still in starting lineup?

    Valshit should be at the unemployment line
  15. rottiesworld

    Should Mike Trout swing at more pitches?

    He won’t get many pitches, soon they will just walk him like they did with Bonds