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  1. rottiesworld

    Brad Ausmus Named Angels Skip

    All this crap show so we can have the reincarnation of Mike Scioscia. It will be the same crap all over again, might as well kept the real Scioscia, I hope it is a short contract or I will probably be died the time they get to the World Series again, oh what a fucked up morning. I wanted some new blood in here not the same crap.
  2. rottiesworld

    Its funny how fast Yankee news escalates...

    Yankees, What a bunch of losers. I see they are crying now that their player was hurt, blah blah excuses. They had the win in the ninth and had runners when Mr. Stanton whom they traded for, and is a power threat didn't do crap. You want to blame injuries which you shouldn't, blame the one that made the out and if I remember right, it was a strike out. If he got at least a single the game would be tied. Yankees and Red Sux always cry when they lose and say that they were injuries on the team, but when another team they beat says they had injuries they talk crap that they won and the other team had excuses. You got beat now shut the hell up and take the defeat like professionals, you had the win and screwed it up. If if you won the game what would have happened in the 5th game/ NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW.
  3. rottiesworld

    What do you guys think of Hyun-Jin Ryu?

    as soon as picks up the pen to sign with the angels
  4. rottiesworld

    Highest dwar for a pitcher

    The Angels should sign him, bet he would pitch the whole season without getting injured, also imagine the low strike zone he would have.
  5. rottiesworld

    The Official "Official 2018 Playoff Thread"

    I said it before the Braves suck and shouldn't even be in the playoffs. They couldn't make it any easier for the Dodgers.
  6. Well Mr. Moreno needs to sit down with Trout and let him now what his plans are and get Mr. Trouts input on the situation. Mr. Moreno needs to put some money into the team even if he has to pay tax on it a few years, but sooner or later he will have to or the Angels will still be a 3 or 4th place team. Mr. Trout might want certain players and he will work with Mr. Moreno on a contract extension that wont hurt the team, and be able to get his players and make him happy, but they need to get this done.
  7. rottiesworld

    MLB Postseason: Who are you rooting for?

    Yeah, but Atlanta is shit and shouldn’t even be there, Dodger crap will sweep easy.
  8. I just don’t have confidence in Bedrosian as he has had many seasons to prove himself and he just doesn’t have it. I would try and trade him and see what we can get and if it helps the club trade home and if it doesn’t hold on to him.
  9. rottiesworld

    Gameday 9/28 Oakland A-Holes vs Angels

    Well call them what you want but the Oakland A-holes are going to the playoffs and were not.
  10. The same shit every night, leave it to the blowpen
  11. Please go manage hometown buffet and stuff yourself til you blow up
  12. rottiesworld

    Gameday Thread 09/22 Angels vs. Astros

    And 35 pitchers that suck
  13. rottiesworld

    Gameday Thread 09/21 Angels vs. Astros

    Trout would be stupid to want to stay with this shit every season and getting worse. I think they need to get Trout drunk and have him sign the contract.
  14. MLB Network a re full of shit. The only thing they know is Yankees and Red Sux. If the player is on those times, chances are you already know they will be picked.
  15. rottiesworld

    GDT 9/20 Facebook follies

    What the F*ck the season is almost over and they are working on things. You do that shit in spring training. I’m glad this fat piece of shit big head will be gone. What a big moran