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  1. rottiesworld

    Gameday Thread: 9/8 Angels @ White Sox: Trout in CF

    Assmus is to stupid to get it. Also in the off season we really need a catcher that can hit.
  2. rottiesworld

    Gameday Thread: 9/5 Angels @ Athletics

    They need to get rid of the Manager who is just a stupid Manager to pitchers out then they should keep pitching. If he stays next season will be the same, can you imagine if the Angels get Cole and he comes out to take him out of the game in the 5th or 6th inning, the melt down that Cole would have. I just hope they get rid of him. I also hope the Angels get some Relievers because the ones they have now won’t cut it. How many games have we lost because of them??
  3. rottiesworld

    Gameday Thread: 8/25 Angels @ Astros

    Well the good news is season almost over, and closer to the #1 pick
  4. rottiesworld

    Gameday Thread: 8/25 Angels @ Astros

    Hell no
  5. rottiesworld

    Gameday Thread: 8/25 Angels @ Astros

    Next season will most likely be the same. The same shit manager, the best player in baseball with some slumps can’t be perfect, we still have Albert and also the same as a few years now same crap pitching because Moreno doesn’t want to open up his wallet and spend money, so they will find some cheap peanuts.
  6. rottiesworld

    Gameday Thread: 8/16 White Sox @ Angels

    Ausmus is really an ass, why would the Angels front office sign this idiot for more then 1 year. I sure hope they get rid of him, he is a dumb manager couldn’t do it in Detroit and sure can’t do it here. I can’t believe some of the most retarded moves he makes is just unreal/
  7. rottiesworld

    Baseball needs a mercy rule

    Well they sure had enough talent to beat the Angels 3 games to 1
  8. rottiesworld

    We're not done yet

    It is over as the Angels have no pitching, no hitting, and forgot how to win. I love the Angels and wish they were going to the playoffs, but they are not. It’s not like all the other teams in front of them are going to lose so the Angels can catch them. They are not going to beat Boston, got swept by Baltimore, and Cleveland. We will have to enjoy what is left in the season and enjoy the youngsters and see how they do. I hope next year will be different with some great free agents coming to the Angels and to the World Series.
  9. rottiesworld

    Angels DFA Jonathan Lucroy

    He is not a good GM as you said some of this players to fill in could have been traded as is the case now with the cubs. It would be nice to get some prospects for the farm clubs but he rather just have them go away and get nothing, as the saying goes something is better then nothing.
  10. rottiesworld

    Gameday Thread: 8/6 Angels @ Reds: Suarez starting

    Well I guess the Angels want the 1st pick in the draft.
  11. rottiesworld


    I don’t think Cole will come here and I don’t blame him. The angels are the team that you come to and get injuries and carrier goes down hill. I do really really hope he does come here but doubt it
  12. rottiesworld


    Well he has been here a while and knows pitching is our weak point and has not done anything to address it. He has gotten a lot of crap pitchers that no one wanted because they were no good, but yet he signed them. I hope he puts his foot down and tell Mr. Moreno that he needs to open his wallet so he can get some good playtime he is walking because he can’t be getting peanuts out of the bin every year, and is the same crap problems pitching. The manager needs to go to sure as he is crap and never liked the hiring.
  13. Another crap start for our pitcher, not even going to make it through the 1st inning. I remember the manager saying they have enough ammo for playoff run, he needs to have his head checked, the Angels have no damn pitching.
  14. Well we the fans aren’t happy being in 3 or 4 th place but apparently Mr. Moreno is and Appler as well, I don’t blame everything on Appler as he has to do what Moreno tell him, if he says go get an49 cent taco at Del Taco he has to get it because Moreno said to do it. We will never get to be in the playoffs or World Series while he is getting 49 cent taco instead of investing in a steak. Appler should be getting tired of the same crap every year, that I would just quit. Appler needs to stand up to Moreno and tell Moreno either we do it my way and build a championship team or I walk. I’m not saying go crazy and spend, but invest in some pitching that they really need badly and another catcher that can hit not make an out every time they come to bat as the pitchers will walk the batter so they can pitch to the catcher.’I hope this offseason will be a great one but I think it will still be the 49 cent tacos
  15. rottiesworld

    Eppler to speak with media

    I don’t have to hear what he has to say. I know he is going to say other teams wanted to much and they just could not give up a lot of players, but yet he gives up 2 for a player that can’t hit his weight. The Angels should just have kept the players they traded.