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  1. stevestevens

    Moustakas question

    Not sure about moose. I for one don't want to see a decrease in the doubles production for 2019.
  2. You are a more dedicated fan than me. No way I could write multiple paragraphs on how two guys who suck would fit into the Angels 2019 season.
  3. stevestevens

    Law on Canning

    I wish he had no bugaboos
  4. stevestevens

    Alex Meyer back...

    I can't be the only one that laughed at this post
  5. stevestevens

    Angels sign C Jonathan Lucroy to 1yr/$3.35M deal

    My thoughts exactly. Seems like eppler is signing guys that could make us a wild card team or get us some prospects at the deadline.
  6. stevestevens

    Angels sign C Jonathan Lucroy to 1yr/$3.35M deal

    Does that ever happen when we sign 30+ year olds? Seriously, we sign 30+ to career lows..... Damn marine layer.
  7. stevestevens

    Why not waive Pujols?

    It really is tough having both Pujols and Ohtani. Ohtani has the tools to be a top 10 hitter in the AL but he can't play any position next year. I just don't see Pujols playing an entire season at 1B everyday without landing on the DL. We have a DH who can't slide to 1B. We basically have to go into the season with the mentality that we will most likely need a new 1B around August. I think it is safe to say that Pujols will not be coming into spring training in the best shape of his life.
  8. stevestevens

    Two little birdies

    Does Albert get a season ending injury?
  9. stevestevens

    Nats get Corbin - 6/$140m

    yep, I read Rosenthals tweet wrong
  10. stevestevens

    Taylor Ward

  11. stevestevens

    Meyer shut down....

    He'll be an all star in three years once we let him go
  12. stevestevens

    C Kevan Smith

    Roster flexibility. Arcia moves to the bullpen while staying as the 3rd string catcher that way we only carry two catchers on the 40 man.
  13. stevestevens

    Brad Ausmus Named Angels Skip

    All Ausmus needs to do is bat pujols 7th or sit him and he will have all of you naysayers in his back pocket
  14. Had a good time tonight watching video clips that my brother sent to me of one of the adults that went tonight and wore baseball pants and cleats (even though they asked everyone not to). My favorite was when he cut off a 10 year old to get the grounder. He played the hot corner like a champion. Eppler honestly might take a flier. If that was one of you on the board, I tip my cap to you.