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  1. stevestevens

    Gameday Thread:Royals @ Angels 5/19/2019

    I want to see Cozart face Cahill. I need to see who sucks more and can be crowned "worst mlb player in 2019"
  2. stevestevens

    Gameday 5/15 Angels @ Twins (Walsh debut)

    We played them well but the series showed us what we already new. We have the bats to compete, we have the bullpen, we don't have the starting pitching. Starting pitching went 14.1 innings (if you count our long reliever who the org doesn't trust to see the top of order three times). That stinks.
  3. stevestevens

    Gameday 5/15 Angels @ Twins (Walsh debut)

    Tough to lose these games when Cahill delivers and leaves it all on the mound
  4. stevestevens

    Gameday 5/15 Angels @ Twins (Walsh debut)

    Words of advice: don't ever step away from a Cahill pitched game, not even to take a work call for 10 minutes. You do not know when you will see him break the game wide open.
  5. stevestevens

    Gameday 5/15 Angels @ Twins (Walsh debut)

    Fly out by Walsh but that AB looked a lot better than that 9th inning pinch hit crap that Bour gave us last night
  6. The stat that concerns me the most: #1 Innings Pitched I hope this crew can last the whole season. They have delivered so far.
  7. stevestevens

    AW's golf scores

    I live in Utah so Diamond Bar is a bit of a I will be in Idaho that weekend. My wife and 11 year old are doing a team triathlon.
  9. stevestevens

    Ohtani update

    If Calhoun continues to Strike out and just basically suck, then Goodwin will start to steal his Ab's. Calhoun has been flat out awful.
  10. We are probably leading the league so far in hard hit foul balls.
  11. Winning the wild card while trading away Cahill, Calhoun and Harvey..... That would be probably the greatest scenario ever.
  12. I am going to be in Arizona and thought it would be fun to try to go see Ohtani. I know they don't put the game times out a ton.
  13. stevestevens

    New Angels Stadium in Long Beach?