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  1. AngelsLakersFan

    Climate Change Hysteria Thread

    The relatively stable climate we've had since 10,000 BC has been a pretty good thing for the human species.
  2. AngelsLakersFan


    I just saw the double play Fletcher and Simmons turned yesterday, WOW, may be the best I've ever seen. We needed both players at the top of their game to turn that one.
  3. Sounds like something I'd come up with while drinking with some of my mexican pals, only to file it away and never think about it again.
  4. AngelsLakersFan

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    You hacked the surveillance cameras?
  5. AngelsLakersFan


    And what is someone really going to offer to a team trying to contend shopping it's shortstop who is coming off an injury riddled down year?
  6. AngelsLakersFan


    I just don't see the return on Simmons being great enough to justify opening a hole at short. I don't expect we get an offer as good as Andrew Heaney for Howie Kendrick but even if we do I'm not sure this is the right path forward. Are we not expecting to compete next year? Where are we going to make up those bounce back wins we are counting on from Simmons? I'm still struggling to see who the long term solution is at short if we are planning on moving on from him.
  7. AngelsLakersFan

    And in Crazy Train news.

    I mean, how else could a 'high speed rail board' vote?
  8. AngelsLakersFan

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Astros (9/20/19)

    Pitching is just such an unnatural motion.
  9. AngelsLakersFan

    What happened?

    Is that Elizabeth Warren's family doing some sort of tribal ritual?
  10. AngelsLakersFan

    2020 Democratic Field

    Who were they supposed to nominate? We all knew they'd F*ck this up.
  11. AngelsLakersFan

    2020 Democratic Field

    Warren is a lock at this point IMO
  12. AngelsLakersFan


    That's it?
  13. AngelsLakersFan

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    That's why its the best In N Out! I live just around the corner so the walk burns off the bottom bun and then I can feel better about it. Last time I went I timed it, from out my door and back in 15 minutes.
  14. AngelsLakersFan

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    I usually walk to the one at the Galleria... there is never any line!