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  1. I could've sworn he passed him over in 2012 as well.
  2. AngelsLakersFan

    Marlins release new logo and uniform....again

    Also we are talking about logo / uniform design. It's hard to not sound like a pretentious snob talking about highly subjective things like music or fashion. And thinking about it more, it's not unlike an old band putting out a new album decades after their heyday.
  3. AngelsLakersFan

    Marlins release new logo and uniform....again

    I could do that job.
  4. AngelsLakersFan

    Marlins release new logo and uniform....again

    I don't know if I'd agree with that... although you are forcing these current uni's to face off against past ones so... The current uni's are rocking that nu-metal vibe from the turn of the century. It says, we have tradition but we take it seriously, even aggressively. Style has moved on and this iteration has been shown for what it really is; a modern attempt at updating an old style that is simultaneous clearly not that old style, and clearly no longer modern.
  5. AngelsLakersFan


    This is just a semantic argument. Taxes are still scheduled to go up, they were designed to be phased in so people were less likely to notice.
  6. It has to be something of a black eye on the award when Trout has been consistently the best player in the league for 7 years and one of his two mvps came in his worst season.
  7. AngelsLakersFan

    Marlins release new logo and uniform....again

    The problem the Angels have had is that all of their uniforms have looked dated. I bet if you showed a European with zero knowledge of baseball they could generally guess the era in which the uni's were worn. I'd probably the the uniform that came closest to that not being the case was the early / mid 90's California Angels, CA uniforms.
  8. Has Fletcher ever actually voted for Trout to win an MVP?
  9. I feel the same way. It's because most of the park effects are regressed pretty heavily, and generally based off an aggregate of outcomes that are mostly made up of events that aren't really impacted by the park.
  10. I wouldn’t expect Trout to get much more than 1 or 2 first place votes.
  11. AngelsLakersFan

    The Mariners staff is falling apart

    I didn’t realize Jerry did drugs
  12. AngelsLakersFan


    I was saying that the lack of a yes vote was a defacto tax increase. Too many negatives to sort through.
  13. AngelsLakersFan


    I've had a few conversations with people who didn't vote to repeal prop 6 and the common denominator was that none of them realized it was going to raise taxes. Go figure, the money for advertising worked, and voters all thought it would 'cut funding' for roads.
  14. AngelsLakersFan

    Woah....more Jerry Dipoto & Seattle Mariners greatness

    i agree Hey even Eppler agreed with my comment!... Except the part about liking Dipoto... we all take that back.. along with the capital P.
  15. AngelsLakersFan

    Good for Dipoto

    Stand by everything I said in this thread...