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    Gameday 8/8 Tigers @ Angels


    Gameday 8/8 Tigers @ Angels

    lol @ the crowd size.

    Mike Moustakas

    I am anxious to see what Ward will do. As for Cozart rebounding? He already rebounded prior to his injury, that is the problem. Agree on the lead off.

    Mike Moustakas

    I agree. Enough of these.

    Gameday: 7/6 Dogers@Angels

    Well, you have a point there. However, Sosh, IMO, has been too lax over the years when it comes to corrective and disciplinary measures. Overall, in many respects he's been a good manager, but itis time for change. We need an Earl Weaver, Billy Martin, or Dick Williams type at the helm. The important thing is, of course, our team won. Ohtani found a way to get on base and the guys found a way to manufacture 2 runs against a top closer. Another gripe, why isn't Fletcher at third? Valbuena, really?

    Gameday: 7/6 Dogers@Angels

    Actually, that is not the point I'm making. That wouldn't happen as my argument has always been that Scoiscia is not a disciplinarian at all. He doesn't have a doghouse. Players get away with careless and senseless mistakes and poor performance with no consequences.

    Gameday: 7/6 Dogers@Angels

    Dave Roberts is a no nonsense manager. You can bet that Jansen received a chewing out. Roberts does not care whether you are an average, struggling, or high priced star player. He lays down the law for careless and lackadaisical play.(Puig in the doghouse) Having a manager who is a disciplinarian must be nice. Puig found that out, and I am sure he'll be reminded again for that misplaced fly ball that won the game for our team.

    Time to Predict Scoisia's Post Game Comments

    I swore I was not going to start any of these threads 3 years ago. I am so angry that I guess I find some cathersis in starting one of these threads.
  9. Some guys are scuffling, but they'll keep grinding. Guys are starting to come around and are getting to where they need to be. There's a lot of baseball and it's still early. When we get closer to the heart of the season we'll see where we are at. Albert's bat is coming around, and as we all know he's capable of carrying the team. For now you just gotta tip your cap to the M's. We'll get around to playing Angels baseball and get to where we need to be.
  10. EDinTUSTIN

    The Silver Lining (And the Upward Trajectory)

    Lol yep! Then again the Red Sox won't see the Angels coming simply because the Angels won't be going.
  11. Really? How many playoff games did the Angels win during Dipoto's tenure?Other than Ohtani, Eppler has done no better, neither one is worth more than a wooden, $3 coin. They both had obsessions with once good washed up vets.
  12. Lol, that is what was going through my mind, too.
  13. Doesn't matter as he has no Constitutional authority to establish a new branch. That expressed power rests with Congress only.
  14. The President shows his lack of awareness of the Constitution with this proclamation. Neither he nor the Pentagon has the authority to establish a new military branch. That is solely one of the Expressed Powers of Congress. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Orrin Hatch, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, as usual, are all too inept and asleep at the wheel to make this known by publicly rebuking the President.
  15. EDinTUSTIN

    This is a PATHETIC baseball team!

    Too late, they already have. The Angels are the A's only with a big market payroll.