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  1. Lol, it is certainly easy for him to locate it. He just needs to look about 400 feet behind him in the outfield stands where dozens of souvenir hunters are scrambling for it.
  2. Then there are those who couldn't hit or coach. To be fair, however, you could be a wizard at coaching, but when you have the likes of Blash,Young, Calhoun Valbuena, Pujols, Cozart, Marte, or Maldonado to work with you are rather screwed.

    Cozart is utter garbage

  4. Which makes it painfully obvious that he should never be up to the majors again. Almost everyone else understands this except Sosh. The ship had sailed long ago on Cowart. He is not talented enough.

    Gameday Thread: 5/19 Rays @ Angels

    Lol, this reminds me that we should resurrect the "Time to Predict Scoisia's Post Game Comments" threads.

    A Few Thoughts

    This! That said, even the total number is way too high. 16 left on base is absolutely ludicrous. Btw, Ohtani should have been used as a pinch hitter, say for Pujols late in the game

    Ohtani for DH/Closer?

    True and a good point. I think he is more valuable as a starter and dh, like what he is doing now.

    Ohtani for DH/Closer?

    Lol at taking Ohtani from his DH at bats and having these three try to make it up. While I understand your point about the awful bullpen and needing to hold leads,with these three sharing the DH spot, we probably won't have any leads to hold and save.

    Ohtani for DH/Closer?

    If he is DHing would he even be eligible to pitch in the same game or does it just mean we'd lose the DH position for the remainder of the game?
  10. EDinTUSTIN

    Garrett Richards..

    Hi Blarg. Thanks, it is good to be posting again. How are things with you? I do like Richards, good to see that he is healthy. I hope he stays so, we are going to need him.
  11. EDinTUSTIN

    Garrett Richards..

    Plain and simple, it is a game that the Angels should have won. All is not lost, but the way a team begins can set a tone. They need to respond and take this next game.
  12. EDinTUSTIN

    Garrett Richards..

    Ran out of gas in the 5th inning? That doesn't bode to well durability wise. Fact is, he was given a 4 run lead and blew it. Instead of being aggressive, he pitched defensively. Really? A guy with high 90's velocity? As for Bedrosian, he needs to find another team.
  13. EDinTUSTIN

    We got him! Ohtani selects the Angels

    Let's skip the rest of the offsets on and get the games started.
  14. Well, I'll sleep better at night now knowing this. So he'll be in the best shape of his career at the opening of ST. At least we never heard that line before.
  15. EDinTUSTIN

    Gameday: 9/30 Mariners vs Angels

    Lol, yeah, that works