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  1. They have a few good arcs going. I still find it hilarious that John Malkovich is damn near identical to Teddy KGB in Rounders. Speaking of which, I saw a name that looked familiar from that movie....Michael Rispoli, he was the backer/goon in that flick and plays the commissioner in the new season. Doesn't look the same until I saw the credits and looked again, even though he has the same NY Italian goon accent. Makes sense these dudes are in since Brian Koppelman and David Leiven write the show and wrote Rounders.
  2. New Billions season is on demand and out today before it's scheduled time. Finishing the season finale again as a replay and see it's available.
  3. Brandon

    RIP Dick Dale

    Snaps. I go through Dick Dale phases. One of the best opening movie intros of all-time.
  4. Saw Triple Frontier on Netflix, not bad. Good action/crime drama. I had totally forgot about the movie from when someone here linked the initial trailer quite some time ago.
  5. Brandon

    UFC Thread

    Damn, some good fights today. ESPN has an article and video of Till getting absolutely starched. Dropped Masvidal in the 1st round, but ate a left that instantly turned out the lights in brutal fashion.
  6. Brandon

    2020 Democratic Field

    The comparison is entrepreneurial types pushing that platform as non-government types willing to shake the system up opposed to run of the mill career politicians. Both also have very ambitious items that will be hard to pass, but it is different ideology compared to other candidates......Yang with his stipend and Trump with his wall. I think there is quite a bit to compare the two as far as their platform, direction, and how they handle the narrative towards their running. You're already starting to see candidates shift their dialogue. Elizabeth Warren started talking about breaking up huge companies after Yang mentioned the power struggle between 1% and middle class for his initiatives. It will make for interesting points and how it shifts people more likely to win the election. I think at a bare minimum Yang is going to change the dialogue the same way Trump did when he ran and won.
  7. I'm not big into this topic, but a really good podcast yesterday on this topic. Joe Rogan interviewed Renee DiResta who was one of the people that has done a ton of digging and investigative work on this subject. Some profound points that make a ton of sense how people were doing what they were doing.
  8. Brandon

    2020 Democratic Field

    I'm not going to read the whole thread, but this Andrew Yang dude sounds interesting and more importantly is making the rounds to all the right places. I first heard him on Joe Rogan recently and also his interview on the Breakfast Club. He got stopped on a topic or two with answers using the answer of, "Well that's why it needs to be in the conversation" opposed to giving direct answers for certain fundings. But I see he is disrupting the conversation because he is hitting it hard first before everyone and is going to direct certain topics but the time the primaries come. I like the dude. Trump kind of ran a similar platform, but it seemed like more of "let's hope Trump can do what he says" whereas Yang has some defined parameters to fixing certain objectives. I think like Obama though, with checks and balances, it's nice to set out an agenda, but you have to get them through.
  9. Brandon

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    I haven't been in a long time but heard they have changed for the worse.....I think they were losing money so switched up some of their vendors and I hear the quality is not the same anymore. I liked the place and it was one of the first to do the build your own burger type of deal. I would get bacon on my burger if it paired well with how I wanted to build it. Angels radio personality Jason Brennan and I used to meet at the one in Anaheim Hills very often for "business meetings". Good times at that place loading up the jukebox with Whitney Houston on repeat and watching everyone look around in disgust.
  10. I missed Red's post about stick on a hill or angle. Even being advanced with driving stick, when I go to the Comedy Store in LA there is a ridiculous slope that my map will sometimes take me up to get to Sunset Blvd. I want to say the street is Sweetzer Ave. This slope has gotten me to stall a few times or really lay on the gas while releasing the clutch to prevent stalling.
  11. Brandon

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    I'm the same. I like bacon, but not at the levels of most that want bacon flavored everything.
  12. I got a little lucky with driving this way. My parents had both. I pretty much drove my mom's Acura Legend in high school, but my step-dad was showing me how to drive stick in his Acura Integra GTR (yeah, dude was going through a mid-life crisis and had it all raced out). I remember struggling and one day the car was sitting there and I had a key to where I said, "I'm going to do this." Funny part about it was I was driving around the block and nailing 1st gear (the rest are easy, it's just starting from 0 that is the tough part) and some local cop started following me around which threw some more pressure to get back home but also make the starting process more stressful. I like driving stick, but also hate the shit out of it in traffic which we predominantly have here in CA. It does keep you alert. I dropped a lot of money in the car getting it to run or beat high end cars, so I won't be ditching it anytime soon.....throwing money into a depreciating asset whoop whoop
  13. Brandon

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    This thread pushed me to get a double western bacon cheeseburger. What a Facking terrible choice. Every time I go to Carl's I just feel like throwing up after. I actually kind of went there because Phil was complaining at the price and I thought, "No way...." Sure enough that shithole charges $7.04 just for the shitty burger. Pretty disappointing. Carl's sucks now but used to be solid and was the go to after hockey games or practice.
  14. I feel like I'm a dying breed having a manual.
  15. The problem is that Derek Carr is the one throwing him the ball. That dude sucks.