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  1. Is this where this goes?
  2. Brandon

    Odd Celebrity Connections

    This genuinely made me lol. Such a great thread and AO of all people guessed him.
  3. Haven't said Craig in some time. Even though it's an obvious troll.
  4. Brandon

    Odd Celebrity Connections

    Eh, Torii was there too. Still a great joke but someone followed my joke up with some creepiness of following Teix's wife and posting their wedding pics or some shit and stating why Teix was going to sign here off of creeping her photos and making weird inferences.
  5. Brandon

    Odd Celebrity Connections

    No, but he said a classic quote to me that is still an inside joke for some of the longer tenured peeps here. It was when Chuck gave me the press pass for a day game that none of the reg reporters could make.
  6. Brandon

    Official 2019 British Open thread

    Day 1 in the books, so far so good.
  7. Brandon

    Odd Celebrity Connections

    Me and Jared Weaver in the Angels dugout
  8. Brandon

    2019 WSOP Final Table

    It's because it was the second largest turnout of all-time. A lot of entrants means a lot more chips in play. Plus this event is really geared towards the everyday Joe weekend home game type of dude to play. You start with a nice stack and the levels are two hours long each so you get your moneys worth and have a chance to make a run. I enjoyed it personally. When they get blinded out and are around 20 big blinds and it becomes shove or fold it's somewhat just basic gambling with flips. All three were good and fast players and there were plenty of swings in the action. I was on the 2+2 message board with everyone else that plays or knows these dudes, so it was fun to be a part of. I tapped out around midnight when Ensan started to pull away and could tell I was going to wake up to seeing him win barring some miraculous comeback by the Italian. 10m is a nice score.
  9. Brandon

    2019 WSOP Final Table

    I did laugh that he acknowledged it and even someone on his tail had a sign that read The Tank Commander with some trash hand like J7. Made me laugh when someone called the clock on him at a critical juncture and cited his tanking.
  10. Brandon

    So I met Ernesto Frieri today...

    Tell him to meet you at Sharkeez
  11. Brandon

    Official 2019 British Open thread

    I'm in a unique year round pool that you can't pick the same player twice. This is my lineup. Going to need AO's magic and even though no one says X-man and it's possibly the gayest nickname, if he pulls this off I'll change my name to X-man.
  12. Brandon

    2019 WSOP Final Table

    I don't believe he played in it. I'm in the same poker crew deal he is and I didn't see him talk about it. But he still plays, I actually back a bit of his action over the years. A couple years ago he took second in one of these events for a nice score. Fun fact of the day, about 10 years ago Derek messaged me and invited me to go with him to Vegas for a poker boot camp type thing with some pros. I ended up clicking with one and he is now one of the winningest players on the circuit and won his first bracelet this year. (in some talks he was considered one of the best to not win one, like Rickie Fowler in golf). Always grateful Derek brought me along and kept me in poker circles even though I don't play as much or full time anymore.
  13. Brandon

    2019 WSOP Final Table

    Side note for shits and giggles. Some of the people from here watched me in a tournament back when we were running AW poker games on Pokerstars back when it was legal. The reason was Moneymaker was at my tournament table....along with another well known pro. It was actually annoying because so many fan boys were flooding the chat box. Moneymaker actually ripped a nice pot off me that crippled me. I had AA and slow played a pretty dry board. Turn is something like a 10 and the river is another 10. He flipped over something ridiculous like Jack-10 for a huge pot. Still bugs me that he flatted pre and floated with air, but oh well.
  14. Brandon

    2019 WSOP Final Table

    Looks like he's not having a bad year so far. Looks like close to 114k in cashes so far. I thought he ran deep in one of the side events (when the WSOP is going all the casinos run side events that people can play if they don't want to play WSOP events for nice prize pools. Been watching since day six or so closing in on the final table. Everyone seems pretty cool except that dude in the Cubs hat that tanks way too long or asks people for their chip counts on obvious fold situations. Speaking of the dude above referenced, there was another similar bust out this year. Some amateur (The dude Su who finished in 8th, I believe) made a somewhat ridiculous all-in shove into a very elite pro's aces up. The pro was 80% to win but the rookie hit one of his miracle cards. At the time it was for heaps and if Sam Greenwood would have held on there is no doubt he would have ran it up like the chip leader now. It was on a bunch of news sites because the amount of equity lost.....same thing as the dude above. Sucks balls to get busted for 150k or so when the chip lead gets you in contention for 10m. I think tonight could be very long if I am remembering the chip stacks correctly. I think they are playing down to three, but there is only one dude around 20 big blinds that is in danger. If you want a laugh, here is the dude I'm talking about that finished 45th. Over 18m in earnings. Dude is a monster and always plays high rollers and against the best of the best. His scores are ridiculous.
  15. Put Willits in CF instead of Finley and I'm in.