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  1. Brandon

    2018-19 General NFL Thread

    Rivers is the biggest pussy in sports. Watching him constantly complain to the refs is beyond tilting. I've been to five Chiefs/Chargers games where he has been the QB and you know in the stadium when it goes to TV timeout and this c*nt is still blowing up the refs with the shit you don't see on TV. I'd have no qualms with this asshole getting no Super Bowl appearance. It's disgusting how he tries to manipulate the game and beg for calls.
  2. I thought we would f*ck up whoever we played, but seeing the old Pats playoff team come up has me worried. The Chargers didn't show up, but that many points on them is ugly.
  3. Brandon

    Los Angeles Rams thread

    Rams vs. Chiefs on a neutral field like it should have been earlier this year.
  4. Don't give up boys. I know a team that came back 35-3 one time and another that came back from 38-10 in the playoffs.
  5. Ozark was great. Definitely worth watching season 2.
  6. Yeah, I was at the game in KC that the Chargers won and it was 28-31 degrees. It's not the weather.
  7. Brandon

    2018-19 General NFL Thread

    I was just telling my cousins that. They want the Pats next week. Playoff Belichek and Brady are no joke.
  8. I see the Chargers showed up today
  9. Brandon

    2018-19 General NFL Thread

    I saw people jumping on the Chargers last minute to drop the line to 3.5. Saints still seems to be -8 Wish I would have jumped on the under yesterday of the Chiefs game. 55 in the snow and that cold should have been easy.
  10. Brandon

    Los Angeles Rams thread

    Great trade by KC dumping Peters
  11. Brandon


    So can you dudes that have had this done still yolk the ladies face or does it just dribble out like cumming for the fifth time in a day when you were 27?
  12. Mollys Game I was deep in the poker world when the real life story dropped. They did a good job with the movie.
  13. Brandon


    Completely different tone to the thread if he said it looked like a 14 year old ballsack
  14. Brandon

    2018-19 General NFL Thread

    The Colts could have used it. They had zero first downs until the final drive of the first half and only 21 yards of offense up to that point. something I don’t think I have ever seen, but they actually had negative yards passing up to that point. It was something like -9 or -4, I forget what they showed in the screen.
  15. Brandon


    Can’t you guys just nut in their mouth or on them like I do? It’s been very effective so far. I actually don’t really like the tickle feeling of nutting inside them.