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  1. If Phil keeps talking about the scale nonstop can we please just lock this thread up?
  2. Brandon

    Los Angeles Rams thread

    Rams are going to make me quite a bit of money this year. Them and the Chiefs have offenses that can put up points in anyone and hit the over. We do a pick’em league with confidence points and this was easily my 16 point game for week 2.
  3. Brandon

    2018-19 General NFL Thread

    That roughing call is why I can't take the NFL too serious. I can't get overly invested and handle shit like that. The refs were even trying to keep the Steelers in it yesterday but Mahomes dropped the hammer again. Haven't had a QB like this that I can ever remember....the Trent Green days were fun, but don't remember him slinging it around like this. Fun times for us Chiefs fans until we get bounced in the playoffs.
  4. Brandon

    Best bathroom you have dumped in

    The Jack in the Box in Costa Mesa on Newport Blvd. It's a little annoying to step over the homeless guy to shit, but it's not so bad when you realize you have company.
  5. Brandon

    GGG vs Canelo

    Anyone have a hook up for some of that contaminated carne asada?
  6. Came close last minute. My cousin came out from KC to play Torrey Pines and go to the game. I was going to grab tix last minute but had serious dental work on Friday, so I just watched it at home on Percocets. Equally fun without the traffic.
  7. Brandon

    Question re: cord cutting

    Whatever happened to the drive-thru dairy markets?
  8. Been doing this a lot recently and it transpired because I hate scalding hot temps and generally put a quarter ice in the cup to cool it down and not burn my mouth or tongue. Plus, it was just hot as hell this summer. Lately we have just been buying regular coffee in what looks like a simple orange juice or fruit juice container, and keep it in the fridge, pour it over ice, and add half and half which is a good fat. I dig it. Still prefer just plain old black coffee dumbed down on the temp side, but the better half likes these cold brew things we make in the morning every now and then to switch it up. I will admit I tried that Starbucks salted nitro cold thing they have as a new item and it was pretty good. But we also tried that new plant based protein smoothie thing and it tasted like absolute dog shit.
  9. Damn son. You’re an animal. sometimes it takes me multiple viewings to get caught up due to sleep deprivation....which the lady always asks, “didn’t we watch this?” Or “is this the same episode we will watch three times before you see it through?” I wish I watched it like you. Like all shows it has its lulls or slow parts, but the whole of the show to where it’s at now is really remarkable. They have a bunch of “oh shit!!” moments. Having now been caught up what do you think about it?
  10. Brandon

    Los Angeles Rams thread

    Read many reports saying Peters was the man of the match as he shutdown the Raiders WR the second half to where there were no completions his way. I still wish he was with the Chiefs and had a pick six yesterday. If they gel this team can go far. The key is to ride a good young QB on a rookie contract and pay everyone else as a supporting cast. The Chiefs are rocking the same model.
  11. You kids are in for a treat as it goes along. It starts to become like Breaking Bad.
  12. Damn. Deleting some pics indicates acting slutty? No wonder chicks act the way they do these days.
  13. Brandon

    2018-19 General NFL Thread

    Rodgers comeback was needed. Joined a very large and expensive pick'em league this year where we also play with confidence we have done here in the past with college football bowl games. I put a lot on GB last night and when I saw Deshone Kizer thought I was fucked considering NO lost to TB while being the biggest favorite of the weekend.
  14. Another fun one at Arrowhead West. Hearing the Chiefs chant from the crowd through the TV towards the end of the game had to be pretty embarrassing.
  15. Brandon

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    these have been the best. laughed hard at this one this morning.