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  1. Manpon We used to know this dude we called Mickey Manpon. Mic was the type of alcoholic that the alcohol always fucked his shit up and he would throw in a manpon. But the dude would walk around in basketball shorts and the thing would fallout. I’ll never forget one time we’re at the pub and gets up to take a piss and it falls out. My buddy and I start laughing as it’s blatantly there in plain sight for people to see. The bartender comes out to clean a bit and sees it on the ground. She picks it up and crumpled it while saying, “Why are people so messy and take care of their shit.” My buddy and I went from disgusted to literally laughing our ass off. True story that my buddy and I always have to bring up when we see each other.
  2. I’ve been eating hummus like a mad man and it’s actually a new revelation where I got stuck one night with a Mediterranean meal for dinner and tried it. Now I have the fridge stocked with those little hummus and pretzel to go packs and generally have that Sabra Supremely Spicy dish in the fridge with pita chips. I should look at healthier options, but the spicy ones and can’t seem to find them in packages like this outside of this brand.
  3. Brandon

    Thoughts and Prayers

    Naw, I'm a bit into it and it's good. There's too much to do and if you go about it trying to do everything or the side stuff you don't get the meat of it. But the response was to his comment of a constant battlefield....but I also know Larry was making the comment in jest. The map is huge though and with everything traveled on horseback it can be a bit tedious. Most of us have lives, families, kids, etc. so taking 20 minutes to play dominoes or doing one mission that takes 30 minutes can be a bit much.
  4. Brandon

    Must see places in Seattle?

    You forgot the AIR and Rosy Exhibit
  5. I knew I was missing something. Balsamic vinegar with the bacon is fantastic with brussel sprouts.
  6. Brandon

    Must see places in Seattle?

    Championship and Banner Museum
  7. That's what we did this past week. The lady and I like brussel sprouts and have them in our dinner rotation for veggies. If we want to go quick and easy we just cut them in quarters then sauté them in butter and garlic salt. We will tweak this every now and then, usually with different spices. A couple days ago we cooked up bacon and then sautéed them in the bacon grease. I feel like we also threw in almond shavings or some kind of seed for texture. Crumbled the bacon and mixed it in. It was damn good. About once a week we will sauté bacon and some veggie like asparagus in bacon and it always comes out solid. Easy to do, as well.
  8. Brandon

    Los Angeles Rams thread

    You’re overreacting (surprise, surprise). They score so many points and so quick that teams need to pass and throw the deep ball all game in an offensive league. Chiefs lead the league in offense and point differential but I think are last in defense. The yin and the yang which the Rams are in, as well. Plus the way the refs throw flags damn near every pass play (now let’s add the QB flags) and defenses don’t hold a chance. You just hope they bend and don’t break and come up with the 2-3 stops in needed situations a game. Chiefs only punt an average of two times a game but need to hold a couple times a game to have the point differential they have. product of the environment.
  9. Your first paragraph is what I think about. I think the Broncos have poor talent more than poor coaching, but there seems to be so many times or issues where you wonder how or why they let the other team score, march down the field, not make the right offensive play call per situation, or just use the right weapons. They look to be a team that fails and Joseph gets the axe at the end of the year.
  10. Brandon

    Los Angeles Rams thread

    There's a reason (which I mentioned) why he was traded. I never thought this would be the case, but maybe a win for the Chiefs in the trade.
  11. Not really. I think the line was -1. It wasn't a surprised I even won money on the Bolts. You're winning games but limited and well behind the four teams that can put up 40 a game. Enjoy the run though and you'll be one of the wild card teams.
  12. Brandon

    2018-19 General NFL Thread

    I can't peg the Jets or Redskins this season. I went undefeated last week in my pool, but generally when I pick or avoid either they do the opposite. Was in San Diego for a concert yesterday and went to a Chiefs bar in Old Town. Fun shit and an obvious win. Tied for the best record in the league with another cupcake next week in the Cardinals.
  13. I'm on the fence with House of Cards. I feel like it was getting weird and then the whole Kevin Spacey shit threw the show sideways. Probably will watch since I've already invested the time and it's the last season. Kind of a reluctant watch. It's been a long time too, so I don't even remember some of it.