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  1. Brandon

    "Tickets Sold" - 34,177 Monday night

    That will work. Like YK said with looking them in the eye, I used to even say, “Good seeing you again” like I was some reg. They just wave and smile, it’s hilarious. Which reminds me of one of my favorite feats at the Big A. I forget the Fan Fest and year we did it there, but I literally drove through the parking attendant for our pregame festivities and simply waved to the guy like I was supposed to be let in. I forget who all was in the SUV from this site but we all laughed out asses off and couldn’t believe I pulled it off.
  2. Brandon

    "Tickets Sold" - 34,177 Monday night

    I watched a little bit last night and was surprised how empty it was. I just watched this video of Trout's HR and there's about 20 people in the section to get the ball with the upper deck completely empty and about five people in LF behind the bullpen. Here is the video.
  3. Brandon

    "Tickets Sold" - 34,177 Monday night

    Just walk in with confidence like you know exactly where you are going and have both hands full with items and they have never asked, even when I did have seats in those areas.
  4. Brandon

    Game of Thrones

    Was overlooking all the prop bets. The only one that would have won was Tyrian not dying. The rest were losers and Vegas or whoever the bookie was pretty much nailed the bets and odds.
  5. Brandon

    Game of Thrones

    To be fair, he’d love it too
  6. Brandon

    Game of Thrones

    Of course some dude named Brandon was going to run this shit in the end.
  7. Brandon

    Game of Thrones

    Yeah, the Dany turning crazy arc is a long time coming. There are plenty of articles out there that show the progression. People are dense if they think this came out of the blue or was rushed. I'm not a writer nor am I going to tell anyone how to do their job, but I too thought they could have made this a full season opposed to what kind of feels like a rush to wrap it up. Maybe there are budget issues as this show is highly expensive. I don't mind this season, but the pacing versus previous seasons is noticeable.
  8. Brandon

    Oakland grants A's site for potential new stadium

    Lol. A surf pool in Washington DC.
  9. Brandon

    2020 Democratic Field

    Yes, cerebral palsy. It reads poorly but I meant the context to be that I thought he would be outside the box with his thinking and management of issues opposed to run of the mill politician antics. I thought he would be different in being a businessman opposed to a career politician. Like most, when he actually won I just hoped the economy would pick up and he wouldn’t have to do much to mess up. So far, so good as the media attention is in some pretty petty bullshit like tax returns opposed to him needing to make a decision to push the button.
  10. Brandon

    Any Ben Shapiro fans here?

    Yeah, I saw the video and let it go for 7 minutes before realizing nothing was going to happen. He's an intelligent dude that has some fundamental Jew religious concepts I don't agree with, but Joe Rogan pressed him on those and he digressed about a month or two ago....I feel like it was gays and how his friend was gay but he couldn't go to the wedding, but would go to the reception. He's not my cup of tea, but is pretty cerebral and straight forward. Very logical and straight forward.
  11. Brandon

    Game of Thrones

    100% I'm not a big social media dude or conversationalist anymore with strangers, but most of what I'm seeing is people mad that their ideas or interpretations aren't actual writing material for the show. I enjoy it for what it is. Some people seem to think the writers need to cater to their expectations or thought processes. Esquire is on my feed (back when it was more like GQ than a list of GoT articles for clicks) and they are the worst and most contrarian thing I've ever seen....even worse than ALF here. They just hate to hate and try and justify it. Just a shame. It's just a TV show.
  12. Brandon

    Kole Calhoun to paternity list, Rengifo up!

    Facking @Chuckster70 you racist asshole.
  13. Brandon

    2020 Democratic Field

    Yeah, not gonna lie, I did the Google Image search after seeing her. I think on the most pressing needs and general thought process of an ever changing economy/world that she did well. I didn't go through the whole site because it started asking questions about the issue I clicked on. My takeaway is that she is cerebral and thought provoking about major issues. But again, I thought the same of Trump and see he's just an asshole with a Twitter account. She made an impression (probably the whole reason she was on Joe Rogan's podcast which is probably the biggest in the world and does more numbers than CNN or various political or talk show types combined)
  14. Brandon

    2020 Democratic Field

    Fair play. I don't know much about her and was merely sharing, but at the same time appreciate Joe's ability to be open to everyone and simply opening the floor to discourse. I didn't know that about her and don't know her policies or direction, but thought as most (a casual listener and new person to the scene) that she came across well. Ironically, I think a poll for Dems came out today and has Biden way ahead......another old ass rich white guy that doesn't have a solution, but the NFL like political machine thinks will win. I do think some of her foreign policy does make sense. Even moreso that she was in the military and comes from that perspective.
  15. Brandon

    2020 Democratic Field

    Just finished and I'm interested. Gabbard seems competent. I know there tends to be some initial bias and saw that in myself after hearing Yang speak, but I also saw him on a hip hop radio program and he seemed to be pandering which was very Trump-esque. Gabbard had some great points of view and insight, but I always frown when someone is asked a tough question and responds with, "I don't know...." or something along the lines of, "that's why we need to have the conversation...." More positives than negatives to be taken by her. I like that she is running without PAC support and genuinely seems to be one for the people (I thought the same of Trump for both the same reasons). We shall see. I live in CA where my vote doesn't mean shit.....aka the state calling the vote for Hilary after 5% of the votes were tallied. I'm all for midlevel minded people even if they run Dem. as long as they are level headed opposed to that chick in NY that wants to crazy tax the rich and has all sorts of out of whack ideas.