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  1. jangel7

    Dan Straily anyone?

    Would Straily have pitched better than Cahill yesterday? They seem to be the same type of Pitchers to me. He would add depth, but I do not see him as any improvement really
  2. jangel7

    Why is optimism so hard?

    Career years from a few guys plus good health is always possible. So spring always brings Optimism for me. 50 years of watching this team has brought enough surprises and great moments that I can't help but overhype and dream of what could be each and every spring. Most years it fades by the All Star break, but I just can't help but be excited once again .
  3. jangel7

    Angels sign Cody Allen

    The question to me is what impact Doug White will have on these pitchers coming off down years. If he can have a consistent positive impact on the entire staff it could be a fun year.
  4. May 4th/ 4th inning/ single to right field of Leake/ Mike Trout scores
  5. Would love to see Jabari up soon!!
  6. jangel7

    Barria Prediction

    5 innings 7 Hits 4 ER No decision Angels win 7-6
  7. jangel7

    Pick 6

    Above Kinsler Bedrosian Heaney Below Cozart Parker Ohtani
  8. Nolan Ryan. My favorite memories of all time are littered with his accomplishments. Even named one of my sons after him.
  9. Pujols .270/ 30 HR/ 100 RBI Blake Parker 30+ saves Maldonado 20 HRs
  10. jangel7

    Angels to Acquire Justin Upton

    You wouldn't think so but contract year upticks seem to say different.
  11. jangel7

    Angels to Acquire Justin Upton

    With his opt out in play. How motivated will this guy be to perform during a pennant race and possible playoff appearance. I love this.
  12. jangel7

    Trout Fail

    Because he hits the ball harder than most, more often than most. He will naturally get out more than most on hard hit balls
  13. My First Live Season opener in 40 years!!!!!