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  1. Redondo

    RIP Tom Hatten

    RIP Tom
  2. Redondo

    RIP Dick Dale

    RIP Dick Surf music had it's own niche. I liked it.
  3. Redondo

    USC (and more)

    I went to a Bubba Gump's for dinner last night and watched the movie and this scene.
  4. Haven't seen that one yet. Not sure it's on Netflix Thanks for the heads up
  5. Suburra - new Italian show. Looks similar to Gommorah Dogs of Berlin - new Old list: Last Kingdom Hinterland The Five Frontier La Monte River Fauda Frankenstein Chronicles Marcella Turn Marco Polo Same Sky Under the Arctic Sky - Surfers in Iceland documentary. Good watch 40 minutes Bordertown Shetland The Forest Borderliner Red Road Occupied Collateral
  6. I'm looking for new ones also. I'll let you know if I find anything
  7. It does get better. Season 2 starts off slow and ends strong also.
  8. Just started season 2 of Rebellion About the Irish Easter Uprising starting in 1916.
  9. Just finished season 2 of The Break. Enjoyed it very much. Lot's of twists and turns to the plot to keep the interest going. Yoann Peters is one flawed Inspector, but follows through to the end. Once again an intense finale to end the season
  10. Redondo

    Random Links Thread

    California authorities caught a thief who was stealing from the “happiest place on earth.” California Highway Patrol officers said they recovered more than $10,000 worth of stolen Disneyland merchandise Friday after they pulled over a man who drove past a school bus with its red light flashing and stop sign displayed. The man, who was not identified, was driving a Nissan Sentra when he was pulled over in Rosamond, police said. The officer discovered not only was the man driving with a suspended license, but he also had a slew of stolen merchandise and drugs on him.
  11. Redondo

    The A Team