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  1. Rico


    If there is probable cause that they have committed felonies, absolutely.
  2. Rico


    Pretty sure this is a felony.
  3. The whole thing is strange.
  4. Rico

    Internet Free Speech Thread

    Devin Nunes is sueing a bunch of Twitter users for being mean to him.
  5. Many good Christians here.
  6. Cause some people are assholes and sometimes use their religion to justify their assholyness.
  7. The teacher strikes have been working recently.
  8. Rico


    More tweets for Lou and Blarg.
  9. Rico


    Trump in 2015. This is why the assholes love him.
  10. Rico


    OMG! A pack of lone wolves!
  11. So probably more charges at a later date? Because Mueller has the evidence. It was never supposed to be made public but it's all documented.
  12. Yes. He was found guilty. He is going to jail.