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  1. Sounds like the ex-husband was being a dick and reported that she stole his phone.
  2. At the very least the FBI can interview Mark Judge right now. It's one thing for him to make a blanket denial to the press, I'd like to hear what he would say when questioned by the FBI.
  3. It's illegal to lie to the FBI is what I mean.
  4. You talk about stall tactics, but why are Republicans in such a hurry to get this guy confirmed? You waited more than a year and didn't even give Garland a hearing but can't wait another week or two for the FBI to investigate the merits of the allegation? You guys seem super scared of the FBI asking people questions under oath.
  5. In his yearbook Kavanaugh called himself the treasurer of the "Keg City Club - 100 Kegs or Bust" https://www.bustle.com/p/this-old-brett-kavanaugh-speech-about-drunk-partying-resurfaced-with-the-recent-allegation-11972421 I don't know guys, maybe Kavanaugh just has a drinking problem and really doesn't remember attempting to rape a girl.
  6. It's common as part of FBI vetting to investigate matters that don't qualify as federal crimes. Clarence Thomas was investigated over the Anita Hill allegation.
  7. But also becsuse Kavanaugh is a liar, liar, pants on fire.
  8. Right. But the FBI does do background checks on supreme court nominees. Seems like their job is not done.
  9. It's almost like Republicans aren't talking the allegations seriously. Can't even be bothered to have the FBI ask a few questions on the issue.
  10. That is not saying she is unwilling to testify under oath. All that says is she wants the FBI to investigate first.
  11. Would be nice if he testified under oath.
  12. Sorry, my mistake. I don't know if she was even drinking. I do know Mark Judge is a self professed teenage alcoholic.
  13. Republicans voted in a reality TV celebrity to be the head of the party.