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  1. hk47

    AT&T in talks to buy Directv

    Culvers is good, though
  2. I prefer 8, but that never happens. I can be fine on 5.
  3. hk47

    Hip Hop

    Good idea.
  4. hk47

    WTF is with this bleeping weather?

    Yep. January is the worst month in the midwest.
  5. Insidious 2 - 8/10 Not too shabby. It got me with some of the loud noises. Better than the 1st.
  6. hk47

    Social media Peyt's Mom peeves

    The only thing that really bothers is me is the people that say "ugh, (random vague complaint)" and then when somebody asks what's wrong they reply with "oh nothing" Why the **** would you post it for everybody to see then?
  7. hk47

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Online is still really spotty. My friend was able to get through for a little bit. Kinks aren't worked out yet I guess.
  8. I like how it ended neatly. Walt has always had a plan, but has always had to deviate from it due to something unexpected happening. Finally in his biggest moment of the series, everything goes his way and he goes out happy.
  9. Well got that first half right
  10. That was ****ing perfect. Absolutely perfect finale.
  11. My wrong prediction: Walt takes out Nazis (with help?) Jesse kills Todd Walt and Jesse have face to face, Jesse points gun at Walt, but lets him leave (something along those lines) Walt takes ricin Walt gets arrested/turns himself in and confesses to everything Walt dies Not sure about Lydia or Grey Matter (maybe just thrown in to bring Heisenberg back?)
  12. I think they're making it too obvious about the ricin being for Lydia, though. She always makes sure she has enough stevia, which the ricin could easily be put in one of those packets. Who knows, though. They pumped the brakes with this episode, so I imagine next week is gonna go all out.
  13. Wouldn't she not be accountable since he made it seem like she was under duress?