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  1. New Trout Pr0n

    I saw that movie some time ago too Ray. It's really good, I highly recommend it as well.
  2. SI Cover -- Cancel everything...

    The biggest hex in baseball, and we draw it.
  3. The last roster spot

    We are talking about Cowart being a utility player, not a starting third baseman. We have Zach Cozart to fill that role this year. Although he may not be equivalent to Glaus either.
  4. The last roster spot

    I think you guys are writing off Cowart way too soon. He is 25, an above average fielder with the skills to play multiple positions, a patient switch hitter, and has some speed. There is only one question, can he hit well enough to hold down a spot on this roster. Let Hinske work with him this year, and let's see if he can show some improvement. Setting the hitting aside, he's a perfect utility player. I don't think he is going to improve just by being at Salt Lake this year, if the team can't improve him up here I think someone will have an interest in him at another team. Some of you want a big, reliable hitter in the utility spot. It's really hard to do that in the utility position where you are playing on such an irregular basis. Do you think Marte can do that, at the expense of average fielding and slower speed? Also, we are going to probably break camp with Chris Young in the outfield utility role, do you really think he is much better than Cowart offensively? Young is not equivalent to Cowart defensively at the positions he plays.
  5. Countdown to regular season opener

    Okay, here is the original.....
  6. My bold predictions: 1. Upton will hit 40+ home runs 2. Valbuena will finally burst , be released and replaced by Carter by the All Star Break. 3. Barria will start at least 10 games for the Angels this year. 4. Pujols will hit 20+ home runs, get seriously injured late in the year, and then retire by season end. 5. Blake Parker will save 38+ games.
  7. Countdown to regular season opener

    I understand, you like them harder and perkier, not softer?