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  1. tomsred

    Bullpen Volatility 101...

    It’s only obvious because you are using hindsight. Nothing much in baseball is obvious if it involves prediction. Not even Mike Trout when 25 other teams passed on him in the draft.
  2. tomsred

    What do you feel is management's plan?

    I think they are in "we will make a trade or sign someone if it helps now and long term." They are quickly working our way out of signing rentals for help this year only. They know what their weaknesses are better than anyone on here. After the All Star break we will probably see some veteran players dropped (DFA'd) in favor of playing some of our better prospects. (Sorry Boogie Man, I didn't see your post before I drafted and posted mine, but I agree totally with you.)
  3. tomsred

    Happy Birthday Robert & Thomas!

    It's Goofy.
  4. tomsred

    7.5 GB of the 2nd wildcard

    I don't understand why it's such a great opportunity. The teams wanting to make trades are looking to dump salaries, gain good prospects, and are generally in this position because they have piss poor players who have under performed to date.
  5. tomsred

    Happy Birthday Robert & Thomas!

    Don't be fooled, it's just eye candy.
  6. tomsred

    Several Moves Today - None of which are good.

    Two questions, does Salt Lake have enough players tonight to play tonight, and when does the chartered plane arrive at John Wayne (for those who want to cheer the replacements on)?
  7. This thread is nothing, the action is in the thread entitled "Several Moves Today - None of which are good." That one is like reading a book entitled "Reading Trip Itineraries for Fun and Profit".
  8. Probably the next guy up would be John Lamb.
  9. No you wouldn't, LOL.
  10. tomsred

    Trout for Life and No Rings or WS Champs?

    2002 was not an aberration, LOL. It really happened.
  11. tomsred

    Is it time to move Trout @lineup

    The problem still remains, we don't have an acceptable lead off hitter. Kinsler is not consistent enough. Maybe Fletcher can develop into that guy, but it is too much to put on his plate at this moment.
  12. tomsred

    Day off tomorrow

    I think there will be some moves made, but probably not until the current road trip ends. Of course they will have to make some decisions about replacing Richards and Cozart, but not before the severity of the injuries are fully known. After 2-3 more are pulled from Salt Lake, the depth is going to be pretty thin. Simmons, Calhoun, and Cowart returning from injury will help that process somewhat though, at least with regard to getting some warm bodies with experience is concerned.
  13. tomsred

    Day off tomorrow

    That is one thing I can guarantee you will not happen. LOL if you really think a consecutive 19 year manager with one team is going to get fired mid-season.