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  1. tomsred

    Taylor Ward

    Ward hasn't had enough AB's to warrant any definite conclusions. I wouldn't trade him yet. He's not the finished product in my opinion, let's see if he can adjust and improve his offensive consistency, and defensive play.
  2. tomsred

    Is Adell really that good?

    I had someone tell me that they would trade Adell for the "right" player, straight up. He works at my local grocery store, begging groceries, and he hates athletic black guys with bushy eyebrows.
  3. tomsred

    Is Adell really that good?

    At some point you have to roll the dice with your most promising prospects, it's the only way to get cost controlled superior talent and take a jump forward. You are not going to screw someone in a trade, and it's not likely to be cheap. And we have discussed free agents to death. The only other source is the international market, that can be really expensive as well for top talent, and everyone is in on it. We don't know enough about Adell to suddenly give up on what he could bring to the party.
  4. tomsred

    Simmons Wins Gold Glove

    He joins Omar Visquel as the only two players to win multiple gold gloves in both leagues, .....impressive!
  5. tomsred

    Is Carpino pulling the strings?

    If they weren’t somebody would be out of a job, either John or Billy. I could hear Arte telling them that, LOL.
  6. tomsred

    Is Carpino pulling the strings?

    That would be good, Fletch needs to interview Carpino and ask him just exactly what it is that does everyday, LOL. He’s probably the bad guy when it comes to delivering bad news from Arte to baseball operations so Arte can continue a civil relationship with Eppler., or something equivalent to that. Of course there is the finance, ticketing, promotional, community relations side of the business that must also report to him in some way. He probably also gets the brunt of the Stadium operations and negotiation with the City of Anaheim.
  7. tomsred

    Ausmus's Coaching Staff

    Fans are pretty fickle, they like complaining best.
  8. tomsred

    Ausmus's Coaching Staff

    I wasn't suggesting that he would give full reigns to Ausmus, but I would think Eppler would want candidates that Ausmus also approved of since Ausmus would be working with that person daily. Like all bosses Eppler can veto or strongly suggest a person, but I think the Angels get input from a lot of people in the organization on personnel and coaches, it isn't just up to one individual.
  9. tomsred


    It's kind of sad when all you have as a plan is to follow the herd mentality. They should be off thinking outside the box, and how to leap frog their competition, not trying to copy it.
  10. tomsred

    Is Carpino pulling the strings?

    There is a vast difference between public and private companies (like the Angels). In private companies lots of weird organizational structures can be set up and work. In a private company, decision making can be always be interceded by the owner. How the structure is set up usually never gets disclosed as an owner thinks it's probably never anyone's business outside of the organization. I have a feeling that Arte is probably not too big on a fixed structure, and has his non operations guys like Carpino, and the operational side that Eppler heads. How the two areas exist and interact is kind of a mystery to the public. This is nothing like a public company business where you usually have a defined and set organizational structure, public shareholders, and an annually elected board of directors, plus all of your financial information is a matter of public record and disclosed in a consistent way that is dictated by the SEC. I am used to the public way as I had a 35 year career in public companies, and was a corporate director for 16 more years. I was never fond of working in a private company setting as way too much was up to the integrity, leadership, and personality of the owner. In a big sense there can be sticky situations that arise due as the absence of checks and balances found in public companies simply don't exist in a lot of private companies. It's a big part of the reason that our current U.S. President runs into so many difficulties, he came from a structure where he did everything his way into a world where there are checks and balances, public disclosures and a structured organization, and is answerable to the entire population that he serves, not dictate to it.
  11. tomsred

    Ausmus's Coaching Staff

    Why do you assume that Eppler is making all of these picks? Ausmus has a big say in who his coaches are going to be, Eppler isn't just coming up with these guys and then putting them in place for Ausmus. I never heard of a GM doing that.
  12. Gio Gonzalez - 3 years, $30 million total Joe Kelly - 3 years, $24 million total Daniel Murphy - 2 years, $12 million total
  13. tomsred

    Angels hire Doug White for Pitching Coach

    Well done, Bravo!
  14. tomsred

    Dreams of Ohtani in the World Series

    .....all diamonds of course.