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  1. tomsred

    Dallas Keuchel

    I don't want him. Let's see where we are at the All Star break. Someone else will be available if we need them then. I would rather have a couple of decent relievers now, or at least a solid closer.
  2. tomsred

    Happy New Year!

  3. For you Tank, Marlene with surgical gloves.....
  4. Chances of happening shown in bold.
  5. tomsred

    Wake up, Eppler

    I think a lot of Eppler's thinking is that if he can start with a team that has a reasonable chance at success, then it postpones the decision as to throwing all his chips on the table until he sees what can be accomplished as far as positioning for a playoff, and post season push. I'm not sure he is operating with a short term budget as much as he is positioning himself for a successful start while conserving funds for a big push in July/August, if the team is really in the race. I still think he will do everything he can right now not to give up farm talent, and draft picks. Try to stay in contention as long as possible, and make a push later if things are working out.
  6. I obviously don't know for sure, but Arte strikes me as the kind of person who thinks he can sit down with someone for a few hours, look him in the eyes, and get straight answers. That's not really doing effective due diligence. When you are entrusting the future success of your organization heavily in a person you have to be damn sure all angles are checked out thoroughly. Surely Eppler knows this, he doesn't strike me as someone who wouldn't run a major player acquisition thoroughly through the complete organizational wringer. That means interviews with multiple people, and substantive background checks by people who check out this kind of thing for a living. My opinion is that Eppller is the best we have had since Stoneman, the other two blokes in between were pretty worthless, in retrospect.
  7. tomsred

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas to all of you Angel peeps.
  8. tomsred

    Would you trade Pujols for.......

    Pujols isn't going anywhere, I don't want him to do anything other than finish his contract (if he can). As the team has indicated, he will have to fight for playing time from here on out. I trust that Ausmus and Eppler can manage that.
  9. He will retire the rally monkey, making him obsolete by dominating come from behind wins.
  10. tomsred

    Remaining Starting Pitchers Available

    Maybe a better way of tackling this problem is to assemble the strongest bullpen possible.
  11. What if the Angels have moved to Mexico City, and haven't told anyone?"
  12. It's just you, holding that perfect glass of beer, compact and powerful, LOL.