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  1. tomsred

    Arm Mismanagement

    Starting tomorrow conspiracy theory #2698, The Angels are making their players sleep in hotel beds that harm their bodies.
  2. tomsred

    Trevor Rosenthal

    I agree Doc, the best time to that is when the results don't matter as much. Virtually all players have to learn to adjust in the majors, I think our younger pitchers all showed some good signs. As long as they are not permanently discouraged they eventually will be the better for it.
  3. tomsred

    Do we contend in 2020?

    Sure, sign him up.....
  4. tomsred

    No relief in sight

    No, it's not. However, no team can plan for catastrophic physical failure of its pitchers similar to what the Angels have experienced. You would be putting too much money and resources into the pitching staff alone if you could design it, and this would lead to catastrophic failure among the position players and their development. Until this team can identify 8-10 starting pitchers with enough durability to get through a season, it will remain almost impossible to accomplish their goals.
  5. tomsred

    I had no idea that this was even happening

    Brothels, it's the Brothels.
  6. tomsred

    Gerrit Cole seems to be a must signing.

    I guess it might come down to whether you want to be an equal in very good rotation, or if you want to be "the key piece" in the rotation. If the latter you will get the big games, and everything gets structured around you. He also gets to play with the best player in the game, and in front of family and friends where he grew up. If he has no confidence in the Angels' plan, front office or his teammates, then the Angels will not get him. Eppler fired up Ohtani and Trout and they seem committed, I think there is a chance he can do it with Cole. But it's hard to handicap the chances at this point. Right now he's not thinking about any of that, he wants to win the World Series with Houston. I'm not sure how Houston views it, but I would venture to guess that Verlander and Greinke are numbers 1 and 2 respectively based on their veteran experience. Cole fits more into their future than either of those veterans however. The big wild card is Boras, he will throw a monkey wrench into the best of plans.
  7. tomsred

    Gerrit Cole seems to be a must signing.

    If he signs here, it might be for the same reasons Ohtani signed here. That one didn't sound very realistic either, did it?
  8. tomsred

    How is this possible?

    I don't see the Astros on the list among the top 15 worst, so they must have had less than half what the Angels have anyway.
  9. tomsred Members!!

    Great post Chuck! So glad to hear you grandson is doing well, we don't need more negative news. Too much trauma with the team, and throughout US society right now. We need to support each other, and build for brighter times.
  10. tomsred

    It's time to try some tribal rituals.

    Here you go, just shake this shit outta your head........
  11. tomsred

    Eppler Polls

    Would you be okay with two more years of losing records if we made the playoffs in those two years? I would be okay if no player dies, or suffers a career ending injury. .
  12. tomsred

    Patrick Sandoval

    So you're saying that there isn't any need to sign G. Cole this off season, his replacement arrived early tonight. I would get confused anyway between G. Cole and T. Cole on the same team, at least they would have different numbers, I think.
  13. tomsred

    Eppler Polls

    Why are we evaluating Eppler, isn't this Arte's job? Or Carpino's? I am proud of you guys, two pages and no one misspelled polls as poles.
  14. tomsred

    Our current rotation

    Watch out Boston, the end is near.....