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  1. You mean you actually can get paid for doing this?
  2. tomsred

    Simmons a trade candidate?

    In 74 AB's in Mobile - .206/.257/.294/.557, that's some stinky stuff.
  3. Monterey, Mexico, Ugh! I don't go anywhere where there are volcanoes, and this looks suspicious. Think of it as the Earth barfing lots of carbon, that's very bad. Four of the the last five mass extinction events had these suckers heavily involved.
  4. That's interesting, I noticed that glove right away last night. I actually have about the same Rawlings Glove. It's a Gold Glove Series that I've had for about 8-9 years. The only difference is that my glove's webbing is a wider weave, and his is closed in. I liked it so well that even though I don't play anymore, it's the only one I still have because it's my all time favorite.
  5. tomsred

    Predict Canning's line tonight

    Exactly, like it or not the game has definitely changed. Maybe someday starters will become obsolete? Might be the best way to combat injuries.
  6. tomsred

    Predict Canning's line tonight

    No, I want to be happy when he is done tonight, I figure this is a pretty low bar that he has a reasonable chance of overcoming.
  7. A great job for a great man! Best of luck to you Tim.
  8. tomsred

    Predict Canning's line tonight

    Late Scratch, elbow discomfort. Bedrosian opens, goes two innings and gives up 3 runs.
  9. tomsred

    Lowest strikeout rates in baseball

    LOL, a couple of weeks ago this board was ready to lynch him.
  10. And I miss 2003 Pujols. That's just about as relevant.
  11. Vlad Jr. will probably go 0-5, Canning will be out of the game after giving up 5 runs in two innings, and Rengifo will go 4-5 in our 9-8 win.
  12. tomsred

    This depresses me.

    Look at it this way, if we had Vlad Jr., Trout and Ohtani, Jerry might have committed suicide.
  13. tomsred


    Yes, Eppler traded CJ Cron for him. We could have used them both. Although this year, CJ's numbers = Pujols' numbers, but he gets paid about $24M less to play for the Twins.
  14. tomsred

    Brad Ausmus

    This is almost all about pitching. We don't have it, didn't really address it in the offseason, and there's not much hope to get it, at least in this year.
  15. tomsred

    Game day 4/25/19 - Luis Rengifo debut

    He is, they have selected the "reverse option" for the batting order tonight.