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  1. We've had the greatest player on earth for several years now, without the full cast it hasn't netted much at all. Let's hope that changes soon. Color me as "cautiously optimistic."
  2. 2018 Fantasy Golf League

    Sorry about your week Tank. Hopefully things will get better for you soon.
  3. Oh no, here comes "common knowledge"...., LOL".
  4. I think the team will use Spring Training as an evaluation ground on Hermosillo and Young. If they are comfortable they can handle it on an emergency basis, fine. If not, we have prospects and there still are plenty of free agents to tap. Actually I would rather see them focus on relief pitching, looking for improvement where they can effectively get them.
  5. Wow, that's a shocker -- RIP Rob!
  6. I want him really bad as well, I think Reed is a perfect fit for our bullpen.
  7. Longest Playoff Drought...

    ............and usually we are left picking up and bagging the smelly shit.
  8. AngelsWin Mount Scioscia

    Well this wasn't too sloppy, quite the contrary in that it propelled us into the World Series.
  9. Bob, I think you are going down the wrong path with this one. I found that everything Scioscia, and the rest of Angels organization did in the circumstances of his Adenhart's death was quite exemplary. Actually their handling of the entire incident was one of the organization's finest moments. So my advice to you would be to climb off this one, or else follow Blarg's advice. Short of that I'm sure we can find a path for you to vent your frustrations on this matter elsewhere.
  10. I can't see the Angels ever putting Ausmus in the dugout to manage. Josh Paul maybe, Eppler has a historically stronger connection there. You are fooling yourself if you think either of those two are going to do something that Scioscia cannot do. But have a good time speculating.
  11. Four more moves

    Two additional relievers will do it for me, Addison Reed + one other.
  12. AngelsWin Mount Rushmore

    I've made careful note of the fact that no one wants to put ANAHEIMBOB on Mt. Rushmore. Come on guys South Dakota deserves a visionary.
  13. Four more moves

    I would respond to the original question, but why do I believe that there will always be four additional moves that need to be made.
  14. Stick to one, he can't handle complex situations.
  15. 1. Because three starting pitchers get injured in Spring Training and can't pitch in April.