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  1. Then you give him an extra $10M a year for being smart enough to eat at Jersey Mike's instead of Taco Bell, thus giving a much better chance at surviving long enough to finish the contract.
  2. Ward getting a breather tonight, he could probably use it at this point. It's a pretty intense time for rookies looking to establish themselves.
  3. In my book almost all of it falls on Jerry's head. With regard to your question about who the next manager should be, I want whoever Arte and Eppler wants it to be. This organization is far better run today under Eppler than Dipoto ran it at any point. I think there are some good candidates if Scioscia is replaced. Good luck to whoever it is.
  4. tomsred

    Trash Pandas Logo

    Probably not, in all seriousness it's better to stick with the cute and innocent look. Here's one...
  5. tomsred

    Trash Pandas Logo

    Actually, I am kind of partial to this one.....
  6. Wait, a few moments ago you said "every dollar counts."
  7. tomsred

    Jaime Barria

    .....and stay healthy, so far anyway.
  8. The jerseys are going to sell like hotcakes. Can't wait to see them.
  9. Personally, I would have him only hit and play a position. Pitching is a very risky business. The guy could be a Hall of Famer just hitting and playing first and right/or field. He has speed and is great at stealing bases. The biggest problem is getting some durable top flight pitching in here, i.e. rebuilding our pitching staff without Ohtani. I can't think of a greater player perfectly suited to protecting Trout, and Trout's intentional walks have to be reduced. That will only be by someone like Ohtani hitting behind him. That's the best we can hope for next year anyway for sure. If he still wants to pitch starting in 2020 then that can be evaluated at that time. Eppler's task is to make the pitching staff non-dependent on having Ohtani included. That's not easy, but that is an important task on his list of to do's. In my mind the only time I see it as a big advantage for him to pitch is in games in NL parks where he can hit and pitch in the same game, giving us an extra hitter in those games. There is nothing guaranteed about Tommy John surgery. I think we take it for granted that pitchers come back stronger than ever. Sometimes pitchers have had to endure multiple UCL procedures to continue their career, and sometime it doesn't work well at all. If I were Ohtani (which I am not) I wouldn't want to risk it all, but since he is such a great hitter he maybe should consider taking the more likely route to success. It's a tough decision, but is both hitting and pitching that great of a feat worth risking a career, or is it a novelty to be admired. I'm glad I'm not making the ultimate decisions on this one. Influencing the decisions here is just what the organization plans to do this off season, and that's a big mystery right now.
  10. tomsred

    Shohei Ohtani Has New UCL Damage

    Nothing is a slam dunk in any surgery, no matter how routine it has become these days. I wouldn't expect anything for sure.
  11. tomsred

    Shohei Ohtani Has New UCL Damage

    The silver lining is that if he can hit effectively he might be just as valuable to the Angels in 2019. This year he has less than half of the AB's compared to Trout, and if you double his home run and RBI totals he would surpass Trout in those categories. Get the surgery done, and get ready for a full year of hitting, I like it.
  12. tomsred

    Shohei Ohtani Has New UCL Damage

    What it also does is move up on the list of priorities signing a #1or #2 starting pitcher who is durable. It is better to know that now rather then later. Gives us a full shot to find one this off season. September is not turning out to be a wasted month, the team is getting questions answered so that corrective actions can be initiated.
  13. tomsred

    Shohei Ohtani Has New UCL Damage

    It was not as dumb as just throwing 49 pitches, he threw quite a few more than that getting ready to pitch in bullpen sessions, simulated prep work against hitters, etc. He probably threw at least a couple of hundred. I know we are all frustrated by this news, but to blame it on the medical staff is kind of stupid. But if it helps the venting process, go for it.
  14. tomsred

    Pre-Game Fight in Mariners Clubhouse

    Oh that's so macho, but just who are you going to give those keys to son? The whole episode should take about 10 minutes at most, and when the thrill wears off what are you going to bitch about next?
  15. Blash may find the trash if he doesn't stop swinging at air.