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  1. Server Maintenance last night

    No, he needs a real attorney, not a fixer,
  2. A bunt single to beat the shift.
  3. Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Rangers (4/10/18)

    Ha, ha, Scioscia threw that one in just for the bitchers!
  4. Fletcher MLB rules question!

    Why risk Ohtani pinch running at all? It would be silly to see him injured pinch running when he has so much more value pitching and hitting. I think Jeff is correct.
  5. JC Ramirez to have TJ surgery

    I also feel sorry for JC. This is why you stay well under the salary cap for now. If the team can manage to handle the injuries and stay in the race, then it will have the resources to sign someone mid season.
  6. Jaime Barria - MLB call up

    Barria is being called up tomorrow (Tuesday), and he will start on Wednesday, just to clarify.
  7. Dodgers Nation...

    None of them. We could get three younger players at $12M AAV each and be way ahead.
  8. 2018 Fantasy Golf League

    I want a recount!
  9. The Hero or the Goat

    It's kind of heartless to pile on an injured pitcher, but he has to receive medical treatment, get healthy, and then rehab in Salt Lake. I voted him the goat anyway. Bring up Barria and Heaney. Ohtani has a chance to give us a big lift tomorrow. Hey Doc, I like this thread after each game. Maybe you can keep track, and talley it up as the season goes along. Great idea anyway.
  10. JC Ramirez with forearm tightness

    The stem cell and PRP injections were for his elbow ligaments I think, it sounds like this is forearm tightness. I am not a doctor, maybe someone with more medical expertise can comment on this being related to last season's injury?
  11. Let's Play the "ON PACE" Game!

    1,000,000 Ohtani jersey's sold.
  12. Gameday 4/6/18 A's @ Angels

    Lightning doesn't strike twice in the same spot, better to move a little.
  13. Gameday 4/6/18 A's @ Angels

    Yep, better to leave him behind Valbono, with no protection Valbono's batting average might dip below .100.
  14. Gameday 4/6/18 A's @ Angels

    Joyce is going to make a miraculous recovery when he sees the yellow lowered right field home run line.
  15. Where is Kaleb Cowart?

    I love how you guys write off a player as useless, but actually think that you can trade him for something actually useful. Most GM's aren't dumb, with the exception of the one in Seattle.