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  1. The caption under the picture says that he is being traded "just hours before the All-Star Game."
  2. tomsred

    All Star Gameday Thread 07/17

    Mike Trout and Albert Pujols.
  3. So, does this mean that Simmons replaces Manny on the AL All Star Roster? He has some flying to do if he's going to make the game.
  4. He's a Padres fan, it's killing him that the Angels have Trout and Ohtani, and the Padres are still doinking around with pretty much nothing. He hates Pujols, the organization, ownership and coaching staff. Yet he is an expert on what ails this team, LOL.
  5. tomsred

    The manager

    Rule #2: If you must use your full name to troll at least have the common sense to capitalize your last name. But "cammon", where else would I have learned that there is a city in America called "Saint Lewis." I can't wait for him to spell the last name of the current Los "Angeles" Angels manager.
  6. tomsred

    The manager

    Hey, sometimes evolution just doesn't work, and life ends up in a dead end street. It's a good thing there are extinction events every now and then, it helps to clear up the mess.
  7. tomsred

    Used Baseballs

    Try getting them from Morris altalef, he has lots of facebook friends in Saint Lewis.
  8. tomsred

    Trout's power.....

    I lived in San Diego for 14 years, if you think the Padres are a better run organization you're a nut case. Hey, we get it. You hate the Angels' organization, ownership, manager and most of the players. You never watch them play. So why are you bothering with this message board. Seems to me you should make the drive to Petco, and enjoy the Padres, and talk baseball with them.
  9. tomsred

    The manager

    What, you aint never been to Saint Lewis, Mizury? I guess I am under the mistaken impression that schools were actually teaching basic communication skills in this country. I can see that is simply not the case. It's kind of sad really.
  10. tomsred

    Tony Reagins sighting!!

    Where did his belt buckle go to anyway?
  11. Interesting that you stopped following the Angels in 2017 yet you are interested enough to check in on obscure threads in a Angels message board to comment on the subject. It's like reaching into the garbage can when no one is looking and plucking out a used brownie to eat.
  12. I think there should be a qualification for posting in this need at least 630 major league home runs, or a written letter from Mike Trout that you are an expert on Albert Pujols.
  13. LOL, how is he going to increase his trade value? Only think I can think of is that someone likes the way he flips his bat.