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  1. The last sentence says it all. With first base open, the Rangers elected to pitch to Mike Trout, who delivered an RBI single to right field. Claudio came back to retire Albert Pujols on a routine groundout, ending the game.
  2. Albert does not worry about his career average when riding........
  3. Are there payment options if my Obamacare doesn't cover the costs? I would be shocked if it didn't. It is a clear case of Post Traumatic Scioscia Disorder.
  4. Is it time to add?

    Obviously you missed the Angels in the 70's and 80's. The long term success this organization enjoyed during the Scioscia tenure resulted from patience and a well developed farm.
  5. Scioscia's handling of the BP tonight

    I feel like Scioscia was baiting AngelsWin with those moves.
  6. Gameday Thread 8/20 Angels @ Orioles

    yep. Raise your hand if surprised.
  7. See you in 2021........

    F'n amazing. What else can go wrong this season? ...fortunately, Nolasco and Chavez remain healthy.....
  8. Unleash the Herm?

    Where do we line up at?
  9. Great Baseball Quotes

    I believe that is a reference to an interview by Johnny Carson with Arnold Palmer on the Tonight Show. Palmer was asked what his secret was and he replied that his wife would kiss his balls the night before golf tournaments.
  10. Espinosa on release waivers....

    Only took the Mariners 28 days to figure that out.
  11. Umpire Lives Matter

    Being competent requires knowledge and experience while being professional requires a different set of knowledge, experience as well as restraint. Umpires make mistakes whether they are competent or not. It is difficult to find people who are both competent and professional in today's world....look no further than the White House, or your legislators, or your bosses, or your co-workers.
  12. Umpire Lives Matter

    Players should also publicly recognize umpires that do a good job. At this point, the players simply look like complainers. I think MLB should let the players, coaches and managers determine which umpires work the playoffs and world series and pay them well for the honor. At work, I feel like I am on Angel Hernandez's umpiring crew.
  13. I believe both Trout and Moreno will regret it if Trout does not play his entire career with the Angels. Take the Yankees as an example. They have had many great players but the ones that are held in the highest regard by the organization and fans are players who were Yankees for their entire career. Trout strikes me as someone who understands the concept of being an organization legend while Moreno strikes me as someone who understands marketing. Seems like a perfect match.
  14. Dodgers get Granderson for Cash and PTBNL

    Thread title should read: Mets get CASH and PTBNL for Granderson