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  1. The Official 2017 MLB Playoffs Thread

    You are the only one posting.... Loser.
  2. The Official 2017 MLB Playoffs Thread

    I want to watch the game but it is unlistenable....... Am I the only one thinking I am watching the YES network?
  3. Rough year for Angel fans

    The announcers would be announcing with every play that they.....
  4. Scioscia on protesting during the anthem

    That's because the NFL represents 'Merica values, like felony assaults, domestic violence, drug use.... Fans should be kneeling hoping for a product that is not grounded in violence against women. Something, something cast the first stone.
  5. Per Chuck's Request

    Shouldn't you be kneeling?
  6. Wanted: Angels hitting coach

    So you are suggesting more of a breeding program approach....
  7. Wanted: Angels hitting coach

    Can I assume that being the bench coach under Scoscia helps Dino more than being a bench coach under a manager with less success?
  8. It's Official

    Nice jinx, Lou. Now, Cubs in 7.
  9. World's Shortest Books

    No. See Tomsred's post. The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution did something more sinister.
  10. Wanted: Angels hitting coach

    I do not understand why Dino Ebel is of interest to Detroit. Someone please help me understand since I am not around him, never been around him and only see him on tv. I have never read anything crediting Dino with doing anything. I assume he fills some significant role as the bench coach, but not sure what and how that relates to having managerial potential.
  11. I just hope it works out better than the last left fielder the Angels signed for similar money.
  12. Scioscia on protesting during the anthem

    Just want to point out this is really an employment issue as much as a marketing issue for the NFL. Jerry Jones is well within his rights to limit his employees ability to express their freedom of speech during their workday. As consumers of the product, power to make change exists only in the form of lost revenue. Unless you are a disconnected fucking moron parading as the POTUS.
  13. Wanted: Angels hitting coach

    I hope you are correct. I have no idea who would be a candidate as well as the attributes that qualified candidates would possess. I have more faith in Eppler than any of the previous 3 GMs in making this decision.
  14. The Official 2017 MLB Playoffs Thread

    It is so difficult to listen to the announcers drone on and on about the fucking Yankees.