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  1. eligrba

    Cozart for Gray?

    How do the salaries align?
  2. eligrba

    Jean Segura?

    It did make a difference to the future roster and still impacts decisions being made today. It was Dibozo at his best and we all approved. Hope Seattle enjoys their GM and manager for a very long time.
  3. eligrba

    Decision on Next Manager

    They both contain greasy things. They both arrive in a container to maintain freshness. They both are generally red in color. The comparison could work.
  4. That is not a coincidence. The Astros organization does many things well.
  5. No you do not.....sometimes the numbers are telling the truth. Exhibit A:
  6. I wish for a rotation with Barria being the 5th starter. I like Barria and he would be a really good 5th starter.
  7. eligrba

    Umpire Lives Matter

    I will take the over.
  8. eligrba

    Eppler is aggressive in November

    Thanks for restating my point for the learning impaired.
  9. eligrba

    Eppler is aggressive in November

    You must have been a trader at Goldman Sachs just before the great bailout.
  10. eligrba

    Eppler is aggressive in November

    I would want the same deal the Rangers got when they took back Hamilshit from the Angels for Grienke.
  11. No team is really a champion unless they are from Boston or New York.
  12. Just wait until Bergman finds out that their championship last year has an asterisk attached.
  13. They both have been over-turned.