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  1. eligrba

    Wake up, Eppler

    Not worried.
  2. ...and it would mean that someone else would be in charge of the Mariners. WE WANT JERRY!! WE WANT JERRY!!
  3. eligrba

    Yusei Kikuchi

    My bad. Cancel previous transmission.
  4. eligrba

    Yusei Kikuchi

    Why? The Angels have enough pitchers on the disabled list.
  5. eligrba

    Bryce Harper to the Dodgers?

    Wrong. It is because narcissistic entitled millennials see him as a representative for their generation. Old age and treachery always beats youth with great hair.
  6. eligrba

    Yusei Kikuchi

    Get ready for Yankee butthurt 2019!!
  7. Bullshit. Bour will be the one fighting for at bats. Frankly, they both should be further down the depth charts. Pujols-2018 WAR 0.5 BA .245 HR 19 RBI 64 OPB .289 SLG .411 OPS .700 Bour-2018 WAR 0.6 BA .227 HR 20 RBI 59 OPB .341 SLG .404 OPS .746
  8. eligrba

    2018 Hot Stove League

    What happened with the first round picks?
  9. eligrba

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Another option would be to keep Segura until the market changes. It always does, particularly when injuries happen.
  10. eligrba

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Dipoto traded Segura, Pazos and Nicasio for a return of J.P. Crawford, Encarnacion and Cleveland's 77th pick of the 2019 competitive balance draft. Brilliant. Mariners farm should be in the top 5 after that pick.
  11. eligrba

    Break the bank?

    Adding Harper and no quality pitching, the Angels will lose by an average of 3 runs instead of 5.
  12. eligrba

    Break the bank?

    No, it will not put the Angels closer to competing. Quality pitching will.
  13. eligrba

    2018 Hot Stove League

    It's these types of signings that make me appreciate Eppler's discipline to stay with his plan.
  14. We should turn the Facking page on this conversation.