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  1. eligrba

    Betts for Adell?

    Mookie is awesome....ffs
  2. eligrba

    Betts for Adell?

    In an off-year. I'm meh on Betts..........I think his numbers are excellent but are positively affected by the lineup he is in. I think Trout would be Trout anywhere. When Betts leaves the Red Sox, I guess we will see whether the lineup he was in matters.
  3. eligrba

    Betts for Adell?

    I just do not believe he is a legit MVP every year. Mookie Betts playing for any other team but Boston or NY is just a very good player.
  4. eligrba

    Betts for Adell?

    No on the trade and no he is not a legit MVP. He had 1 great year.
  5. eligrba


    Yep. Pujols leaving would solve most, possibly all of the pitching problems. That -0.1 WAR is killing the team's ERA.
  6. eligrba

    Gameday Thread: 8/18 White Sox @ Angels : No Trout

    Glad to see Thaiss have a quieter bat.
  7. eligrba

    Beyond Grateful by Josh Hamilton

    We should all care because kids pay attention to how adults behave during times of moral crisis. The right way is always available and obvious, but not the easiest or most beneficial. At the very least Hamilton should have accepted the standard suspension for substance abuse regardless of whether he was tested based simply on his admission. Pujols' is criticized for his performance and not his character. I agree that both contracts were mistakes. I predict Trout at the end of his career will receive standing ovations at probably every ballpark.
  8. eligrba

    Beyond Grateful by Josh Hamilton

    This^^^^^^^^^^^ Good for you, Josh Hamilton.
  9. eligrba

    Beyond Grateful by Josh Hamilton

    She should still get a refund.
  10. eligrba

    Beyond Grateful by Josh Hamilton

    When he relapsed he went first to his agent and legal team to make sure he could find a way to not be accountable. People doing actual jobs would have lost their job and probably their house left to a long arduous journey back to normalcy. Josh walked away with 125 million dollars....he could have donated some of his salary towards drug addiction programs while he was not actually earning it to demonstrate some awareness. But no...... My role model was Lyman Bostock. I miss athletes like him.
  11. eligrba

    Beyond Grateful by Josh Hamilton

    Good For You, Josh Hamilton. Go Fuck Yourself.....
  12. eligrba

    The Non-SP 2019-2020 Free Agent Class

    @totdprodsThanks for all of the information. In all seriousness, your posts sure make it easy for me to be an informed fan. Nice work.
  13. eligrba

    The Non-SP 2019-2020 Free Agent Class

    The difference between the two are called hard hit outs. Stassi >Trout
  14. eligrba

    NL Cy

    Whoever plays for the Yankees or Red Sox should win.
  15. Being alive and healthy enough to enjoy a shitty year of baseball.