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  1. Spring Training stats: Do they matter?

    Might be nice to see the Angels at least appear to be competitive with the rest of the league who also do not care about their spring training stats.
  2. Blowtani

    I agree. Based on his performances as a pitcher and hitter so far this spring, I would be very surprised if Ohtani makes the major league roster. Based on my extremely limited knowledge of the situation, Ohtani seems like a humble person who is not consumed by his own self worth. I can easily see Ohtani asking to be sent to AAA to work on some things before beginning his major league career. If he truly believes what he said about why he selected the Angels, this should not be a big deal. The only other reasonable explanation for his dismal spring is that he is injured, and not being completely honest about it.
  3. Pick 6

    Above: Scioscia Kinsler Upton Below: Scioscia Skaggs Ohtani (Expectations are too high....patience will be rewarded)
  4. Tough Decision Time on Ohtani ?

    Holy friggin over reaction, Batman.... Ohtani is a rookie making the league minimum.........all I see is butt-hurt from giddy butt-hurt team scouts who, all of a sudden, seemed to have changed their collective minds about Ohtani based on a very small sample size. Because of all of the hype, Ohtani will simply need to make adjustments earlier than other rookies. Not worried one bit about Ohtani. I am more worried about the bullpen......and maybe the starting pitching.....possibly the impact of Simmons's shoulder strain.....a little about Pujols reverting back to a pull hitter.....the economy.....my rash....an annoying oily discharge.
  5. Is Ohtani a distraction?

    I am sure the same question was asked when Jackie Robinson and Larry Doby played.
  6. Is Ohtani a distraction?

    He is a rookie. This is a team needing young talent on the major league roster. The only distraction I can see would center on unreasonable expectations.
  7. ESPN hosts watched porn at work

    Strange. I just read an article describing porn stars watching ESPN during their work days.
  8. Spring training is for everyone. Make sure you get checked by the trainer if you feel a twinge.
  9. Gameday: 3/3 Angels vs Mariners

    Is it wrong that even though it is a meaningless spring training game, I hope that Scioscia and Eppler kick Servais and Dipoto in the balls?
  10. Angels sign trio of Dominicans

    I have to believe that Vladimir Guerrerro should have been originally from Cuba based only by his name.
  11. OCR talks up AngelsWin.com

    Thank you Chuck for birthing this forum and to all of the regular contributors who make it addictive to follow.
  12. My company would have opted to raise the field than lower the fence.
  13. Gameday : 2/24 Angels vs Brewers

    Don't you mean who is going to play !B and ground into inning ending double plays?
  14. Extend Scioscia

    Bob does not approve.
  15. Gameday : 2/24 Angels vs Brewers

    In case anyone is worried about missing something important, on the MLB channel, shitty play by Red Sox 3B followed by shitty play by Red Sox 1B, no name Tampa player on 2B.