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  1. eligrba

    The manager

    Here is a short recap of the thread.......
  2. eligrba

    Richards’ MRI Shows...

    The MRI will show missed opportunities. A real shame. He could have played a major role in the Angel's rotation for a long time.
  3. Jerry? Is that you?
  4. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2018/07/poll-worst-use-of-a-roster-spot.html Take it away........
  5. eligrba

    Is nobody else disappointed in Melvin Upton?

    Always insightful.....would read again.
  6. Rome's people should have left Everett alone....
  7. eligrba

    Way to go, f**knuts

    I thought one of my former teachers was the op.
  8. eligrba

    Day off tomorrow

    It's the Angels in 2018, there is still a chance they can lose.
  9. eligrba

    How Angry Will You Be if Trout Leaves/Demands Trade?

    ..and was able to watch other teams play in the playoffs.
  10. With a few exceptions, this is Eppler's team and they suck. However I am not ready to completely blame him because of the constraints he inherited. Bottom line, this team is awful and it probably won't change this year.
  11. eligrba


  12. eligrba

    Cozart is utter garbage

    Going to miss his bat.
  13. The overall roster consists of more than just the players you listed. I agree with your overall conclusion but when one of those players goes dow, the number of holes to fill increases. That suggests that there is still much work to do. Unfortunately Mike Trout may not want to wait, and I won't blame him if he leaves. But go ahead and ignore the reality of a roster still playing Pujols, Valbuena, Marte, Young, Kinslar, Cozart and a bullpen than only seems to compete with teams having losing records. The Angels are the poster child for mediocrity. Mike Trout deserves better.