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  1. I think the following questions might need to be addressed first: 1. How many innings does Canning pitch in the majors this season? 2. If the number of innings does not equate to an entire season, when should he pitch in the majors? Bringing him up for an occasional start might be a great idea, but not for an extended time, just yet.
  2. I would have left Stratton in longer and let him eat those innings with his shitty pitching rather than bringing in a relief pitcher to eat those innings with their shitty pitching.
  3. eligrba


    Boston needs a 2B.
  4. How is it possible that Stratton has a lower ERA than Harvey?
  5. The Angels are getting better at giving up big innings and making quick outs.
  6. eligrba


    Too bad it is not in Guatemala.
  7. eligrba


    Cool. I can assume you are caught up with making coffee drinks.
  8. eligrba

    The Angels seem pretty bad

    Is there a banner for that? Asking for a friend.
  9. eligrba

    The Angels seem pretty bad

    I am told it is still early.
  10. These are smart moves for Eppler in attempting to address a talent barren major league roster. I like this much more than signing someone or trading for someone. I heard there are same other AAA players being introduced to new positions.
  11. Forgot about youb and yourb perspectives.
  12. eligrba

    The Mariners seem pretty good

    It could go great for the Angels. It could go poorly for the Angels. It has been that kind of season so far.
  13. eligrba

    F'n Jeff Mathis

    ....but his squat will seal the job.