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  1. Rengifo is just not yet ready. There's a difference.
  2. @yk9001 is sensitive. Your overzealous display of emotions are not welcoming to gentle souls who bristle at such expressions of frustration. @Chuckster70 should seriously consider adding a "safe space" for those who need a quiet and stress-free AW experience. As far as I am concerned, keep up the good work.
  3. eligrba

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    It also sucks that Dipoto hadn't previously traded him away.
  4. eligrba

    Top 50 Trade Candidates (MLBTR)

    I like Robles. I think they should keep him. Everyone else on your list goes.
  5. eligrba

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    Thanks Cesar for your efforts.
  6. eligrba

    First Angels game last night -- I'm a fan

    Must have watched the Yankees or Red Sox....probably has a cap and jersey by now.
  7. eligrba

    First Angels game last night -- I'm a fan

    It's really hard to stand while driving home trying to beat the traffic.
  8. eligrba

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    Nobody is ok after something like that. I hope he can forget about it quickly.
  9. eligrba

    This pitching staff

    Is improving with every DFA........ I'm getting excited, not yet @tdawg87 excited but nonetheless, excited.
  10. eligrba

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    I'm already there. I would rather have Pujos' contract that Harper's contract. Pujols has never embarrassed the Angels organization or himself with narcissistic behavior. I understand that his performance is subpar, but Pujol's character throughout his Angel tenure has been remarkable.
  11. eligrba

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    Sounds like the new marriage is going well.....Enjoy it Philly