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  1. Just this year, for a month or two, to give him a taste of the majors but also limit his innings.
  2. Angelsjunky

    Griffin Canning

    Nice write-up Scotty, but this part surprised me. You think Canning will ALWAYS be a part-time starter? If so, that is hugely disappointing and seems a bit extreme. I was under the impression that the limited innings were only for this year. I also see slightly higher upside: good #2, borderline ace. Your #2/3 is what it was before this season and I’ve seen enough to bump him up a bit.
  3. Canning is really good, maybe the best pitching prospect we’ve had since Jered Weaver (before Gumby phase). I really like the idea of a September, even August, callup to the bullpen.
  4. Angelsjunky

    Ian Kinsler

    I'm going to say no to the suggestion to re-up Kinsler. I get it - he's a solid, average plus performer. But the choice is between giving him $10-15MM for a year--and he might insist on two--or rolling the dice on paying Fletcher/Fernandez league minimum to play 2B or 3B, with Cozart sliding over. That's $10-15MM that could be spent elsewhere - say, on a couple really good relievers.
  5. Angelsjunky

    Ian Kinsler

    That's what she every otherwise-straight dude on Angelswin said.
  6. Bryce is now hitting .209/.347/.462 line, and 0.9 fWAR. Wow, what a disaster. Through 4/16: .315/.487/.778, 217 wRC+, 26.9 BB%/13.1 K% in 78 PA From 4/17-6/20: .181/.301/.377, 78 wRC+, 13.6 BB%/25.8 K% in 236 PA
  7. Perchance are you both members of Duran Duran? Roger, is that you?
  8. Here’s a thought on Canning. On the off chance that the Angels get a wildcard, he’d be an interesting choice to call up to start that game, because the opponent would have never seen him (or if when they call him up, just don’t start him against the Yankees or Red Sox so they don’t get a look at him).
  9. Angelsjunky

    The Official TROUTstanding Thread

    After 2015 I thought Harper had a chance of surpassing Trout as the best player in the game, and while Harper is still only 25, I don’t see that happening anymore. At some point Trout will be surpassed by someone, but it might not be until he is in significant decline. I’m reminded of the situation in men’s tennis, with Nadal and Federer back on top at age 32 and 36 and no one from younger generations really challenging them.
  10. The Canning promotion makes and seems to imply they want to see him in Anaheim this year.
  11. How did Trump enter the conversation?
  12. We’ll know more this offseason. If Trout doesn’t sign an extension after the Machado/Harper deals, them chances are he wants to leave or at least test the open market. It is unlikely that his overall value will ever be higher than after his current Greatest Year Ever. It could be the same in a year or two, but it could also drop if he gets hurt or has an off year. If he wants to be an Angel for life he will, or should, extend this offseason.
  13. And Scotty, you’ve gotta stop being so butthurt when professional scouts and paid analysts have different opinions than yours.
  14. I think the question with Adell is whether he’s going to be a good but flawed mistake hitter like Justin Upton, maybe hitting .260/.320/.470 with 25-30 HR, or whether he’ll continue to evolve and adapt and be more well rounded, and be a true star, hitting .290/.350/.550 with 35 HR. We probably won’t know for several years to come, but the signs are encouraging.