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  1. ^Interesting comp. Not to nitpick but Kemp could only be considered best player in the game in one year, 2011. Before that he was more Upton-esque.
  2. So you're taking the worst possible case scenario and assuming that has a high probability of occuring? I'd say the chances of Adell going the Brandon Wood route--being a total bust--is <1%. Really, it is that low. Now there's a larger chance that he's disappointing, that he becomes more of a toolsy 4th outfielder or fringe start who shows flashes of power but struggles with plate discipline and doesn't hit for a high enough average to hold down a regular gig. But even that is unlikely. I'd say the full range of outcomes, from worst to best with my own highly subjective--but I think reasonable--chances of happening are: <1%: Total bust. Brandon Wood. <5%: Major disappointment, whether due to injury or regressive. Dallas McPherson. 15% Disappointing, but still a solid major leaguer - a 2-3 fWAR starter. .240/.750, 25 HR. Kole Calhoun. 25%: Pessimistic likely outcome: above average regular, borderline star. 3-5 fWAR. .260/.800, 25+ HR. Justin Upton, Torii Hunter, Dale Murphy, JD Drew, Andy Van Slyke. 35%: Optimistic likely outcome: Bonafide star. 5-6 fWAR. .280/.850, 30+ HR, 20 SB. Justin Upton in a good year, Dave Winfield, Andre Dawson, Dwight Evans. 20%: Superstar. 290+/.900+, 35+ HR, 6-8 fWAR. Willie Stargell, Vlad Guerrero. 1%: A megastar ala Trout. .300+/.950+, 40+ HR, 8+ fWAR. Frank Robinson, 20-something Ken Griffey Jr. So yeah, I'm saying he's got about an ~80% chance of being at least a quality regular, and a ~55% of being a true star. Those are just ad hoc, made-up numbers, but the point is he's a really, really good prospect, easily the best position player prospect since Trout, and maybe second best of the last 20 years.
  3. Angelsjunky

    Another Trout Slump

    Shut your whore mouth.
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    The quest for .500

    The secret to finding a nice pair of pants is to realize that it isn't about the pants. Its about your fat ass.
  5. I must say that I enjoy the fact that David Fletcher has a better fWAR than Harper, 1.9 to 1.8.
  6. 1. Ready, yes. Whether he'll be the opening day starter depends on other factors - if the Angels want to start his clock, if he's healthy, if they've gone nostalgic about Calhoun, etc. 2. My guess is something like .250/.300/.470 next year, with improvement over the next few years and a typical prime season being something like .290/.350/.550 with 35 HR and 20 SB. The most promising number is that 12.5% K rate in AA this year. Only 12 games, but that's a very good sign that he's not being overwhelmed by AA pitchers.
  7. Angelsjunky

    Another Trout Slump

  8. Tell me when he's gone on an actual hot streak. In the end, none of these stray big hits or good games has accumulated to anything coming close to "turning it around." The guy is floundering.
  9. That would be good for 5th fastest in the major leagues this year, right before Trout's best (116.6). I'll be in tdawg's bunk.