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  1. Maybe he can remove the curse. Oh, wait...
  2. I'm reminded of Luis Jimenez and I doubt this guy pans out to much, although I hope I'm wrong. I generally dislike players with such low walk rates. Obviously there are great players with low walk rates, so it is partially just a pet peeve.
  3. I agree, Scotty - this guy is underrated and will be a good major leaguer. I can't remember the rankings list, but I see him as the 4th best pitching prospect - after Barria, CRod, and Canning. His upside isn't far from Canning's.
  4. MLB Network ranks shortstops..

    They could eventually be. Some all-time great ones: Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker Dave Concepcion and Joe Morgan Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano Pee Wee Reese and Jackie Robinson
  5. MLB Network ranks shortstops..

    Actually it is 4th and 5th as Correa had 5.2 fWAR, he just missed that list by 21 PA. As for the list, the top five are definitely the best five but we could argue exact rankings. I think Correa gets the solid edge over Lindor and Seager, but then those two could be ranked either way. I could see arguments for Simmons or Turner being next. Simmons is better overall now, but Turner has more upside.
  6. BA 2018 Angels Top 10 Prospects

    @Dochalo, I agree that both Thaiss and Ward will be major leaguers, just that they've dropped a hair in terms of their prospect status. Ward came down to earth after that great first exposure after being drafted, but has actually built himself up again. As you say, if we ignore where he was drafted he's a solid prospect: probably a future average starting catcher or very good platoon catcher. Thaiss could also be a solid big league regular. I'm just a bit disappointed that he hasn't taken off as a hitter. I'm getting memories of Cron - a bat-first college hitter who was supposed to mash in the minors and reach the majors quickly. I think Thaiss will be better than Cron and even have a few years in the 110-120 wRC+ range, but still think his prospect stock has dropped a tiny bit.
  7. Well that sucked

    I was woken up this morning at 8am by my phone buzzing strangely. I I looked over and it was an Emergency Alert that read: BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I quickly checked online. Nothing. News. Nothing. There were no sirens, nothing to think we were under attack. I called my ex-wife, who has our daughters for the weekend, and she had gotten the text as well and was freaking out. She asked me what to do and while neither of us are religious in the traditional sense, I said "Well, hopefully it is a false alarm. Just stay inside, away from the windows, and pray." I was reminded of that saying, "There are no atheists in the trenches." Anyhow, I checked twitter and it was nuts - people were freaking out. But then, thankfully, Tulsi Gabbard tweated that it was a false alarm. Big sigh. I still waited, knowing that it would take approximately 15-20 minutes from an alert to when a ICBM (from North Korea) would reach Hawaii. Anyhow that was all a couple hours ago so all is good. But life certainly flashed before me - I thought of my girls, the life they wouldn't get to live, and also the things I want to do. I thought of how many people would die and suffer terribly. After having a conversation with my father who is back in NH, he said that a first nuclear strike would probably be above ground so as to wipe out communication and electronics, and he was recommending that I stock up on canned foods and bottled water. Crazy times.
  8. BA 2018 Angels Top 10 Prospects

    That's both because the Angels have much better prospects now, but also because both Thaiss and Ward have fallen a bit.
  9. I'm a sucker for old players returning.......

    Robb Quinlan just filled my tank with gas at the local station.
  10. BA 2018 Angels Top 10 Prospects

    Except for Clayton Bigsby:
  11. BA 2018 Angels Top 10 Prospects

    I see CF and 2B in a similar category, behind SS and C but ahead of everything else. Anyhow, I hear you. It is all very close and I like both players. They said, I think Rivas has more of a future with the Angels.
  12. BA 2018 Angels Top 10 Prospects

    I do really like Herm. My strategy with ranking is answering the question: In what order do I value these prospects? In what order would I keep them? For me Rivas gets a slight edge over Herm, but it is close.
  13. Re: Altuve...that would have have been in 2006 or early 2007, so we have Bill Stoneman to blame. Of course at that point we had a future batting champion playing second base.
  14. BA 2018 Angels Top 10 Prospects

    As for the list, I'm really high on Leo Rivas and might rank him higher than Herm and Thaiss. But I'm a sucker for high walk rates, and Rivas' is very sexy. I'd also leapfrog Canning over Thaiss.
  15. BA 2018 Angels Top 10 Prospects

    But black people are better athletes than white people. White people have the edge on waging war, colonization, and exploitation.