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  1. Some of these are what could be called "semi-bold" seems you're dialing back your boldness, @Scotty@AW. For instance, I'd give the Angels a 50-50 chance of winning 90+ games. Similarly with Kinsler, although he could hit 23 and steal 18 and you're close enough. Upton is an interesting one, something I hadn't thought of. Not sure about 140 RBI, but I could see him lead the league...maybe more like 130ish, in a best-case scenario. I like the Kole one and probably would have said the same if doing a (serious) list. Finally, the last one is tricky, but I like it.
  2. 1. Trout will be good 2. Simmons will make some great plays 3. Scioscia will turn many pages 4. AO will spend some time in self-imposed exile 5. Someone will get injured
  3. Ichiro and Bartolo

    Here's a variant question: Who is the oldest player you remember seeing play (on TV is fine)? I can remember Yaz in the early 80s, who is now 78 years old.
  4. Blowtani

    I just want to be the first to officially say this guy blows. In before Stradling defends Scioscia. In before Brandon accuses me of attention whoring. In before Lou resuscitates this thread when Ohtani wins the Cy Young Award in 2020. In before Scotty overrates an Angel prospect. In before Doc posts a dissertation in-between surgeries. In before someone shits on Chuck's couch. In before Lifetime...oh, wait.
  5. Ichiro and Bartolo

    I've been 29 for 15 years.
  6. Something I Never thought I'd see

    Is that JeDi's iPhone screen background circa 2015?
  7. Ichiro and Bartolo

    The only two major leaguers who are older than me - and both born in the same year (1973).That's it. Once they're gone, I'll be older than every active baseball player. Old as fuck. (I'm sure for some of you sitting on your rockers, this post is like salt in those wounds)
  8. These are the most improved teams in MLB

    I agree with you in spirit, but have made some changes to your post in bold-face.
  9. Trout's 2018 Regular Season OPS Thread

    He's not having a 1.200 OPS. Consider: There have been 20 seasons in which a player had a 1.200 OPS or better. By player: Babe Ruth (7), Barry Bonds (4), Ted Williams (2), Rogers Hornsby (2), Lou Gehrig, Mark McGwire, Jeff Bagwell, Jimmie Foxx, Frank Thomas (1 each). By era: pre-960 (13), or 1994-2004 (7), the height of the Roid Era. Now I suppose it is conceivable given that offense has been on the increase for a few years, and 2017 saw the most runs scored per game since the later years of the Roid Era (2008-09). But still...a 1.200 OPS is something like .330/.450/.750 for Trout. I mean, maybe. But I'd be very, very happy with 1.100: .315/.440/.660. Bryce Harper and Albert Pujols are the only active players, and the only since Bonds, to have a 1.100 season. Its also still very exclusive company, with only 93 player seasons. That said, at this point if he hits below 1.000, it might be a tad disappointing.
  10. Has anyone played their way on/off the roster?

    There's no way Bridwell deserves to start over Skaggs. Yes, he was solid last year but if you're expecting him to repeat that 3.64 ERA from last year, you're going to be disappointed. his 4.84 FIP doesn't bode well. I'd be very, very surprised if he managed an ERA below 4.00 this year, which makes him a solid back of the rotation type, and a nice player to stash in AAA. Skaggs, on other hand, still could be a solid #3 (3.50 ERA), with a chance at being a #2 (3.00 ERA). He just needs to stay healthy, and the Angels will give him a chance to do that. As for the rest...Middleton obviously belongs in AAA, along with Fernandez, Blash, etc. Walsh vs. Cowart is still pending. Chris Carter might be nice to stash in AAA, too, as a back-up plan to Valbuena/Pujols at 1B/DH. The Angels have to see if Pujols can turn it around, but if he can't manage a .700 OPS I think he'll be relegated to a platoon role by mid-season. I have a feeling that by the end of the year, Fernandez and Carter will be on the roster, and Valbuena gone and Pujols possibly benched.
  11. Tough Decision Time on Ohtani ?

    Sometimes what happens to highly lauded prospects is that they get so hyped and fold under expectations, then people forget about them and the pressure lessens and they start to blossom. Look at Byron Buxton, for instance, who had a mini-breakout year last year and, I think, is going to have a big breakout in 2018. Ohtani's problem is that the pressure isn't going to lessen, at least not this year. But the positive side is that he was under the limelight already in Japan. It is really quite simple: He just needs time to adjust. He's going to do just fine, and he'll do just fine this year. Let's not draw conclusions after a dozen at-bats and a few micro-starts. My "floor" prediction would be something like .250/.300/.450 and a 3.50-4.00 ERA. Ceiling and the sky's the limit, but I see his absolute potential at his peak being something like .300/.400/.550 and a sub-2.50 ERA. My actual prediction for 2018 is probably something like .270/.340/.480 with a 3.20 ERA.
  12. Worth a read. Among other things, nice to see that Upton seems like a smart dude. Anyhow, my thoughts on Ohtani are: 1. We need to be patient with him and see him as a 23-year old top prospect. That means there will be ups and downs. Now he is a great prospect, so if he can't hit league average and be at least a #3 type this year, there will be room for disappointment. But If we start with those modest expectations, we're less likely to experience disappointment - or put unnecessarily high expectations on him. 2. His hitting is going to be good enough to warrant him being a two-way player. Sawchik echoed my own suspicion, which is that Ohtani is going to be not only a two-way player, but a two-way star. 3. The biggest possible snag was illustrated by Upton: Succeeding as a hitter requires repetition and consistency. It is hard being a half-time star hitter. I suppose he's already used to it, but this is a higher level. At the very least I think this means it might take a few years for him to really come into his own as a hitter. 4. Now's a good time to get a Trout handshake.
  13. Come on down Moustakas!

    Are we really assuming Simmons will be out for the year? Valbuena or Fernandez can fill in at 3B.
  14. Is Ohtani a distraction?

    Let's trade him to the Mariners for Dee Gordon and a lifetime Starbuck's gift card.
  15. Skaggs extremely overrated IMO

    If I remember correctly, Skaggs actually showed signs of breaking out in 2016, before he went down. He started slow and erratic but then started pitching like the #2-3 that many project.