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  1. Angelsjunky

    Why the Angels won't sign Wilson Ramos

    That's too bad. 2/$19M is a bargain, all things considered.
  2. Angelsjunky

    2018-19 General NFL Thread

    Haven't followed football much the last couple years, so a couple random comments: 1) Patrick Mahomes is good at football. 2) Nice to see the Broncos with some fight in them this year. A nice young offensive core. They need a QB, though. I like Keenum in Doug Flutie fun to watch sort of way, but he really should be a back-up. 3) Brock Osweiler: Bullet dodged.
  3. So you're saying our entire rotation could make less than Patrick Corbin this year?
  4. We need a "that was over my head" like option. I guess Keanu is closest.
  5. That's a nice AAA rotation to have. Sandoval will be in the mix at some point, too. Do you think he won't reach the bigs this year? I'd be surprised if he doesn't get at least a few starts, very possibly 10+.
  6. Yes, absolutely - and my thoughts on Keuchel. But I also have a hard time with the idea of giving him a nine figure contract. But I do think he'll out-perform that 10 WAR over five years. But it will be close...something like 3, 3, 2, 2, 1 (in some order). That's pretty underwhelming, though. In the end I'd avoid him as I don't want to spend that kind of money unless we're talking 4+ WAR (#2 starter). Keuchel is a #3, imo.
  7. Angelsjunky

    First Base (still the elephant in the room)

    What if Doc stopped posting on this board and no one noticed for a few days, and then there was a forum conspiracy theory in which someone finally pieced together that he stopped posting shortly after writing the above.
  8. Anyhow, the problem the OP points out is something I've also mentioned for awhile. The Angels have some solid mid-rotation guys and a handful of back-end rotation guys, no truly dominant starters - except for Ohtani. But as someone pointed out to me, only a few teams have Max Scherzers and Chris Sales. In fact, consider the number of 5+ fWAR pitchers in each of the last five years: 2018: 11 (deGrom, Scherzer, Verlander, Sale, Corbin, Cole, Bauer, Severino, Nola, Kluber, Carrasco) 2017: 7 (Sale, Kluber, Scherzer, Severino, Strasburg, Carrasco, Greinke) 2016: 8 (Kershaw, Syndergaard, Fernandez, Scherzer, Cueto, Verlander, Porcello, Kluber) 2015: 13 (Kershaw, Arrieta, Price, Scherzer, Sale, Keuchel, Greinke, Kluber, Cole, Archer, Bumgarner, deGrom, Lester) 2014: 11 (Kershaw, Kluber, Hernandez, Price, Hughes, Lester, Zimmermann, Scherzer, Sale, Quintana, Arrieta) So that's a total of 26 different pitchers who have had 5+ fWAR seasons in the last five; 10 per year, or 5 unique ones per year. And consider the number of pitchers with multiple 5 fWAR seasons within those five years: 5: Scherzer, Kluber 4: Sale 3: Kershaw 2: Verlander, Lester, Arrieta, Cole, Severino, Greinke, Carrasco, deGrom (As an aside, Kluber is hugely underrated. He leads the majors in fWAR over the last five years with 31.0, just ahead of Kershaw and Scherzer at 30.8, Sale at 30.5). So who are truly dominant, aces? Schezer, Kluber, and Sale, obviously (especialy considering Sale's one year not at 5+ was 4.9). Kershaw is declining and may not be in the same category - but we should give him the benefit of the doubt. Verlander has revived his career; Severino has only been full time for a couple years and very dominant. Same with Carrasco. Nola and Bauer just broke out. DeGrom was so good it is hard not to include him, but needs consistency. So that's 10 guys who are either true aces or look probable to be true aces. But then it starts becoming questionable. Strasburg He's inconsistent. Corbin? We need to see if he can maintain those numbers with reduced velocity. Cole? Similar, I believe. Greinke, Arrieta, Lester? Old. The rest are mostly very good pitchers with some kind of tarnish (Syndergaard), or maybe they just had a really good year (e.g. Porcello). So I would say that at any given time, there are about 10 true #1s, or truly dominant starters in the majors, maybe another 5-10 who are borderline, and another 5-10 who might have a #1 type season in them, but are really just good #2s (e.g. David Price types). Shohei Ohtani has the ability to be in that group of ten, but is unlikely to do so on a consistent basis, if only because he's unlikely to start more than 25-28 starts in a year.
  9. Depends what you mean by "dominant." Weaver and Lackey are the best pitchers the org has produced in the last two decades, and neither was a true ace. Weaver had a few years as a #1 but his center of gravity was more of a #2; same with Lackey. Before them, you have Chuck Finley who was very good for quite awhile, but also a #2 type. Same with Mike Witt. So maybe you have to go all the way back to Frank Tanana, who came up with the Angels in the early 70s and was pretty dominant for a few years before an injury turned him into more of a mid-rotation type. Canning might be the next in the line of Witt-Finley-Lackey-Weaver. Suarez and Barria look more like #3-5s, same with Sandoval. Who knows about C Rod, Soriano, Hernandez, etc. I suppose Ohtani is the best chance for a true ace, but he isn't really homegrown.
  10. The only Angels pitchers that I feel are currently better than Shoemaker, in terms of projected performance in 2019, are Heaney and Skaggs. Otherwise he fits in a general group with Tropeano, Barria, Ramirez, Canning, Suarez and Pena - guys who are probably #4-5s, although higher upsides in a couple cases.
  11. Angelsjunky

    Bryce Harper to the Dodgers?

    Commie pinko Bernie bro.
  12. Yeah, I hear you. I think someone like Happ or Morton would have been perfect: limited years, not quite as expensive as Corbin/Keuchel. Someone to both fill in the rotation now and bridge the gap until Canning and Suarez hit their stride - not to mention Sandoval and others. Good question. I think not keeping Shoe is going to end up being a mistake, that he'll catch on somewhere and out-perform some of our starters.