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  1. Angelsjunky

    2020 Democratic Field

    I am honestly baffled why you have such a strong reaction to Warren. She is as close to a compromise between the progressives and moderates as you'll find. She's intelligent and policy-based. Why is it "crazy" that she is polling over the field?
  2. Angelsjunky


    I'm so sick of these unfounded agegate rumors. Pujols isn't a day over 45 years old.
  3. "Unrelated" my ass. I think their moms had the same electrician.
  4. Given his performance, I'm not surprised. If he had played well in AAA then a September call-up would make sense, if only to get a few major league at bats and hang out with Trout and the gang. But given how over-matched he's been, I think the AFL is a good idea, then starting next year in Salt Lake. He'll get his first cup of coffee sometime in May or June, is my guess.
  5. Angelsjunky


    Rendon is awesome, but I'd rather have Cole and I don't see Arte spending $50-60M a year on both. Another question to ask: Would y'all rather have Rendon for 6/$150M or Grandal for 3/$50M? Who knows, maybe Arte says F*ck it and signs Cole, Wheeler/Odorizzi, Rendon, and Grandal. 95 wins, baby. Of course then the bullpen would implode, Trout would get fat, Rendon and Grandal would collide on a pop fly by Xander Deverbetts, and the entire rotation would require TJS, and we're back down to 83-79. Progress! Another year of Angels baseball, in other words.
  6. Angelsjunky

    The Official TROUTstanding Thread

    Here's another. Trout's ISO is .371 this year, which is 23rd best all-time. Players with .370+ ISO in a season: Ruth x6, Bonds x5, McGwire x4, Gehrig, Foxx, F Thomas, Belle, Thome, Bagwell, Mantle, Sosa, Trout (so far). ISO = Isolated Power, which is basically SLG - BA, or extra base hits per at bat. Its basically raw power.
  7. Angelsjunky

    Beyond Grateful by Josh Hamilton

    Well, the Rangers lost the series and just look at the world...looks like the Holy Spirit is Facking up both.
  8. Angelsjunky

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    But she can represent her American district and advocate for Palestinians, which is what she seems to be doing. Nothing wrong with that, and my guess is that many who have an issue with this probably wouldn't have an issue with, say, an Irish-American speaking for the people of Northern Ireland.
  9. Angelsjunky

    Trout slump

    He'll hit .299 with 49 HR and 9.9 fWAR and be dead to me. And lose the MVP to Xander Deverbetts.
  10. Angelsjunky

    2020 Democratic Field

    How is he not handling the campaign? He's doing fine and working hard with a very busy schedule. But imagine doing that for months and months, if not years. Think of what Bernie has been doing since 2015 - and really since the 60s. He's a pretty driven guy. In 2016 Bernie had the weight of the entire Democratic establishment against him, even to the point of the DNC cheating to help Hillary. It was a total travesty. Add in the superdelegate fiasco and the fact that Bernie didn't know how to pander to black people while Hillary showed them her hot sauce and they fawned over her. Bernie has nothing to be ashamed of. He has almost single-handedly prepped the country for more progressive policies and even if the Dem centrists haven't adopted his progressivism to heart, they know they have to do more than pay lip-service to it or they won't get elected.
  11. Angelsjunky

    Trout slump

    Back to slumping.
  12. Yeah, he's a more natural 4OF than Goodwin is, who is more of a fringer corner starter or platoon player.