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  1. VictorRojas29

    Victor Rojas' with a new product line of clothing

    Not sure why that happened to you but there’s nothing wrong with the site while using any browser including Firefox. I’m on it now via mobile with no issues & there have been no emails from other customers or hopefully it was just a one-off with yours. Thanks for visiting & for AW’s support. V
  2. VictorRojas29

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    He's great, thanks for asking. He's still down in South Florida just enjoying retirement and his grandkids.
  3. VictorRojas29

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Here's to hoping everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving. Just means we're a little bit closer to Spring Training. My best to all. VR
  4. You got it and I've updated the post.
  5. That's the conclusion you came to after reading the post? Well, I guess thanks are in order for reading the post. Second, EVERY penny of profit/royalty from LTBUShop is going to Miracle League and on top of that, we're personally going to add to it. The site's up and running and if nothing comes of it, no big deal...we'll still be donating to Miracle League and other charities as we choose.
  6. VictorRojas29

    How do you guys like the new forum?

    Hey Chuck, congrats on the re-launch....looks great. - vr