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  1. Chuckster70

    The next big Sensation....

    I think Ohtani would like to have another Japanese ball player on the team and may seek to court him to the Angels.
  2. Well despite that, the ball still flies outta the park, just like it still does at Coors Field. In addition to the thin air, Salt Lake, Reno, El Paso and Colorado Springs (may be missing a couple) have spacious parks with much more ground for outfielders to cover, meaning there's more room for drinks and extra base hits -- much like Coors Field as well.
  3. Chuckster70

    Please stop!

  4. Chuckster70

    Ty Buttrey promoted

    That's when you look at his numbers previously, then comment.
  5. Chuckster70

    Ty Buttrey promoted

  6. Chuckster70

    Ty Buttrey promoted

    No doubt!
  7. Chuckster70

    Ty Buttrey promoted

    See the attached for more on Buttrey and Jerez, and more from the Angels.. 2018 Angels Supplemental Bios.pdf
  8. Chuckster70

    Ty Buttrey promoted

    The Kinsler and Maldonado trades were just classic Eppler thus far. Two late inning arms and what looks to be a solid #2/#3 starter in Sandoval. Super stoked!
  9. Chuckster70

    Ty Buttrey promoted

    · RHP Hansel Robles – Placed on 10-day DL with right shoulder impingement (retro to 8/15) · RHP Ty Buttrey – Recalled from Salt Lake
  10. His third level this season, much like Adell, Rengifo, Canning and Suarez.
  11. I cleaned up the garbage in here. Please keep it classy in this thread, gents. Thank you!
  12. Chuckster70

    Who Gets Called Up in September?

    I'm not sure why Fontana and Paredes should get a look over Rengifo and Thaiss. None of those two have shown any type of upside or results in the big leagues. Cut Marte and add Thaiss to the 40-man.