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  1. That bottom three tho....
  2. We need to get Anderson back up here and Cole, in exchange for Jewell and Peters or Bedrock need to go. I don't fault Allen though. He didn't get a close call on the corner against EE, struck out Smith and gave up a routine groundball out through the shift. Jewell is no gem and he shit the bed. I don't expect him on the roster tonight btw... Anderson meanwhile for whatever reason has thrown 5 2/3 scoreless innings and has 5 K's and he's still in the minors. Hasn't it been 10 days? Cole was one of our better relievers last season.
  3. He got shelled in his first start in AAA, but has looked better in his last two, striking out 18.
  4. Career minor league numbers: Walsh: .291/.357/.497 - 373 games played, 54 HR, 110 doubles. 1B, OF, P Thaiss: .278/.355/.432 - 338 games played, 31 HR, 82 doubles, only plays 1B.
  5. Well so far Doug White has had two months with Matt Harvey, Felix Pena, Tyler Skaggs, Trevor Cahill and the results have not been pretty. I hope I'm really wrong here, but so far I'm not impressed with the return. I'm willing to give White an entire season to see if he can get these guys straight. I thought White + Harvey's end of the season last year with increased velo would produce stellar results. Cahill is pretty much the same guy, Pena's fastball decreased 2-3 MPH and Skaggs is just an enigma to me. I don't believe even White can polish a turd and that's exactly what Stratton was last season, which has carried over into this season.
  6. I agree. But it just means two more starts from Stratton who has yet to give us a quality start and puts our offense in catch up mode early on.
  7. Or they release Stratton. He's absolute garbage. I think Eppler whiffed on this one like he did with Harvey and Cozart.
  8. Thaiss has looked terrible in the games I've seen him in recently. He's swinging and missing way too often, so he's not even putting the ball in play to utilize the elevation and spacious ballparks. Meanwhile, despite Thaiss' 0-5 and 3 whiffs the Bees put up 12 runs in Fresno.
  9. The cost would be too high. Adell and Canning. Pass.
  10. Benefit: He's better than Stratton Is the team going further with him or without him: With him Is there reason to start his clock now for what could be at best a .500 yes: Yes. Worst case scenario, he gets major league experience so that he's not a deer in the headlights for our run in 2020. Plus, if we call him up in a week or two his arb clock is pushed out a year. That's why Vlad Jr. won't be promoted for another week or so. It's not a knee jerk reaction. It's called replacing a player that does not give quality innings for one that does. That gives you a chance to win. Without Stratton's shitshow of a start last night, we win the game by a lot.
  11. I'd honestly rather DFA Stratton and move Harvey to the pen and keep Pena in the rotation. Harvey can back up Pena and be the long guy out of the pen. I'm seriously done with the mentality that says since you make xxx amount of money you get to start over someone who is better. Cozart, Harvey, Stratton, Bourjos and to some extent Calhoun haven't looked like major league starters for some time.
  12. I say bring him up sooner, this team need quality innings. Stratton is NOT providing those. I could see waiting another week or so, maybe bring him up around the same time Ohtani is activated to give this team a spark. I also wouldn't be opposed to dumping Bour in exchange for Walsh who could play OF, 1B and F'n pitch. He has 5 HR's and hit 29 across three levels last season, bats lefthanded. Lastly, I know Calhoun had a better game last night, but La Stella should be leading off. The guy is getting on base.
  13. They eased him in last year with innings pitched, averaging 4-5 innings a game, totaling just 113 IP. This is after giving him the rest of the summer off instead of pitching games in the minors after we drafted him in 2017. I don't believe there are any restrictions on him this season.
  14. His start last night lines up with Stratton's who's been absolute garbage thus far. Chris Stratton’s line: 4 starts, 18 IP, 11 K, 13 BB, 23 Hits, 7.00 ERA, 2.00 WHIP. This is after a shit 2018 season in which he posted a 5.09 ERA, 1.44 WHIP across 26 starts. From Baseball America today: Griffin Canning, RHP, Angels. Canning has been outstanding so far this April. Canning threw six scoreless innings allowing only four hits and no walks while striking out six. He’s filled the zone so far with only two walks in 16 innings.