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  1. Chuckster70

    You guys need to vote in La Stella & Ohtani Monday’s All-Star ballot update listed Ohtani fourth in the DH race, roughly 143,000 votes behind the Twins’ Nelson Cruz. The top three vote-getters at each position after Friday’s 4 p.m. ET deadline move on to the Starters Election, which will take place over a 28-hour period starting at noon ET on June 26 (you can read more about this year’s revamped voting format here). Resurgent Rangers star Hunter Pence currently ranks second at DH, but his health for the Midsummer Classic is now in question as he landed on the injured list with a groin injury. Cruz and Boston’s J.D. Martinez, the top DH vote-getter, are bona fide stars at the position. But don’t forget about Ohtani, because he’s been sensational over the last two and a half weeks. On May 31, Ohtani teamed with Mike Trout for back-to-back homers and later added an RBI single in Seattle. Since that day, he’s slashed .339/.391/.758 for a 199 weighted runs created plus that's tied for fifth-best in baseball. Ohtani has more than doubled his homer count since the calendar flipped to June, including one of the more impressive laser shots of the year that kickstarted his first career cycle Thursday. Ohtani came out hitting the ball just as hard in May as he did last year, when he finished within baseball’s top 5% in hard-hit rate (aka batted balls hit 95-plus mph). The difference was where that hard contact was going: Ohtani pounded more than half of his hard-hit balls into the ground through the end of May, putting him in company with hitters like Starlin Castro, Hanser Alberto and Jason Kipnis. But Ohtani has sliced that hard-hit grounder rate by over 15% in June, allocating his hard contact for way more damage in the air. In fact, a peek at Ohtani’s Statcast batted ball metrics in June looks a whole lot like the top 10 slugger he was in 2018. Ohtani, 2018: 50.2% hard-hit rate | 16% barrel rate | .545 expected slugging (xSLG) Ohtani, June 2019: 46.3% hard-hit rate | 19.5% barrel rate | .555 xSLG
  2. Chuckster70

    MLB Network's Eric Byrnes on Ohtani

    I love this guy.
  3. Adell's soon to be teammate on the active roster who was red hot before he suffered an ankle injury will hopefully be back soon. Maybe this was Marsh's response to being removed from BA's top 100 prospects list yesterday. The injury cost him from staying in the top 100, but that can change soon if he's back and doing what he was doing prior to the injury.
  4. He was #2 to Ronald Acuna on Baseball America. It was Acuna, Ohtani and Vlad Jr., but the consensus from the writers was that either one could arguably be #1.
  5. He did too. Same result as Stephen Smith though, thankfully. Rev Halofan 4-5 years later sent me a letter of apology, which I accepted. My Mama Fusco always said, "honey if you're doing something right you can expect opposition and downright nasty behavior from those opposing you."
  6. @beatlesrule, just take the wait and see approach dude. There's no reason to be pessimistic here. It's OK to be optimistic and if it doesn't work out, there's more in the pipeline to step up and become solid major leaguers down the road. But there's nothing to enjoy in life if there's no hope or you're not excited about a possibility of something great happening. Taking the pessimistic approach to all things in life is incredibly unhealthy my friend. Here's the cool thing. Adell was selected 10th by the Angels in the 2017 MLB amateur draft. He's currently ranked by ALL MLB publications as the top guy out of that class as far as prospect rankings go. Chalk that up to Eppler and his staff for selecting the best player (so far) in that draft.
  7. Yep, he threatened me because I found one of his pictures on Google images back in 2004 of Steven Shell, but without his watermark. I used it for an article on AW re: Shell and he threatened to sue me as well.
  8. I resigned from the company I have been at for a long time. I'm on a self imposed sabbatical of sorts. Going to travel the world, do some missions work for an establishment like habitat for humanity (building homes in third world countries) and spend some quality time with the family. I'll be back at it sometime later this fall/winter or the first of the year though. I'm also really looking forward to going to Italy for a few weeks toward the end of August. I have some family there from my mom's side and I've never been there, nor have I been anywhere in Europe for that matter. Also, my son and his fiance are having a child in early July (in Vegas). Hell yeah, Grandpa F'n Chuck is on deck. lol
  9. He found out where I worked in 2004 and tried to get me fired, saying I was online talking about the Angels all day instead of working. My boss laughed at the accusation and responded, "Chuck can do whatever he wants because he gets his work done and is respected among his colleagues and customers."
  10. That guy banned so many people, including myself. It felt great banning him on my forum back in 2006 when he tried to start running his higher than mighty mouth.
  11. It stinks in here, who shit on my couch?
  12. Seriously. Kevan Smith is better with the bat by a lot and from what I've seen behind the dish they're at least equals with the glove.