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  1. Chuckster70

    The Official TROUTstanding Thread

    Through 1000 career games: Mike Trout: .308/.414/.574, 224 HR, 178 SB Mickey Mantle: .315/.426/.573, 218 HR, 62 SB Hank Aaron: .319/.369/.560, 211 HR, 32 SB Willie Mays: .316/.390/.586, 231 HR, 169 SB Ken Griffey Jr: .303/.380/.548, 221 HR, 104 SB
  2. I believe Marsh was injured on his slide into 2B on his double.
  3. From my Burlington reporter, photographer.. Your Low-A Angels Midwest League All Stars. Left to right: De la Cruz, Torii Hunter jr, Julio Garcia, Luis Madero.
  4. Don't stop being long winded my friend.. We appreciate the insight.
  5. Chuckster70

    Extended invitation to my annual Riverfloat party

    Well it's still cold, but the warm weather and booze help. Sure is hard trying to find the little guy after jumping outta that river when you gotta puss though.
  6. Chuckster70

    Meow Button

    So the only active negative points reaction is the "Trolling" one right now.
  7. Chuckster70

    Extended invitation to my annual Riverfloat party

    Yes, but I feel ya. I still prefer my oldies but goodies from the 70's-90's.
  8. Hey guys, this year I'll be hosting my 10th Riverfloat party. We've had several members of our website join in the past, but this is the last big one (smaller ones in the future). If you'd like to come up, here's all the details you need. We average around 80-200 people every year. DESCRIPTION The date for Riverfloat '18 is set, so purchase your tickets today for the 10th anniversary party on Saturday, July 7th. Ticket sales close on July 2nd. Rumble Underground will be covering all of your favorite classic rock songs from the 60's/70's/80's/90's, including some hits from this past decade. There will be food served of BBQ variety (menu will be posted at a later time). Note: There will be a vegan option! Bus service will be provided back to the party location after the 5-hour float which starts at the property in which the party will be held. Late night outdoor Karoake will be available on the stage which overlooks the Snoqualmie River. Camping space (limited to first come first serve) will be available for those who wish to stay over. Sleeping bags, tents, RV's and rooms are not available. Also as a bonus we will have UFC 226 - MIOCIC VS CORMIER on the big screen inside. Required to bring: If you're floating, a robust floatation device (we recommend a high quality river raft, kayak or innertube. Tire innertubes from Les Schwab are great). If you bring a cheap store bought innertube, pizza slice or pool chase lounge it will pop at some point on the float. Life Vest (King County Law to wear during the float). Recommended to bring: Water Shoes Chairs Ice Chest of water, drinks (BYOB) Sunscreen & Sunglasses Towels Note: The address of the event will be posted for directions once ticket sales have been closed.
  9. Chuckster70

    Meow Button

    It's neutral. Here's how it works out...
  10. Chuckster70

    The Official 2018 Amateur Draft Thread

    I cannot remember a better draft honestly. Have to go back to Trout's draft.