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  1. Chuckster70

    GAME DAY THREAD!!!!! (ST - 2/23/2019)

    Nice hitting there Thaiss!!
  2. Chuckster70

    GAME DAY THREAD!!!!! (ST - 2/23/2019)

    Thanks for posting, @Dochalo. Check your inbox.
  3. Chuckster70

    The Official 2019 Angels Spring Training Thread

    Can someone tell me why La Stella is a lock to make this team and what's so good about him? No power or speed..can play a few positions, but offers a lite bat IMO. All things being equal I think Fletcher is a better guy to have on the 25-man, not La Stella and especially not as a platoon starter
  4. Chuckster70

    Cookie Policy Tab

    Hey guys, when I get back home from Texas I'll take a deeper look. My pops just got a new hip so I'm helping out this week. I eliminated the cookie policy popup from the forum software at the admin panel level, but perhaps there's something still in the code that is causing this to happen still for some. I haven't seen the popup in a few months now across all my devices and laptop so I thought it was a closed case that was strictly a browser only issue.
  5. Chuckster70


    Happy Birthday, @Tank!!
  6. Chuckster70

    Cookie Policy Tab

    It's off at the forum level settings, so it's not us causing this issue. Check your browser settings. I haven't seen the cookie policy tab for months since I eliminated it.
  7. Oh crap, yeah I can totally fix that. I'll get it done soon here.
  8. Man, adding a power bump to Simmons game would be huge.
  9. Chuckster70

    Ads on tablet and phone

    Hi @Vegas Halo Fan, those scroll up footer ads pay more than any of the others so I can't really take them away. If it gets in the way of you posting (it shouldn't) you can close it. You're right in that it will re-appear after you refresh a page or go to another one. The ad-exempt membership obviously alleviates all of this. For the record, I don't use an ad-exempt membership for my account so that I can see what most of our members see and experience and I've been fine with it. On a tablet you might want to go to your browser settings and use the Desktop version of this site which may be a better overall experience on your tablet than the mobile version which is automatically recognized by a mobile device and tablet.
  10. Gsme 7: "Erstad says he's got it, Erstad makes the catch."
  11. As I've said before, I think the Angels have had an pretty solid offseason and have put themselves in contention I believe with the A's and Astros for tops in the division. If they sign Trout to an extension in addition to the moves they've made... Best. Offseason. Ever!