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  1. Stradling, no joke dude. I have this technology available for those who register here. Someone should start a new thread or PM with 5-10 questions that qualify for an email activation link if you pass, if not no dice.
  2. Chuckster70

    Random pics for no reason

    After Taylor Swift announces she was supporting the Democratic Party, KFC has a new special.
  3. I love Baseball and have played Fantasy Baseball in a $$$ Dynasty/Keeper league for 20 years, so I'm familiar with all the players and top prospects for all teams (have subscribed to Baseball America or purchased their magazines for 30 years), that said, when the lights go out on my team I focus on football as I've been a Seattle Seahawks fan since '83 and that's where my attention lies. I'll tune in here and there, but mostly catch the last couple games in the WS at best. If it turns out to be a good WS, I'll rewatch that shit later.
  4. I've watched 4 innings total of all the games so far. Once my team is out of it, I usually don't give a shit until there's an elimination game in the World Series.
  5. Everyone was poised to watch Brees break the all-time passing record. That's history in the making rather than a lone ALDS contest. A good chunk of the Red Sox/Yankees fans abroad were probably at the game or a sports bar, rather than their collective homes too. That takes away from individual viewership to hike up the ratings.
  6. Chuckster70

    Umpire Lives Matter

    Update: Angel Hernandez still sucks.
  7. Chuckster70

    2018 Hurricane Thread

    My daughter should be good, she's in Tampa, but prayers for her safety!
  8. lol. I think your columns should come packaged with an Adderall pill for every member at AW. You know, so they can get past the 4th of 27 paragraphs and 5 charts in each of your articles. I know that I have to have at least a half cup of coffee before I dig in. Otherwise I'm like, SQUIRREL!!!
  9. Great minds think alike. The good news @ettin is that only a fraction of the members here read this forum thread, so your stuff will be like brand new to them when it comes out.
  10. Robles really REALLY impressed me down the stretch. Good job, Eppler. I think one of Robles, Anderson or Buttrey have a chance at closing. I just don't trust Blake Parker, but he's still a good guy to have in the pen, much like Alvarez. I'm iffy on Bedrosian.
  11. @Scioscia4MVP you can do this yourself by going into your profile and changing your screen name.
  12. Chuckster70

    Cookie Policy Tab

    @Lou click on the 3 dots in the upper right of your Google Chrome browser, then settings, then site settings, then cookies allowed (for all sites) then make sure it looks like this.
  13. Chuckster70

    Cookie Policy Tab

    Trying to troubleshoot this with the support team, @Blarg @Jay @AngelsLakersFan @fan_since79 or anyone else who experienced this issue, can you let me know two things: 1. Are you still seeing this issue as first reported? 2. What type of smartphone and browser were you using when you did see the issue if resolved now, or currently happening. I know that @Lou has an iPhone and using Safari.