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  1. Chuckster70

    At this point....

    Canning had a 0.56 ERA in AAA before he was promoted.
  2. Angels We could cynically assume that Mike Trout will play every game the rest of his career on a team generally in the vicinity of .500 without ever getting meaningfully over that hump. And having another $59 million committed to Albert Pujols from 2020-21 is a real drag on the Halos' payroll. But it forever bears repeating that a Trout-led team has a high floor, at the least. And the return of the two-way version of Shohei Ohtani and the likely promotion of touted prospect Jo Adell (No. 4 on MLB Pipeline’s Top 100) could further improve the Angels’ outlook. Where they need help -- and stop me if you’ve heard this before -- is in the rotation, all the more after the devastating death of Tyler Skaggs. Rookie Griffin Canning might be their best pitcher, and he's done for the year because of elbow inflammation. But there is an expectation in the industry that the Angels could be the team that steps up and pays for Newport Beach, Calif., native Gerrit Cole, and the great work that general manager Billy Eppler has done to remake the farm system could pay dividends in the trade market.
  3. Chuckster70

    This is what happens when Chuck leaves the Country

    I did. No more beach frisbee for me. I tried to dive for a low to the ground toss running pretty fast and my leg went in a different direction when I went into a low dive attempt. For whatever it's worth, I did catch it and heard a pop at the same time.
  4. Chuckster70

    This is what happens when Chuck leaves the Country

    Should be concerned about this? My daughter just freaked and woke me up from a short nap. The bruise goes all the way up to my asscheeks but I thought I'd spare you my black ass and balls.
  5. Chuckster70

    This is what happens when Chuck leaves the Country

    I think I ruptured my hamstring playing beach frisbee in New York the day before my Italy trip. #smh While I'm in the best shape since my 20's, I'm also about 65 lbs heavier and I don't bend the way I used to. Especially not as agile as I was when I was running down frisbees in my preteen years.
  6. Chuckster70

    This is what happens when Chuck leaves the Country

    Thanks, @Blarg. I need to probably drop a few inactive Mods on the west coast and get some east coast guys or those who work graveyard. Let me.know if you're interested via a PM and I'll make it happen when I get a chance. @nate and @John Taylor you interested also?
  7. Chuckster70

    This is what happens when Chuck leaves the Country

    Grazie, @nate for taking out the trash. I changed the registration requirements and SPAM prevention settings for now until I get back, so this shouldn't happen again unless it's a troll/bot who registered previously in the past. Greetings from Lake Como, Italy - where George Clooney has several villas. It's so beautiful here.
  8. Great job, @totdprods. It's good to see some guys other than Walsh, Rojas and Ward mashing in the minors atop the prospect hotlist.
  9. @totdprods unless Hermosillo goes 0-15 with 15 K's, I'm guessing he's a lock for the top spot on Monday's prospect hotsheet.
  10. Chuckster70


    It's funny because it's true.
  11. No negative feedback in this thread please, only positives that we can look toward in the future of this Angels club. I'll start with the obvious: Mike Trout, who keeps getting better and better it seems. Secondly, the development of our farmhands, which I hope to see more of later this month and all of September. Thirdly, some farmhands that have fared well in the minors this season that can be either used in a trade to acquire a starting pitcher, or help our own club down the road. Lastly, David Fletcher and Shohei Ohtani. Both of these guys look really good and should only get better IMO.
  12. Chuckster70

    Statcast metrics for every PA and access videos.

    Wow, super cool. Thanks for sharing.
  13. This is in a nutshell the Angels 2019 season.