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  1. Duly noted. Thanks for pointing that out, @oater.
  2. Everyone has asked for a new Hall of Fame forum much like what we had years ago on our old forum before moving here. So back by popular demand, here's the Hall of Fame Club.
  3. Just go to the leaderboard in the menu nav bar and you can search on threads/posts with the most likes. Here's a link I generated to look through for now.
  4. Here's another shining board moment for me.
  5. Everyone knows how to copy a link to a thread and post it here, but maybe not everyone knows how to share a post? It's easy. Just click on the sharing icon in the upper right of the post (see attached image) and it will pop up a sharing link. Just copy that into a post and paste it, and it will actually show you the post as seen below for my Jered Weaver F-Bomb Spectacular post. So far, this post has the most likes in the history of our new forum here, since 2013.
  6. The Angels are targeting a September return for righty Garrett Richards, who will face live hitters Sunday for the first time since he made his lone start of the year on April 5, Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register writes. Biceps nerve irritation has sidelined Richards, who missed nearly all of last season with elbow troubles. With roster expansion forthcoming, manager Mike Scioscia suggested that the Angels won’t need to stretch Richards out fully in order for him to rejoin the playoff hopefuls’ rotation. “I don’t think it’s realistic to get Garrett stretched out to the 75-, 90-, 100-pitch range, but I do see a scenario if he gets to 60 pitches, we might use him to come to our rotation and see how far he gets because we’ll have plenty of pitching to follow up at that point,” Scioscia said.
  8. Wrong thread, @Vegas Halo Fan?
  9. I'd take 20 HR and 35 doubles. If he's going to hit just 10-15 HR and not many extra base hits, we my as well trade him in a package for a player of need since his defense at 1B is still a work in progress.
  10. Puello claimed by Rays

    It's really not what he did with the Angels, although in his major league debut with us he had an RBI single and two SB's. It's more of what he did over the course of the season in AAA, slashing .327/.377/.526 with 13 HR and 18 SB. If they knew that they would most likely lose him, or that there was even a chance by bringing him up just for one game only to send him down and through waivers, why bring him up in the first place?
  11. Solar Eclipse

    Some pics I took with my Galaxy S8 through my eclipse glasses.
  12. Umpire Lives Matter

    and Angel Hernandez topping out at #1 on this list.
  13. Umpire Lives Matter

    Angel Hernandez at his best..
  14. Umpire Lives Matter

    He just looks like an asshole.