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  2. @BadDog, great first post. Thank you for sharing --- and welcome to One of my favorite parts of going to spring training is going to the back fields and watching the coaches teach our farmhands, and to see their abilities up close and personal. I missed it this year, but went to a Yankees and Braves game while in Florida for vacation. I'm super stoked that our farm system has been rebuilt and that there's so many guys to follow once the minor league season begins. I'm also hearing that Jo Adell's injury and timetable for his return is going to be sooner than later, so that's even better news. Thanks again for posting this and don't be bashful to jump right in other thread/forums here.
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  5. Yeah, I really hope someone else makes the bullpen over Noe.
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    All of this.
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    Trout press conference question

    @Dave Saltzer
  8. Me too. I'm not a NO-Way fan.
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    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    They stole @Dave Saltzer article title.
  10. Chuckster70 Today: An Angel for Life

    Great article, @Dave Saltzer. Good to see you writing again!
  11. Join here guys & gals:
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    Wake up, Eppler

    I disagree.