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  1. Chuckster70

    An appeal to the baseball gods

    Actually, they love us.
  2. Chuckster70

    An appeal to the baseball gods

    The baseball gods hate us.
  3. Yeah, from the latest Baseball America mock draft it has us selecting a very good HS prep pitcher. If there is indeed a lack of quality arms, then you do gotta go with one in the first round even if it's a HS guy that will take some time.
  4. Chuckster70

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    New Mock Draft selection from BA for the Angels.
  5. Yeah, I do agree with the select the best player available approach, but I think we already have quite a few projects in Adams that will take some time. High risk, super high reward types. But man I'd love to score with a college arm and possibly bat at the 3B or C position in the 2nd round.
  6. That was me and I still stand by that. It doesn't mean I've soured on Adams. I think he will take quite a bit of time along with Jeremiah Jackson to reach the big leagues mostly because they possess 4 solid tools with the exception of the hit tool. With Adell, Marsh, Jones, Adams, Jackson, Knowles, Devo, and now even Taylor Ward we have enough guys that are incredibly athletic and outfielders. I would like the Angels to stock up on arms in this draft and if possible draft a close college arm much like they did with Canning.
  7. I want to strangle Cozart's neck. But LTBU.
  8. If Lucroy, La Stella and Goodwin remain productive, would you look to deal them for prospects close to the big league level at the deadline? Also, if Calhoun rips the cover off the ball from now until then, in addition to Tyler Skaggs performing well, you have to look at trading these two guys as well. What does Skaggs contract look like right now, how many years is he signed through? I'd rather keep Heaney out of the two current LHP's we have, plus we have Suarez and Sandoval knocking on the door. It's too bad that we're most likely not going to get a penny in return for Harvey, Cahill, Allen and Cozart.
  9. Chuckster70


    Did Lucroy sign a 1 or 2 year deal? I'm thinking we should trade him to a contending team if it's a one year dealio. He's been great with a bat, but an absolute bust defensively and with the pitching staff. His pitch framing is well below average too.
  10. Chuckster70


    In before @Lou thanks Eppler.
  11. Chuckster70

    Gameday Thread: Rangers @ Angels 5/24/2019

    No. He's been hitting the ball hard, even against lefties. Two of his outs earlier in the game were line outs to the first base man.
  12. Chuckster70

    Gameday Thread: Rangers @ Angels 5/24/2019

    He just looked like a little whiney bitch that had his cell phone taken away. Ausmus has nothing in him to fire the team up.
  13. Chuckster70

    Gameday Thread: Rangers @ Angels 5/24/2019

    Bedrosian should have been out of this inning unscathed.