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  1. RallyMo

    Bryce Harper to the Dodgers?

    It's probably Dipoto, goofball.
  2. RallyMo

    UCLA Football Thread

    Soooo, he's ours now, it seems. What are we getting with this guy? Decent upside?
  3. RallyMo


    I see you, @Lou. This is appreciated.
  4. I thought you were de facto boycotting INO.
  5. RallyMo


  6. RallyMo


    How damn low was the bar that you set?
  7. RallyMo


    I'm on logic and medical knowledge. It's not about who you ascribe possible blame to, it's about how you're attributing it to various parties.
  8. RallyMo


    Oh boy. I'm about to be 100% on team cals here.
  9. RallyMo


    It's that you offer a differing opinion here as well: Of course, my issue is that it differs from your opinion in this thread. TEAMS! You're a cheerleader.
  10. RallyMo

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    This is why you're inconsistent and a complete team player, @Make Angels Great Again. When a child was discharged sick and placed immediately in care afterward (and then died), you didn't think to even come close to placing blame on the detention system for negligence, but you're all for it (and perhaps rightly so) in the case being discussed in the other thread. You're a cheerleader. TEAMS!
  11. RallyMo


    This is actually something I've thought about. I'm more in your camp of thinking on this case than you realize.
  12. RallyMo


    I love this even more now.
  13. RallyMo


    Look, 2-3 days of dehydration and stress can kill a kid. Do we truly know how long it took to get her medical attention?
  14. RallyMo


    Oh, I just love his inconsistency when it comes to these medical cases. Teams gotta team, tho.
  15. RallyMo


    Are you sure about that? I'm honestly asking.