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  1. RallyMo


    It's kinda weird, but I agree with Mr. Pizzagate and Mr. I Don't Have To Have a Point. It seems to me he's calling her a bitch.
  2. RallyMo


    Agreed. Because because!
  3. RallyMo

    Political Gallery

    No, you poo! Wait, no. That doesn't work.
  4. RallyMo

    Political Gallery

    Yes, just after fully demonstrating that he knows nothing about the First Amendment. ...while he's running for a seat in the House.
  5. RallyMo

    Political Gallery

    There's not enough popcorn at the store for that one.
  6. RallyMo


    But but Obama or Hillary!
  7. RallyMo


    Seriously, though: the kind of security lapse that is necessary for this to happen is something over which Obama or Hillary would have been ripped to shreds by people on all areas of the political spectrum (at least on this board). Meanwhile, there's so much to keep up with presently that it's apparently not a big deal in 2018.
  8. In the most Cal thing ever: http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/24344541/north-carolina-tar-heels-warn-others-wake-ncaa-violations-shoe-resales So...
  9. RallyMo


    Yes, I do, but I was only speaking to you. So... knock it off.
  10. RallyMo


    You knock it off.
  11. RallyMo

    Seattle fires 10 scouts

    I think what y'all meant to ask was: Where's @Ender?
  12. RallyMo


    Don't be too hard on yourself. Reading is hard.
  13. RallyMo


    You literally (yes, literally) have Dems on here saying that they don't believe in what you feel they believe and somehow you just can't accept it at face value. How in the world do you expect to have a conversation about these things with an approach like that? It's the keyboard equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears. That's not a very mature way to confront things.
  14. RallyMo

    Killing 3 Birds with one stone

    Shut up. My proposed Scherzer-Pujols swap is nearly perfect.