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  1. We'll see. It's not good, that's for sure. One thing that is intriguing is that mention of ditching Edwards Stadium and building housing. He seems to write it off as being inconsequential even if they do that, but that's a fairly large parcel of land not getting much use on an increasingly crowded campus, and I'm pretty sure it's under control of the AD. To build housing there, it'd have to be transferred out of the AD, and I imagine that will involve a shift of a considerable amount of funds from the general campus to the AD. It's not like the AD would be building a dorm on its dime and then trying to recoup the cost on that. I think such a deal could make a significant impact on the outlook here. Then again, maybe not. Whatever the case, it is and will continue to be ugly. GO BEARS!
  2. Opiates vs. alcohol

    These MFers: https://www.forbes.com/sites/alexmorrell/2015/07/01/the-oxycontin-clan-the-14-billion-newcomer-to-forbes-2015-list-of-richest-u-s-families/
  3. Opiates vs. alcohol

    I think that's a fair way of looking at it. Another thing to consider is that while alcohol has more or less remained the same product for decades (centuries), opioids have changed considerably over the years and have evolved to get us to the situation we find ourselves in now. There's no reason to believe that this increase in deaths will reverse or even slow without intervention. With that said, this does not diminish how destructive alcohol is at all.
  4. $8 Million Vacation

    Chin up, Trump voter!
  5. $8 Million Vacation

    How's the wall coming along? Excellent thread.
  6. Trumped

    Bachelor In Paradise! Spill the beans, MFer.
  7. Confederate Monuments

    It figures that you'd consider this representative of an oppressor.
  8. Trumped

    Everybody is like that, goofball.
  9. Trumped

    The only thing that routinely changes in this White House is the information that comes out of it. It's SOP, pretty much.
  10. Trumped

    Ah, he resigned. Tony Reagins resigned, too.
  11. Trumped

    Ummmm, I think that strengthens it, no? He's going to fight the people that he thinks are detrimental to Trump in the White House (and elsewhere), apparently. Also, do you have anything bad to say about your dear leader after this past week?
  12. Hate speech

    Yep. Universities should generally allow for free expression of ideas. Obviously safety is an issue in these times, but we cannot block the speech of individuals.
  13. Trumped

    Geeee, I wonder why?
  14. Hate speech

    Nah. You've got your casino, Biff.
  15. Hate speech

    There's no way you'd have supported Bernie openly here if you were using it for improving your standing in arguments on AW.