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  1. Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    I assume that just like everyone else, your house is also under a foot of swampwater at this point due to the diversion from DC? MAGA
  2. We're getting eaten alive by injuries... Best receiver: out for season Second best receiver: excuse me? Best RB: No mas, por favor. Best TE: I'm sorry, what? Starting OLB: Can we just stop this? Starting Safety: you can't be serious Best defensive player, period (MLB): c'mon now
  3. Those throwbacks are so sweet. As to the game, it was quite a different outcome than expected. I don't think I saw a single Cal fan on the board I post on predict a victory, and there are some sunshine pumpers on there. I really think it was all about exploiting an issue in WSU's system. Falk had his lunch handed to him all night long. I've never seen anything like it. It's the coaching. At the very least we have a halfway decent coaching staff. I get the impression that despite the experience that USC seems to have had with him, Wilcox is going to be a good one. The USC stop is the outlier on his resume, not the constant. If he ends up being good, he'll get paid at Cal if he wants to stay.
  4. Road rage

    Can we just nuke this thread for everyone's sake? All in favor say aye.
  5. No UC Davis? Cowards. Amateurs.
  6. ...and Washington State's game planning was terrible. Oregon and Washington had their way with our DLine. WSU didn't even bother to be aggressive. It was stupid game planning by the pirate.
  7. Yep. He almost stuck it, though. He's actually done this before, but in high school. His mom was a gymnast. With all this said, it's an incredibly stupid thing to do. I don't really want to see him try it again.
  8. Absolutely, but with their schedule they stand a very reasonable chance of winning out.
  9. I think Washington could make the playoff. They're pretty good. It looks like we might have a shot at a bowl, which is surprising. Also, the defensive coaches said that it was easy to defend WSU and put pressure on due to the limited number of looks they saw from WSU in their game planning. That was the best Cal defensive performance I've seen in a long time, but it may be that WSU needs to change things up p.
  10. Scary as hell, but impressive.
  11. Cal beat the spread by... 49 points. A lot of things went our way, but that was an amazing defensive performance. Falk was sacked 9 freaking times.
  12. U.S. puts troops on Russian Border

    Nope, MAGA should be following in his idol's footsteps and as such it ought to be his challenge to issue.
  13. U.S. puts troops on Russian Border

    You should challenge cals to an IQ test.