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  1. RallyMo

    Three favorite movies?

    The Usual Suspects Apollo 13 The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
  2. RallyMo


    I'm fairly cynical and I don't know that this is actually true. I don't know that any campaign would, and even if so it likely would not have been to the extent which Trump and his peeps passively did.
  3. RallyMo


    TLDR: Twitter. Sorry, champ.
  4. RallyMo

    2020 Democratic Field

    I don't think it's cool that you're using big words like "for" and "yes." It doesn't make you look as highly intelligent as you believe it to.
  5. RallyMo

    2020 Democratic Field

    Honest question: do you really believe that "existential" is a big word?
  6. RallyMo

    Internet Free Speech Thread

    So you think that the bakery lawsuit was legit?
  7. RallyMo


    No, we should not go there. It would be a total waste of money. It's a trap.
  8. RallyMo

    Internet Free Speech Thread

    Bingo. Better Call Saul gets it.
  9. RallyMo

    Internet Free Speech Thread

    I'm going to play the "have you read the First Amendment?" card.
  10. I've got your back. You're welcome.
  11. RallyMo


    @Tank will have to bring the peace pipe smokable goods from his supply. My personal freedom loving state does not allow such things to be acquired by individuals.
  12. RallyMo

    Political Gallery

  13. RallyMo


    No, and look where they are now. Consider your course of action very carefully, good sir.