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  1. Re: Trump... Can you lose sleep when you don't sleep. He watches TV all night long, no?
  2. New Senate Tax Plan

    Damn, the net neutrality repeal is working fast. They took away Adam's Google access. It's the latter, it reduces your liability by that amount.
  3. #metoo

    NO FREE BUD LIGHTS? This story is worse than Star Wars
  4. Gotta love autocorrect.
  5. Actually, it seems like most people that I know who have seen it absolutely did not like it at all. Damn.
  6. Trumped

    ...but you'll defend just one. Got it.
  7. So we've got tickets for tonight, but there seem to be two camps on this one: AMAZING and WORST MOVIE EVER. I'm pretty shocked at the latter. Can it possibly be that bad in some way? I've got my hopes up.
  8. Yep. That's the kind of place he'll do well at, I think. It's great that Cal is off the hook for a bunch of money, too.
  9. Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    You must be a Democrat.
  10. Trumped

    ...and as we all know from experience, every single person that works on The Bachelor in any capacity is a straight up moron. There are no exceptions.
  11. Trumped

    I thought it was already well known.
  12. Trumped

    @Geoff just called Senator Gillibrand a slut!