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  1. Slegnaac

    Madden out in Chi? Interest?

    Have to think that the Angels are not at the top of his list of potential new employers.
  2. Slegnaac

    Madden out in Chi? Interest?

    Who would be his bench coach? I don't think it happens. Someone currently on the staff is a better bet to replace Ausmus.
  3. Slegnaac


    Dont forget incredibly handsome.
  4. Slegnaac

    Trout having surgery

    I think you will be there, just to fill the intelligent and handsome quota.
  5. Los Espookys - HBO The first episode starts out with a Horror themed Quinceanera. From there a group of quirky friends go on to start a Horror based, scare business, Los Espukys. I'm 3 episodes in and so many laugh out loud moments. Lorne Michaels and Fred Armisen are Executive producers.
  6. Slegnaac

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Astros (9/20/19)

    Well some good news at least. Houston has some top rated medical facilities as well.
  7. Less agent fees and taxes. Two things that are hard to avoid.
  8. Slegnaac

    Which young guys have futures?

    But is time really linear?
  9. Slegnaac

    Andrew Heaney

    You should feel optimistic because he will be part of an off season trade.
  10. Slegnaac

    Jim Edmonds

    Which is French for someone that likes Jigsaw puzzles.
  11. Isn't he nearing a bonus mark? No sense in letting that happen.
  12. Slegnaac

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    You don't prefer a Malted Shake?
  13. Slegnaac

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    But then a chocolate shake kind of solves any problem....
  14. Slegnaac

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    Eat faster? I know that the lettuce is cool and crisp, the bun hot and crunchy, if I eat at INO instead of driving the 2 miles back home.