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  1. Pick 6

    Above: Taylor Ward, Matt Thaiss, Leonardo Rivas Below: Kevin Maitan, Brandon Marsh, Jaime Barria
  2. Is Kinsler changing our minds?

    Was thrilled with the trade from day one.
  3. Best jersey by far. So sick.
  4. Middleton looks like an absolute wreck. He looks like he had the munchies all offseason and is trying to play defensive tackle for the Rams.
  5. Nah, SP's need to start being treated differently. Make him the beginning of a 1+1 trend. High dollar and team option second year. Long-term contracts for SP's are behind us.
  6. Skaggs extremely overrated IMO

    What hype?
  7. Cozart batting stance (2016 vs. 2017)

    What put him over? His wife, who did not beat around the dang bush: Get you a girl like that.
  8. BillJamesOnline: Release Pujols

    Drove in 100 runs last season. Put some damn respect on his name.
  9. Fire Scioscia

    In all seriousness, he needs to really get on a treadmill.
  10. Getting To Know PTBNL

    Probably top 5 spect in the Mariners organization.
  11. C.J. Cron to the Tampa Bay Rays

    Ouch, can't believe his value was that low.