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  1. Tyler

    Only the Angels and Yankees...

    Thats awesome! Go Angels fans!
  2. Tyler

    Are the Angels stuck?

    Grandal is a bat, not much of a glove anymore. That would not be a wise signing in my opinion... especially since they will make a QO.
  3. Tyler

    Are the Angels stuck?

    I refuse to believe the Angels are stuck when they have a player named Mike Trout. Next season is the most crucial year as the Angels will likely have a new Manager.
  4. I don't see Eppler sitting around this offseason. I expect a very noisy offseason.
  5. Tyler

    Fans and salaries

    Buy season seats when the Angels suck (now) and fill up the stadium so they have money to go after these FA's in the offseason. Do your part as a fan.
  6. Tyler

    Super nerds are killing baseball

    Athletes in baseball are the new wave---led by your Angels with Adell, Marsh, Jones, Rengifo, and Adams.
  7. When you're an asshole, nobody wants to put their best effort out for you.
  8. How did Mike not get ejected over that? Terrible....
  9. As a Mike Scioscia fan over the years... thank God. This team just needs a new energy. We recycled players and GM's... time for the manager to change.
  10. Tyler

    "The Root of the Angels' Problems..."

    The root of the Angels problem was not giving Greinke his money.
  11. Lebron to the Lakers, Machado to the Dodgers, the Angels need to respond with Bryce Harper. Give him the money he wants. Trout, Ohtani, Harper... west coast Yankees. Then throw in Realmuto and you have something really special offensively.
  12. These are two players you go after no matter what your win loss record may be. They don't become available often.
  13. Bryce Harper for Adell, Canning, Suarez, Adams Realmuto for Jones, Marsh, Maitan, Rodriguez Just do it Eppler.
  14. Eppler needs to wake the hell up and get to work.
  15. Tyler

    Eppler Like Trade

    https://www.mlb.com/news/marlins-asking-price-for-realmuto-high/c-287517698 "There's a lot of interest in J.T.," Bowers said. "We have a strategy, and part of that strategy is winning the World Series. If he is a part of that, that would be fantastic. We obviously know that he is one of the best players in baseball. It's going to take a lot to get J.T. out of this organization."