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  1. Tyler

    Your most unpopular Angels take?

    Justin Upton needs to be traded in July.
  2. Tyler


    Was just looking at his numbers today... he is incredible. Looks like he can have his best year in his career so far. They really need to figure out this pitching thing. This team is getting a career year from La Stella as well, yet they're under .500. It's unacceptable really.
  3. Tyler

    Merry Fackmus

    I never understood why we went after a reject that Detroit spit out. Ridiculous.
  4. This has been one of the worst managing jobs I've witnessed.
  5. Cozart such a waste of money.
  6. This contract extension really seems to have made Trout completely comfortable and at ease. Greatest player in the history of MLB. Wow.
  7. Tyler

    Opening Day at home.

    Pretty depressing hearing the PA announcer say the active roster names out loud. This team severely lacks talent...
  8. Tyler

    So Cozart pretty much blows

    Looks like he has no confidence.
  9. Tyler

    OF prospects not named Adell

    Big fan of Marsh. Hope he can take over in the corner and we find something for Upton when he is ready.
  10. Tyler

    Rojas over Ward for 3B?

    Maitan 3B of the future. I like what I see with him.
  11. For me, the biggest thing I hope the new coaching staff learns early is that Cam Bedrosian can not be trusted. I get the bloodlines and the decent mechanics, but he doesn't seem to mix up his pitches well at all. He has too good of stuff to be so hittable. I hope the FO can move him.
  12. I went to a couple of games and he sat. I did get to see Marsh and he's pretty physically impressive himself. Definitely a starting Major League OF potential.
  13. Another reason Trout should stay. Adell and Ohtani on low dollar deals... once Pujols does what's right and retires we will be able to get Trout all the help he needs and it will be sustainable.
  14. “Everybody can say whatever they want,” said Tyler Skaggs. “I know it could be considered tampering. I’m a Laker fan, so I know all about tampering. Ultimately it’s Mike Trout’s decision. Everybody can say what they want. I don’t think any one person is going to sway Mike. It’s all up to him, what he personally wants to do.” Gold. From Jeff's article...