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  1. Tyler

    Dear Billy Eppler

    Pujols is killing us.
  2. Tyler

    The Official 2018 Amateur Draft Thread

    http://gculopes.com/news/2018/6/9/baseball-barnes-signs-with-angels.aspx Oh, hi.
  3. What a great swing from Fletcher going to RF!
  4. Richards needs to retire.
  5. Tyler

    Richards trade speculation

    You can't rely on him... injury to inconsistent performances. Get as much as you can for him ASAP.
  6. Tyler

    Kole Calhoun news

    Package him and Richards to Philly for Maikel Franco and Sixto Sanchez.
  7. Tyler

    Trout 60-WAR Watch

    EXTEND HIS CONTRACT. Amazing talent... what a human video game.
  8. Tyler

    Cozart is utter garbage

  9. Tyler

    The Official 2018 Amateur Draft Thread

    Austin Barnes little brother to sign with Angels.
  10. Tyler

    The Official 2018 Amateur Draft Thread

    Great pick!
  11. Tyler

    The Official 2018 Amateur Draft Thread

    What has Nate Smith done?
  12. Tyler

    Rougned Odor

    Impossible to not throw at him his very next AB. He's gonna get cooked.
  13. Marte is straight trash. Hope they let him go.
  14. Tyler

    Gameday Thread: 5/19 Rays @ Angels

    Calhoun and Marte should not be on the roster. Marte especially. Worst fielder since Juan Rivera.