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  1. This is the most tdawg thing I've read on this site that actually happened.
  2. This guy sure has a rockstar vibe.
  3. SD designate INF Jose Rondon

    Tatis Jr. is that good.
  4. We need a true lead-off hitter...

    I just do shift+enter.
  5. We need a true lead-off hitter...

    Yeah, I prefer the wait and see approach myself. Especially when one of them is built like a running back. Sure Ohtani has longer legs, but Trout bulked up for power reasons... plays everyday etc. Ohtani will play DH and pitch. Much fresher legs those 3 days a week he is batting. In the end, not worth having your leadoff guy rotate in and out that much. 2B Kinsler DH Ohtani CF Trout LF Upton 1B Pujols 3B Cozart RF Calhoun SS Simmons C Maldonado
  6. We need a true lead-off hitter...

    "Fastest guy on the team." Bro, no need to disrespect Trout over the shiny, new toy.
  7. Is JeDi having a meltdown?

    What is this the onion?
  8. Padres did it right. 60+ starts and a QO.
  9. Nah, I just clicked all the pages of this thread till I saw my avatar lol
  10. Mariners acquire 2B Dee Gordon

    Didn't have to wait long to be proven right on this one.
  11. My only contribution to this thread. lol Someone actually said Fowler is like Melvin Upton. LOL
  12. Bourjos traded to Cardinals

    Another bad look for the same set of posters. lol
  13. 60 Minutes Ohtani Segment

    Yup. I wasn't impressed either. Didn't really find out anything new on the guy that I didn't already read about. Seems like it was made a while ago as well.
  14. 60 Minutes Ohtani Segment

    Oh god. I gotta sit through all this other crap. I thought it was an hour long show on him. LOL