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  1. Deek

    Marcus Stroman

    I suspect they'll get a better offer than that... but that clip of Stroman - is awesome :)... mad props to him...
  2. Deek

    What's up with all these 1-year deals?

    I like the one year deals - unions and multi-year deals promote complacency... in a one-year deal, dudes have to put up or shut up and fight for their lives... if there's anything in the tank, we benefit!
  3. krAbs - I had no idea you were Paul's son! Paul and I worked together at Boeing for many years (until he retired a year or so ago - in fact, he and I grabbed a final, celebratory cup of coffee his last day here!). We went in jointly on Angels season tix for a number of seasons - you and I met on one occasion, in fact (Paul and I both brought our boys to a game together). I received a phone call from another Boeing employee, and fellow cyclist, early Saturday morning with the news - I couldn't believe it... I told our mutual friend that he probably had the wrong guy - given how common the name Paul Smith is... but later that day I received confirmation... Your dad was one of the good ones! A fun, beautiful, loving, caring person... he'll be missed.. I've been thinking about you, your mom and your brother all weekend... If it's appropriate, I'd appreciate the opportunity to attend the service (and I know others here at Boeing that would as well)... but completely understand and respect your families privacy... God's peace brother... : /
  4. Harper is so overrated - I'm glad he'll be sucking Doyer payroll for 10 years... Good on the Doyers for overpaying a Boras client - now they'll have the douchiest OF in baseball... couldn't happen to a better team....
  5. Spot on ... in this kindergarten-country of ours :)...
  6. Deek

    Angels WAR ranking by position

    I know it's Simba + scrubs vs. Lindor + nothing.... but still... seriously...
  7. Deek

    Angels WAR ranking by position

    Who the crap has a higher WAR than Simba at SS...?!?!?!
  8. The grammar in that article was atrocious...
  9. Deek

    Angels acquire Akeel Morris for a PTBNL

    Mark your calendars boys - it's "Ladies Night" July 29th....!
  10. That may be how the numbers bore out... but my eyes saw different... How many inherited runners scored and were charged to the SP...?
  11. I continue to be impressed with Cozart and am becoming a big fan... I'm glad Ohtani's first start came against a team scuffling on the offensive side. He delivered and allowed everyone to take a deep breath. He'll have his ups and downs this year as a rookie, but there were a lot of positives in this first step of the marathon...
  12. They didn't have space to add him.. they already had Ohtani penciled in the last spot...
  13. fun fact, my computer auto-corrects Ohtani’s to Octane’s... LOL! Brilliant!