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  1. after today (Thursday's game) -- I'd say Harvey.
  2. disarcina


    what's the next topic thread? BRING BACK SCIOSCIA !!!
  3. just can't stand to see Andrelton Simmons go down. he's a tremendous ballplayer, a top tier gold glove SS, a real clubhouse presence and just comes across as a darned good guy. He's one of those players you can build a team around, To have him on a roster with Mike Trout and Ohtani is tremendous. Sounds like he's out until August, OUCH,
  4. actually was once a rotation candidate guy for SF but that was a while ago and he didn't cut it then and not now. Angels took a flyer on him -with out rotation we can use all the help we can get -- so this guy didn't; work out and he will try to eat some ugly innings with his next team. and whatever we got for him, well, we're fortunate to get that.
  5. disarcina

    Simmons extension

    Francisco Lindor is about the only SS on that list that I would take over Simmons
  6. Bourjos probably winds up at SLC as a 4- A player I was sort of surprised PJB made the opening day roster But he had a great start to ST -- sort of tailed off at the end. Like PJB a lot - hope he can stick with the organization. I see him as a long term guy here with the Halos long after his playing days are over - which could be sooner than expected at this point
  7. he will sign after the draft. Angels should be in the bidding but will likely get out bid
  8. disarcina

    Simmons a trade candidate?

    I would NOT trade Simmons. We gave up a quality prospect starter to get Simmons (Sean Newcomb - who has run into some issue this year with Atlanta. Newcomb just got recalled from AAA where Atlanta sent him in April after some poor starts - this was to be Newcomb's 'break out' year -- still could be if he turns it around). Simmons has played fabulous for us. Defense as expected/ advertised - Offense - better than expected/ advertised. Team leadership - by example - not fully expected but appreciated. I think he is a team leader and a spark plugs for the Halos
  9. thanks for posting the impromptu press conference remarks there, appreciated seeing/ hearing that - I had missed it. loved the comment at the end about Don & Charlies closing in Scottsdale after Spring Training this year, Our group made one last trek to Scottsdale specifically to have one last round of dinner and drinks at Don & Charlie's -- Spring Training in Arizona just won't be the same,.
  10. let me add my belated congrats to a good guy Tim Mead who has been a rock for the Halos franchise over the years and always a class act. He has been very good to AngelwWin.com from the early years on -- My first reaction when I heard the news was - RATS , he's leaving us !! But upon reflection, he's been with the Halos for some 40 years plus - longer than anyone else I'm willing to venture -- he's now 61 years old --this is a new challenge and a career topper - a dream job to protect and maintain a hallowed institution. I am very happy for Tim Mead, he's been a HOF guy to us and he deserves this HOF opportunity. And, you can be sure, they'll be getting the MIKE TROUT plaque and HOF location all set the right way for a guy who --if he does not get hurt- will find his name among the very top players of the game - Ruth, Mays, Aaron, Griffey Jr., Clemente, TROUT. Congrats Tim Mead.
  11. I met Tim Mead at several of the AngelsWin.com Spring Training events. He has always been very good to our group of folks. If this is what he wants - and he has been with the Halos probably longer than anyone else these days save perhaps a long time 'in the stands' vendor who's worked Angels games forever......but if this presents an opportunity to top off his long career in MLB-- I'm all for him. The HOF gets a HOF'er guy IMO. Congrats Tim Mead
  12. disarcina

    Worst Halos decade

    1990's Mo Vaughn/ Terry Collins melt down,
  13. YES - if it helps us win -- WHY NOT? and, in case anyone hasn't noticed -- we don't exactly have a starting rotation that's working for us. breaking down the game into component parts for pitching assignments is the new baseball world. I prefer Bob Gibson and Don Drysdale era with complete games but that era is long gone never to be seen the likes of again. we now have the five inning starter, the mid inning guy, the set up set up guy, the set up guy and the closer. so the Opening pitcher is just another variation on this theme. and, if a team has a line up with a bunch of left handed hitters early in the line up - why not go to the opening inning specialist guy early rather than late. first inning counts as much as ninth. reminds me -- was watching the Seattle/ Angels game the other night (I think that was the game, may have been some other MLB telecast- I jump around and half-listen while doing other stuff --and the Seattle manager plays the infield back in the first/ second inning with guys on second and third less than two out........conceding the run on a ground ball -- always explained as this is the way to play it in the EARLY INNINGS. I have never agreed with that view (unless it's bases loaded and you think you can turn two -- and even then - I would prefer the 'two' be the lead runner and first base not a keystone combo DP so I'd play it 'half-way'). To me cutting down a run in the early innings is the same as in the later inning(s). A run is a run. Likewise, getting through a tough inning line up wise is needed in the first and the ninth. (oh, and did I mention, especially if your team does not have a solid rotation to begin with).
  14. starting pitching......
  15. back to the Stanley Cup playoffs. Todd McClellan for the Kings eh?