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  1. disarcina

    One positive from the game today

    another NFL game at the Oakland Coliseum -- time is running out on the Raiders. 21-3 -- who scored the eighth inning touchdown?
  2. disarcina

    Facebook games suck

    if facebook games are the wave of the future, I guess a lot of us won't be following baseball. of course, I prefer the radio broadcast anyway ---
  3. disarcina

    AL MVP

    Looks like Betts wins it. I also like Lindor for sheer excitement. He's one of the best players to watch play these days. Reminds of Ken Griffey Jr's hey days as the smiling face of MLB- just a little kid playing ball out there and just being better than anyone else. Trout will certainly get some votes. But won't win it. And, I do think a player leading to a team success is important -- so Mookie Betts......better than 'em all in 2018.
  4. Still waiting for the announcement on Sioscia's status for 2019. Thought the Halos would have made it some time this week.......or do they wait until a day or two after the World Series ends? Bobblehead night coming up - the one's they're depicting on the promos shown on the broadcasts show a smiling Sosh -- don't think that would be his usual facial expression. Brad Ausmus or Eric Chavez getting the nod?? Most here want Chavez. Few here (if any - perhaps me only) want Ausmus - (or at least don't think it's a terrible choice like many/most here apparently think).
  5. disarcina

    Sign Bartolo Colon this offseason

    he's got the wins total number - -it's the career IP number that's reference in my post.
  6. disarcina

    AL MVP

    Bregman, JD martinez and Betts. My vote would probably go to Altuve simply because stats and perhaps injuries aside, to me the MVP is the guy who makes the team go/ tick. Houston leads AL West pretty much wire to wire. Altuve goes down, Houston dips, Oakland makes a run and suddenly it's a race for the division title. If the MVP is for the guy who makes his team better and makes his team win when he's in the line up (sort of a WAR analysis I guess) Altuve I am sure ranks right up there. But he's not going to win it. Trout may get votes and could finish third because Boston guys split votes.
  7. disarcina

    Sign Bartolo Colon this offseason

    It would be easy to sluff off this thread and respond NO WAY. But look at the Halos rotation this year and how it fared.........could an age defying Bartolo Colon have helped the Halos during 2018? Could we have (and did we do) done worse? So, I'd say -- if it's an incentive laden one year contract -- why not? Bartolo Colon wants to pitch one more season (at least) at the MLB level to be the Dominican Republican born pitcher with the career most IP -- I think I read/ saw that somewhere. He only needs something like 50 innings pitched in 2019 to reach that status -- he was close to reaching it this year but with about 5.5 IP per game was projected to fall about 50 IP short. Look, the Halos are not going to be contenders in 2019 -- it's a sort of a kind of (not sure what you'd call it) 'rebuilding year / transition year. So for the right price -- why not? And yes if this does happen (likely won't) Bartolo Colon will start a game and get absolutely hammered. Then he'll start another game and take a quality start into the sixth inning which is all that would be asked of him to do.......... He gets his 10 to 12 starts, pitches those 50 IP and perhaps calls it a career. (although Colon may be one those guys who pitches in the Mexican League for another five plus years -- Fernando Valenzuela continued pitching in the Mexican League for a number of years after his last MLB game and sometimes stellar MLB career.
  8. I actually think if Brad Ausmus is named, Halos fans will warm up to him. He seems very personable......acted with total class when let go by Detroit. Seems to take a blue collar approach towards the game. Some may feel a guy like Eric Chavez -- younger and not that far removed from the game -- could relate to today's millenial type players better. Ausmus more OLD SCHOOL (which is probably why I like him - he seems to be in the "Craig Biggio' mold). Chavez may be the better pick of the two -- I still like Ausmus -- but that's me -- old school type in a new world.
  9. why are we debating DiPoto tenure here? It was what it was. And WAS (as in PAST TENSE) is the operable word. He and Sosh could not get along in a working relationship. DiPoto -- who, by all accounts, is a very nice guy and probably fun to be around - made some questionable moves here during his time as GM. He seems to have fared better in Seattle -- although the M's right now are going through a late September fade. Still, the M's were IN it into September which is more than what the Halos can say. When DiPoto signed on with the M's -- other than his being employed by a division rival -- I said then and now -- I wish him well but want the Halos to beat his team and finish above the M's in the standings........no ill will/ negative feelings towards DiPoto here.
  10. My bad - we're still a game under .500 I thought a win would get us even. oh well. tomorrow. at this point, the revised goal is to finish the season above .500.
  11. I'm liking the Simmons/ Fletcher combo at the keystone. darned Angels -- good ballplayers -- real promise -- disappointing record year in, year out. this is why Sosh won't be back.
  12. LIGHT UP THE HALO!! We are at .500
  13. Simmons makes that play look easy. see, this is what bothers me as a Halos fan...... we have Trout, we have Ohtani and we have Simmons -- who is really a great ballplayer, defensive SS - heart of the team kind of player. and we're battling tonight to reach .500 on the season. meanwhile the Oakland A's are some 30 games or whatever it is - above .500
  14. in jeopardy of falling behind now. come on Parker. Blake is out. Buttrey IN. are we headed for an almost two hour final two innings???
  15. no need to watch this game any more. oh well. would have been nice. winning the game to reach .500 on the season would be nice , too.