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  1. disarcina

    Fantasy Advice

    we have a =n ESPN league started with Angelswin.com folks some ten years ago plus. a few team owners have come and gone but we have some original folks left. 8 team league - auto draft (our group does not have time / logistics to get together either in person or on line to be at the same place at the same time) so it's a 'low maintenance' KEEPER (Five Keepers) league. Keepers need to be selected by March. 22 ESPN auto draft is set for Early AM - March 23 (check the league site when you wake up Saturday and your team should have been drafted). If you want in.....e-mail me at tj.staffel@comcast.net include your e-mail address in the e-mail. I will send out an invite -- first come, first in . ONE SPOT open.
  2. disarcina

    Leroy Stanton R.I.P.

    sad. single vehicle wreck?? bad / wet weather down that way ?
  3. disarcina

    New Angels Stadium in Long Beach?

    good bye Anaheim. Mayor Talt may be gone but his legacy may become 'losing the Angels'
  4. disarcina

    RIP Julia Ruth Stevens (Babe Ruth's daughter)

    great photo, 102 - a good run. she spent the better part of her life promoting the Babe's legacy. good for her. died in Henderson, Nevada -- probably a short drive from the Green Valley Inn & Spa - a place with a great sports book area, The Babe would have liked that !
  5. disarcina

    MLB and the MLBPA made a deal.

    single trade deadline? when? August 1 ? will the waivers system still be in effect ? the one where teams place the high contract guy on waivers and no one claims him and then the guy is traded or released ?
  6. disarcina

    Pujols' Historic Decline Revisited

    he got off to a very slow/ terrible start with us that first season in Anaheim and did not get turned around until almost the second half of the season - by that time the Halos were pretty much out of the race playing meaningless games. He picked it up enough over the second half to have respectable stats on paper. have not looked lately but his first five years stats looked OK (not great) on paper. But once again, he didn't seem to have much offense when it mattered. Now his biggest threat at the plate seems to be as a GIDP rally killer. And, yes, he'll be on our roster for 2019, 2020, 2021. But hopefully not in the line up every day.
  7. disarcina

    Is a half season contract possible?

    remember Roger Clemens did that with Houston, he intended to 'retire' from NY Yankees. Yankees, therefore, did not extend him an offer to avoid arbitration. all the deadlines come and went -- and Clemens then was free to 'un-retire' and sign with Houston to start playing after the All Star break. under the MLBPA contract terms in effect at the time, NY Yankees would have gotten a first round draft pick as FA signing compensation for losing Clemens, Instead, the Yankees received nothing,
  8. disarcina


    was in the Valley of the Sun last week and took in the Cubs at Angels (Tempe Diablo) game -- Bourjos looking good -- this was the game where Trout got charged with a error on that ball he lost in the sun -- hate to say it -- but Bourjos, who was playing LF that day -- would have caught it if he were in CF. it's amazing that it's what? five seasons later -- and PJB does not look like he's lost a step. the guy is quick. I'm rooting for him to make the roster -- have always liked the guy and his attitude. as for that Trout guy -- after making that first inning error (tough play/ tough scoring call) and being called out on strikes in the first inning -- (questionable strike three call) he came up in the third inning and just crushed the first pitch he saw into the left field seats.
  9. disarcina

    Pujols' Historic Decline Revisited

    how many more years do we have to endure this? two or three. hey, everyone knew the back side of this ten year deal was going to be terrible, Well, terrible is here. Not sure what anyone can do about it. One thing that must be done -- and hopefully Ausmus has the flexibility to do this -- we gotta move Pujols down the line up. No more preventing Trout from scoring or hitting into a GIDP with Trout on base.
  10. with Salvador Perez going down, the KC Royals have signed former Halos Gold Glove winning catcher, Martin Maldonado to a one year contact. how this guy didn't get re-signed by Houston and has been on the market all off season and two weeks into Spring Training is beyond me, I thought he played very well for us and helped the pitching staff. Sure, he couldn't hit a lick but I'd rather have a strong defensive catcher who can handle a pitching staff over a guy who might hit for power but really can't handle the catching chores (been there - Napoli) and now with Lucroy we may be there again. I was hoping the Angels would sign Maldonado again but with multiple DH types on the roster (Pujols, Ohtani, Bour) we really don't have room to have Lucroy be a C-DH type with Maldonado catching about 82 games. KC won't lose much on D with Maldonado behind the plate instead of Sal Perez but they're sure going to miss Sal Perez's bat and team/clubhouse leadership. I thought the SF Giants should have signed Maldonado and move Posey to 1B -- if Posey played 1B instead of the grind of catching, he would bat .300 or better averaging 185 hits per season 20-25 HRs -- instead Posey fades about late July - catching will do that to you. Giants could trade Brandon Belt for a power hitting LF. Right now one of the contenders for LF for them is "No Arm" Maybin.
  11. TROUT better than Machado and Harper combined ? The only possible issue I have with this assertion and this post/thread is that THIS IS NOT BREAKING NEWS. Anyone who watches MLB knows this. Machado is a good ballplayer -- prefer him at SS over 3B but he's probably now going to be a corner power guy (Will Petco bring the fences in for him at that pitcher's park?) Machado IMO did not help himself with his playoff performance with the Dodgers. I sort of think he may be more of an AL player and may find adjustment to the NL difficult. He's got ten years now to adjust. If Machado is 10 years at $300 million, then Trout is worth more than that -- I can see Trout getting a contract (hopefully an extension from the Halos) for more than that and IF a ten year deal (will Arte ever agree to a ten year deal again?) is signed - I could see Trout wanting an opt out option after five or six years. Trout IMO is a once in a generation type player and if he remains healthy for the long term -- he could possibly hit another big pay day in 5 or 6 years depending on whether the MLB market and financial health have not totally collapsed. (I keep checking the year by year drop off in Little League/ youth league sign ups : baseball and football down - soccer up). As for Harper. I really don't think he even qualifies for a comparison to Trout (Machado does and falls short). Harper needs to put two quality stat seasons in a row on the Board. Hasn't done that yet. Every season since his arrival in MLB has been a quality stat season for Trout -even when he missed time on the DL. Now that the Washington Nationals have said they're OUT (I sort of thought Harper would wind up back in a Nat's uniform with a one year deal) -- I could envision opening day with Harper watching from his couch. White Sox may be a team interested -- but I don;'t see (and would not give Harper) a ten year deal and nothing close to Machado's contract.
  12. disarcina

    Angels reclaim Cowart....

    hey - Ohtani may have started something. in recent years we've seen more teams in either very long extra inning games or in blow outs (usually the team losing ) the use of position players pitching, some do OK - some do terrible, none of the position player pitchers do great. so - why not have your 25th guy on the roster be a depth MIF/3B guy who can also pitch an inning or two if called upon. I feel the same way about DH/C -- have a guy on the roster who can DH and serve as your third string catcher if called upon. the return with the 'two way' player designation indicates Cowart realizes he really needs to bring something more to the table than his prior efforts to make the opening day roster.
  13. disarcina

    How overrated is Bryce Harper?

    I think Harper is way over rated. Until he puts together two GOOD seasons in a row, I'd be hesitant to sign him to any long term deal - let alone the stratosphere type money/ years his agent is demanding, Harper and Machado may be sitting while players are reporting next week.
  14. disarcina

    2019 record

    wow - lots of optimism here -- well, it IS an ANGELS fan website, I just don't see us being much better than last year. Lot of questions in the pen -- I would have preferred we brought Martin Maldonado back to handle the pitching staff and platoon with our new number one catcher who is more offensively oriented than what I prefer in the catching position. oh well. I'd put us at 78-84 for 2019. It's a re-building year, I just hope the Halos start the season playing decent ball and that they don't find themselves 8 to 10 games under .500 early and double digits games out of first place. that kind of stuff start just puts a pall over the entire season and ensures a lot of empty seats in late July- September.,
  15. disarcina


    there has already been an Anaheim coach fired this year..... Carlyle (spelled wrong?) has been let go by the Ducks, the Ducks fell behind the Kings for worst in the Western Conference so he's OUT.