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  1. disarcina

    Unusual Baseball Trivia

    Ron Hassey -- who would have thunk it? As Dizzy Dean used to say.
  2. disarcina

    7 surprise sellers...

    we're sellers. the Halos injuries may have saved Scioscia's job again this year. Richards is are most saleable commodity (in terms of who Halos are willing to trade -- that means the core of team, Trout, Simmons, Maldonado and Ohtani - are off limits. Probably Upton and his big contract as well - no one will want to take that contract on)......our pen has imploded in the past month so I don't think anyone would want any of those guys, Bedrosian, Parker, etc. some of our other rotation guys could be trade bait. Kinsler could go - but we're not going to get much in return. Calhoun was once a prime guy for a deadline deal but unless he heats up with the bat (and he's seemed to be weaker on D in RF lately, too) - I don't see takers and if there is interest, we're just not going to get much in return.
  3. disarcina

    Fire mike scioscia and the GM

    set up the circular firing squad........
  4. disarcina

    Nats trade for Herrera

    as for 'targets' for the Halos -- that should be directed at prospects like what KC gave up. at this point, until further notice (meaning a winning streak and a quick turn around) at 10 and a half games back. As trade deadline approaches -- we're sellers -- (without much to sell) not buyers. Who do we have to sell (don't say Trout)? At one point I would have thought Calhoun -- but his value wasn't high and hasn't gotten better so far this year Seriously -- who do we have in the pen or in the rotation that any contender would want?
  5. disarcina

    Nats trade for Herrera

    nice pick up for the Nats. am sure the Royals fleeced them for some pretty good prospects in exchange for a closer who can help the Nats NOW. Royals re-stocking farm.......
  6. I'm not a Harper fan - just pointing out that compared to Calhoun -- Harper has some power numbers and RBIs. Nats are not going to give up on Harper..........they paid a bundle to sign him. he'll come around. Calhoun? Not so sure. As for Harper -- some of the Harper-Trout comparisons and 'who's better' type questions made laugh. Harper's never been even close to Trout's equal in any phase of the game.
  7. Harper's .219 includes about 18 HRs and about 45 RBIs.
  8. I'm sorry, tune up the Halos 2018 theme song -- there's a pretty good version of it appropriate for the ballpark -- "Goodnight, Irene" -- Gene Autry.
  9. base hit here by Maldonado would sort of keep the Halos kind of in the game.
  10. Valbuena -- what is he hitting these days? .198 ? I see they don't post their Batting Avg. on the screen like they once did.
  11. tough enough to watch these games on TV. why would you want to buy a ticket?
  12. tuned into Sunday's game in the 7th -- things looking good. 5-2 Halos - Heaney's strikes out the side in the 8th 1-2-3. We're gonna win this thing. then the Halos PEN comes on............ tune in tonight,, Halos down 3-0 -- not a big deal. then MATHIS aided by Calhoun. 6-0 D-BACKS Now back to back jacks by Upton and Pujols -- that'll be the story the Halos will want to talk about on the post - game show. final - probably 8-2 D-Backs -- something like that.......wait - -our pen will be coming in -- make that 13-2 or perhaps AFTER our pen turns into a real blow out -- we might get another solo shot from Pujols and someone else.
  13. Mathis ?? really? now he scores on Calhoun's great play in RF. Welcome back Cole. Halos - welcome to 10 and a half games back in the AL West. At this rate, we'll be close to 20 back by the All Star break.
  14. disarcina

    Season low point ?

    7 and a half back. Goodnight Irene. Gene Autry used to sing that -- might be the Angels theme song for the second half starting now.
  15. disarcina

    Crunch time for the Halos

    sprained ankle shouldn't take that long. Angels are a different team (not nearly as good) when he's NOT in the line up. he's a tremendous ballplayer. I'd rank him NOW as Number One Halos of All TIme. Yep -- over Fregosi, Orlando Cabrera, my favorite- DiSar (who really didn't field all that well, but the Angels seemed to win when he was in the line up) ; Dick Schofield, David Eckstein - I must have missed a few........ BTW caught a shot of DiSar who is the bench coach for Mickey Callaway NY Mets manager, on ESPN game the other night (of course, the Mets were playing the Yankees - only way to get on ESPN/ Fox Sports etc.) DiSar spent years shuttling between positions with the Angels and the Red Sox. Liked him as a player for us, but he may go down in the books as the worst Halos third base coach of all time -- I think we had more runners thrown out at the plate the two years DiSar was in the third base coaching box than any other period of time.