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  1. Biergott

    Harper to New York

    You got me. I hate you.
  2. That and everything you do get it eat is basically cold leftovers, because the hot stove was extinguished and no one has bothered to light it back up again
  3. Biergott

    Angels the "Mystery Team" in on Machado?

    Uncomfortable silences are uncomfortable...
  4. Biergott

    WTF is with this bleeping weather?

    Ok who is this posting as Mota on a weather site? Whoever you are, you mark for an exclamation point in my book!
  5. Biergott

    Rest In Peace Paul (Pablo) Smith

    My condolences, I can’t image what you’re going through. Wish I had words that would help.
  6. yup, guilty as charged. I'm in south OC.
  7. just get a passport and be done with it. easier than the DMV anyway.
  8. Biergott

    Any Fisherman on this site?

    Position was eliminated when they went to a globalized product line vs region/country specific. It had run its course for me as well I think. The benefits were obviously incredible, but the pay wasn't great, especially in the OC. Not to mention I was travelling 50-75% of the year and trying to raise a family. I didn't realize how much of my sons' lives I missed until it was gone. I do miss it every day though. Every single day.
  9. Biergott

    Any Fisherman on this site?

    Fresh and Salt, anything but Fly fishing... Used to have a dream gig as a product manager for a big name rod & reel manufacturer. Traveled the world fishing for about 15 years. Product testing, TV shows, marketing vids, bass, walleye, tuna and marlin tourneys, etc. It was rough.
  10. Biergott

    2018 Hot Stove League

    OK, with Christmas now over, can someone turn the burner back on the Hot Stove? It appears to have been shut off.
  11. Biergott

    Justin Bour's deal looks pretty good

    off of some good pitchers too. Love the Doyer Killer montage in there too.
  12. Biergott

    Griffin Canning

    Why the bump?
  13. Hope this isn’t how the whole offseason goes. I don’t know why I’m so nervous this offseason already.