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  1. ettin


    I'm proud of the collective response from
  2. Urena has been on my radar for a while now. He fits the mold that Eppler seems to like (high octane arm).
  3. Scioscia just wanted to shuffle some relievers around and Eppler took it too literally.
  4. Fresh meat!!!! Pumpin' mid-90's gas!!!! Reclamation project!!!! Love it!!!!! Gonna turn it around and upside down!!!! Woot!!!!
  5. ettin

    Happy Birthday Robert & Thomas!

    Oddly enough my full name is Robert Thomas Cunningham.
  6. ettin

    Happy Birthday Robert & Thomas!

    Thanks for the pussy pic, Chuck, much appreciated!
  7. I feel like I am playing League of Legends with all of the Brazilian players.
  8. When you think about it more moving a guy off C to 3B takes the pressure off their legs which does impact their lower base of power at the plate and still allows them to exercise their lateral movement, sharpen their existing reaction times (the "hot corner"), and utilize their strong throwing arms. The shift to 3B really allows Ward to focus on his offense. Maybe he is forced to move to 1B or DH eventually, we will see.
  9. "We laugh not only because it is funny, but because it is true."
  10. ettin

    Youth Infusion 2019

    Gettin' good grades! Future's so bright..... Gotta wear shades.
  11. ettin

    Crazy, maybe even DUMB trade idea..

    I just looked it up because I had checked it a couple of weeks ago and it is .861 OPS away. Against RHP away it is much worse at .675 because Arenado has some serious LHP/RHP splits. He obliterates LH pitchers. Just destroys them and leaves them in pieces.
  12. ettin

    Crazy, maybe even DUMB trade idea..

    I could see them grabbing a starter like Patrick Corbin from the D'Backs, JA Happ from the Jays, or possibly, but less likely, Bundy or Gausman from the O's if any of them are available and then a reliever from the O's or Marlins or perhaps the Royals, Reds, or Tigers. I too do not see an outfielder in our future other than an internal choice.