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  1. Per Chuck's Request

    Thanks for the kind words m0nkey!
  2. Per Chuck's Request

    IKR it isn't complete!
  3. Per Chuck's Request

    It's funny because I'm out here in Florida on vacation visiting my nephew and his wife and he's pulled out the Maker's Mark and 15 year Glenlivet and I've had multiple pours of the same size.... Gettin' my drink on! LOL!
  4. He pretty much has to work out of the bullpen since he didn't pitch any innings this year. It also allows us to not HAVE to go out and sign a reliever too.
  5. Per Chuck's Request

    Is it okay if I still keep the other three windows open with about 15 tabs each? Gotta keep my research handy
  6. Ask and you shall receive @Chuckster70 ! Last day of freedom!
  7. Expansion and Realignment

    It's 3 games against every opponent in each Division so 24 games x 3 Divisions = 72 games. The remaining 84 will be played in-division which is 84/7= 12 games per opponent in-division.
  8. Expansion and Realignment

    I like this idea because it gives TD two more teams to root for and he can get in on the ground level too! Love ya TD!
  9. World's Shortest Books

    How to Win the Vote of Who's Left of the "Pwerto" Rican People by Donald Trump
  10. Ahhh yes you are both correct I had forgotten about that.
  11. Wanted: Angels hitting coach

    Winter 2017: Dino Ebel gets Tigers managerial position Spring Training 2018: 17 Detroit players require Tommy John Surgery after 3rd day of windmill drills
  12. First of all Upton does NOT have to opt-out to negotiate a new deal. That is false. He can do anything between now and the time he has to make a decision right after the World Series ends. If he does negotiate a new deal the old one is superseded and the new one is enacted. Secondly there may be teams out there that are willing to pay him more, certainly. But Upton and his agent have to weigh the value of him opting-out period and whether he can really gain more money on the open market and more importantly where he will have to play/move to make that money. Maybe Justin does not want to move to Philadelphia and play there. Geography will probably play a role in his decision. Tax rates will also play a role in his decision and the Angels. If they renegotiate his contract it will fall under CA tax rates and the Angels will have to pay him more for him to make an actual increase in salary which the Halos may not want to do. I could be mistaken here but if he keeps his current contract it falls under Michigan tax codes (someone well versed in baseball contracts will have to correct me here if I'm wrong) not CA. Finally I think that Upton would prefer, based on his family living/working on the West Coast, to play on the Best Coast. That would via geography give the Angels a slight advantage. Playing with Mike Trout might give the Angels a slight advantage. Playing on a team that is about to get significantly better might also be a slight advantage.
  13. As tdawg said Claude the Angels are already paying him an Average Annual Value of $22.125M. Moving up a couple of million isn't going to change anything for our payroll and we need the hitter. It has to get done either with Upton or someone like Martinez or Stanton. It has too or we look weaker on offense. Time to bust out your wallet Claude.
  14. Realistically Upton can make upwards of $25M per season in the current market. If the Angels were to simply offer him about $23M-$25M per season with an extra year tacked on (Five total) I think this is a done deal.
  15. Would Scioscia shave Pujols?

    I'll bring a bag of taffy candy too.