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  1. Deeply sorry to hear this, that is way to young an age to leave this Earth. Condolences to the entire Cox and Trout families. Rest In Peace Aaron.
  2. ettin

    The Future looks...

    The Future.... Looks bright! Gettin' good grades! The future's so bright.... Gotta wear shades!
  3. ettin

    I Am Pumped Upton!

    Which is why they should mark the players starting position and use that as the basis to develop the defensive model. After a sufficiently large sample size you could probably develop a heat map or something similar showing an individual players ability to get to balls in front, behind, and laterally, including how many they actually catch in each zone. I have to think there are teams out there that are doing this type of analysis.
  4. The only way this is better is if it was in a Panda Express with him making some Orange Chicken in a e-wok.
  5. ettin


    There are still a lot of people who want Cowart to be more than he actually is, is the answer. But you are 100% correct he is a utility guy, now.
  6. ettin

    Super nerds are killing baseball

    Running baseball as a business has hurt the game far more than the scientifically-thoughtful, so-called nerds who were hired to methodically massage the data to extract every ounce of competitive advantage out of it to increase team profit margins and put more fans in the seats. Blame the monetization of baseball not the "nerds".
  7. ettin

    Seattle fires 10 scouts

    I won't be ignored!
  8. I cannot look it up at the moment but I would look at their splits and see how many total plate.appearances and wRC+ they had in Anaheim vs. their new teams. It is possible they were utilized more efficiently with the Angel's (ie Cron vs. RHP, Freese vs. LHP, et al).
  9. I wrote about innings limits in the Primer so the fact that Skaggs and Heaney are getting tired around these numbers isn't at all surprising it was a concern heading into the season. The good news is that they should be ready for a full season in 2019. However I agree that the rotation is a big concern and represents a likely area for Eppler to upgrade via free agency or trade.
  10. I have them similar in terms of AAV: Sub-Total $152,434,667 $134,754,048 Benefits $8,213,516 $8,213,516 Payouts $500,000 $500,000 Total $161,148,183 $143,467,564 $161M actual, $143M AAV, currently.
  11. ettin

    JMF up, Deck McGuire down

    It gives them a potential solution until Matt Thaiss is ready or they trade for a productive 1B.
  12. When it is run as a business, that business will generally always find ways to combine financial responsibility and refine and improve the business. Think of it as the three true outcomes of running a company.
  13. ettin

    Scioscia NOT stepping down

    You make an assumption that we have not traded Upton by then which I think is overlooking our farm a bit. Marsh could take his spot. Devereux even by that point, potentially. Not to mention trades or free agency again. I don't think we keep Upton past 2021 in all probability. Isn't one of our new 2018 draft picks an OF too? Lots of options I think.