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  1. Not done? pure speculation

    I wouldn' mind picking up Mark Zagunis in that deal as well for a backup OF option (I am an admitted Zagunis fan boy). Schwarber would be great if possible. Cubs might like Shoemaker in their rotation for example. Could use Matt as a basis of trade discussions.
  2. Not done? pure speculation

    This is why teams perform full medical evaluations before any signing or trade. If his arm looks good you can't predict when a tear will occur. Also it has been medically shown that the biggest precursor of an injury is a PREVIOUS injury! I would be careful investing too much into your theory that heavy use correlates with injury it has not been proven to be the case based on the medical literature on the subject.
  3. It's his ground ball rate that would make him really good behind a Simmons-Cozart SS-2B defensive alignment.
  4. Not done? pure speculation

    FanGraphs has the opposite for Steamer and Depth Charts projections. Just depends on the system and inputs to how they estimate and project. What you should do is combine the projections from the Major systems, based on a weight of their innings pitched from each system, and combine them to achieve a more accurate picture.
  5. Not done? pure speculation

    The thing you have to remember her Tot is that Archer would be far, far, more favorable to team payroll over the next four years. I like both pitchers but financially Archer is superior. I suggested Chris in the Primer Series (with a trade proposal similar to Hubs) and I think we could squeeze Darvish into the payroll if Moreno authorizes an increase over the Luxury Tax in 2019 and 2020 but our focus should be on Trout's extension and ensuring we have enough room for it.
  6. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    I think the Giants are taking their extra $50M in the BAMTech sale and are trying to buy their way into the post-season in 2018. Wouldn't be surprised to see them pick up another star type player with one year of control left. They might gut most of their remaining system to do this too (and there ain't much left!).
  7. Not done? pure speculation

    So I actually started to write up an article on this very subject but I have not had much time to finish it so I'll just piggy back on @floplag's post here. One position that I could see the Angels taking is to act as a facilitating, third team, in a Manny Machado trade. To be clear we would not be the ones acquiring Machado (that ship has sailed for 2018 but could potentially be revisited in free agency in 2019) but we would act as a transaction enabler. The idea would be that since the Angels have two 3B that they do not necessarily need to keep in 2018, in Luis Valbuena and Kaleb Cowart, they could use one of them as trade currency to send to Baltimore as a hot corner replacement as part of a larger package in a Machado for starting pitching swap. Remember now that the Orioles are asking for two (2) controllable starters back in exchange for Machado. To be frank most MLB teams do not have the will to trade one starter much less two of them from their own roster. There are perhaps only a small handful of teams that could afford that right at this moment. However this is what Baltimore has explicitly expressed that they want so let's work off of that stated objective. So one way to get around sending out two starters is to have another team, like the Angels for example, provide one of those starters in exchange for other prospects/players. Here is just one proposal that might be achievable: Orioles Send 3B Manny Machado to the Cleveland Indians Send C Prospect Chance Sisco to the Los Angeles Angels Send OF Prospect Cedric Mullins to the Cleveland Indians Indians Send SP Ryan Merritt to the Baltimore Orioles Send 3B Yandy Diaz to the Los Angeles Angels Send RP Cody Allen to the Los Angeles Angels Send $4M in cash to the Los Angeles Angels Angels Send RP Cam Bedrosian to the Cleveland Indians Send SP Matt Shoemaker to the Baltimore Orioles Send 3B/2B Kaleb Cowart to the Baltimore Orioles Orioles Why? The Orioles want controllable starters and Merritt comes with 6 years of team control and Shoemaker has 3 years of team control, satisfying their stated objective of two controllable starters. Additionally they pick up Cowart who really doesn't have much of a place on the Angels active roster and would not see much action in a backup role, making him expendable and more importantly allowing Kaleb to get a change of scenery that could unlock more of his potential. At worst he's a fine utility man for Baltimore and that is how he is valuated in this trade concept as a long term utility asset that might be more. Of course the O's lose their last year of control of Machado but that ship looks like it is sailing far away from them and cutting loose of him now is the smart thing to do. They also lose Sisco but because their roster is filled with 1B/DH types (Chris Davis, Trey Mancini and Mark Trumbo) they will have a difficult time getting his bat into the lineup on a regular basis in a part time catcher platoon. Moving him to the Angels will allow him to split time at C and 1B/DH and as a bench bat. Mullins goes to the Indians as a long-term depth piece that could see action in a couple of seasons. Indians Why? Cleveland, of course, would love to improve their chances of another postseason run by acquiring one year of one of the best players in baseball at the hot corner. With Brantley's health in doubt again and Chisenhall in his last year of control the Indians can have Jose Ramirez move out to LF again (or RF too), moving Chisenhall to a possible backup role as needed depending on how things shake out. In order to acquire Machado they have to part with one of their young starters, Ryan Merritt, which is softened by the fact that they have other young pitching options they can use as depth. Of course they lose a promising young infielder in Diaz but they still have Kipnis with three years of control and Ramirez who is under contract for at least the next four years (he has two options after that) so losing Yandy is a luxury they can afford on their depth chart. They also lose their last year of Cody Allen who they were going to lose to free agency but in return they are getting back four years of control over Cam Bedrosian giving them a long-term back-end relief option. Also they acquire a long-term OF option in Mullins who could impact them later down the line as a cost-controlled piece. Finally they send $4M in cash to off-set some of the expense for the Angels payroll. Angels Why? For the Angels we need to find a long-term solution at 3B starting next season and Yandy Diaz is a very interesting prospect for Billy Eppler who has stated he wants to improve on-base percentage. Diaz has a long history in the Minors as an on-base machine, is improving defensively at 3B, and has the potential to be a stronger power source if he can elevate his hits more. This could backfire on the Halos but it has a lot of potential to be more for the next 6 years of team control. Most importantly we can keep him down in the Minors to start the year and bring him up later in case of injury or as a cup of coffee later in the year. Also the Angels pick up catching prospect Chance Sisco who with his left-handed power bat could also impact our 2018 season and beyond. The Angels could also start him down in the Minors and plug him in if an injury arises. Starting in 2019 he could take over the backup role at catcher and split time in the 1B/DH spots as needed allowing his big bat to play more. Additionally the Angels would pick up the last season of RP Cody Allen which would replace the loss of Cam Bedrosian at least for the short term. Of course the Angels would lose the next three years of Shoemaker but there are other pitchers who can replace his production like Jaime Barria (or Luis Castillo and Jake Jewell). Matt is already escalating team payroll in arbitration so it is only a matter of time before the Angels either trade him or sign him to a team friendly contract, probably the former. Additionally they lose Bedrosian to the Indians who need to find a long-term closer type. It allows the Angels to compete this season with a good reliever and revisit the bullpen needs next off-season (where they might find a better deal). Finally they lose Cowart who, quite frankly, was going to have trouble finding playing time even in a utility position with the way this current roster is constructed with Ohtani in the DH mix and superior defenders around the diamond in Simmons, Cozart, and Kinsler. Conclusion In the end I think the Indians and Angels would be satisfied with this trade. The Orioles would be too if those two starters satisfy their desired objective but as an outsider looking in I think Baltimore would be losing a touch in this deal. However their hands are tied with Machado and moving him now and this might turn out to be the best solution for them in a weird marketplace. Manny's time in Baltimore is up and they know it so finding a deal like this is probably the best they will get. The Orioles would be taking on about $11M for just 2018 which, with the $50M BAM windfall, is probably a one-time bump up that they could accept. For the Angels we compete in 2018 while grabbing long-term assets that will make our squad better not only in 2018 but beyond.
  8. Manny Machado

    You need to watch Cozart!
  9. Let's be real Glen, you've always had Morning (Brandon) Wood.
  10. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    According to the report he wanted to play in the mid-West (not just the West) That's okay I really trust Eppler to build a bullpen and on the cheap. Based on historical payrolls we are probably already at our maximum anyway unless Moreno approves an overage. I'm also bummed that Brad Hand is staying in San Diego he would have been great to have as well.
  11. Astros acquire Gerrit Cole

    Pitchers like Lackey are a different breed. They tend to get tossed out in first inning for having a big mouth, resulting in a false start.
  12. Astros acquire Gerrit Cole

    Stating something like that on the board without citing official sources/publications is irresponsible no matter if they are true in your eyes or not. Cite the source and why you have confidence in said source or don't spread false information.
  13. Good GB% rate particularly to the right side of the infield into our super mega-vacuum SS/3B combination.
  14. Just saw this shared on Twitter: You can do keyword searches as well. Pretty cool!