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  1. Our First Basemen

    Last two weeks since August 8th - Luis Valbuena: C.J. Cron: Guess they both got their groove back which is good timing for us.
  2. Angels' Jahmai Jones flying high at plate

    It's not the post we wanted, but the one we needed.
  3. The Official Major League Baseball Thread

    You never know. The fastball velocity and GB% are the selling points to me here with our superior infield defense. His hard hit rate is actually below his career average which really leads me to believe that either a ) hitters are getting off more line drives against him (possible) or b ) he really is getting a bit unlucky based on that BABIP with hits finding holes. I think it's a combination of those two, to a degree. Bottom line is that it wouldn't cost much to pick him up if we have the room.
  4. The Official Major League Baseball Thread

    Might be worth a pick-up with only about $500K left in 2017. One more year of arbitration control. High GB% particularly against RHH's. Problems with walks this year and last year but previous history of better walk rates. Some BABIP and LOB issues this season that could regress the other way possibly. Mid-90's heat.
  5. It's like when I tell my wife I love her every day and then there is that one day where for some reason I forget and she's like "Don't you love me anymore?" Great expectations @totdprods
  6. A compilation of 9-3 putouts

    LOL I thought the exact same thing!
  7. Puello claimed by Rays

    It was not a revocable waiver so, no, they do not have to send anything to us. Normal waiver.
  8. Jaime Barria promoted to SLC

    I didn't say it was! There is a reason Glen is my favorite'er!
  9. Jaime Barria promoted to SLC

    Hahahahahaha Craig! Glen is used to Craig'ing anyway, in fact he self-Craig's as he puts the same picture of Salma Hayek up all the time
  10. You have no idea AO. I have been building a depth chart for the Primer Series and despite the immense amount of depth (to be clear a LOT of that is back-end and/or up-and-down depth) currently in the system I am still unsure of how they are going to field 5 starters that can go the whole season. I am beginning to think they will have to pull guys in and out of bullpen roles into the rotation or go with a 'bullpen rotation' for some or part of the year or do something funky like a 6-man rotation or short-stint (like 5 innings, 80 pitches max) rotation to get guys like Richards and Heaney across the finish line into October. We have a lot of uncertainty, variability, and injury risk in our starting five (Richards, Meyer, Heaney, Shoemaker, and Skaggs) in conjunction with the likely fact that Richards and Heaney are unable to throw a full season's worth of starts.
  11. He's done well in previous seasons. Before he hurt his back and had his other "issues" he was tracking in a really good direction. He is out of options so I'm hoping the Angels at the minimum insert him into their bullpen if they feel he is at the right level of competence.
  12. Really hoping Lamb can show something here at the end of the season, it could be a significant boost to our rotation and/or bullpen options for next season.
  13. Important News Today!

    Now I'm gonna have to start calling him Blue Ball Richter.
  14. Important News Today!

    Ummm didn't you realize I was trying to illicit your response dude?