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  1. ettin


    What? @SoWhat
  2. So an 8-year extension on top of his current contract: 6 years, $144M + 8 years, $356M = 14 years, $500M The 2nd half of that contract would be $44.5M in AAV. It would make him the 1st player in history to exceed $500M in total earnings (I think at least unless I am missing someone?). Essentially tacking on 8 more years would keep him in Anaheim for the next 10 years as @Angel Oracle spoke earlier about.
  3. Curious if it will be enough money to bring him to $500 million in career earnings....
  4. ettin

    Machado to Padres....

    Shocking and I was off by a lot.
  5. Just know that if we ever officially have the pleasure of meeting in person, I will not be shaking your hand (either one).
  6. ettin

    The Angels installed rapsodo devices!

    Oh you're preaching to the choir (of one I think), my friend! Would love to see a Skaggs extension!
  7. ettin

    The Angels installed rapsodo devices!

    Interesting several pitchers already seeing immense value in the technology:
  8. ettin

    2018 Hot Stove League

    I'm really curious what Bard's walk up song is?
  9. Everyone knows how wet we are.
  10. ettin

    2018 Hot Stove League

    A 1-year deal on Mous would be solid.
  11. Congratulations to Chuck, Geoff, Dave, and the entire team and community on such a long tenure! May you eclipse Scioscia's tenure and beyond!