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  1. ettin

    Brad Ausmus Named Angels Skip

    The pecking order is from worst to worst: Yankees fans Red Sox fans Pick your poison So, respectfully, the Chowds can get worse.
  2. ettin

    Brad Ausmus Named Angels Skip

    I don't even know you anymore. Anyone who is rooting for the Red Sox deserves to be spayed or neutered. Look at the hats.
  3. ettin

    Brad Ausmus Named Angels Skip

  4. ettin

    Brad Ausmus Named Angels Skip

    Personally I was hoping for the Rays Rocco Baldelli but whatev's.....
  5. ettin

    Pujols Is Done.... Less Than 200 AB's In 2019.

    Maybe this is some new @Lou worshiping fan-cult where it is the goal to get him to say "I agree."?
  6. ettin

    How has Eppler performed so far?

    I have given him a 9 because I think he inherited a real mess of a farm system and has steadily been turning it around. I feel he has developed inexpensive bullpen options through excellent scouting and incorporation of analytics to identify key targets. He has tried to exploit marginal market inefficiencies to bring in talent like Upton (and then smartly extending him), Kinsler, Simmons, et al. His ability to turn certain relievers into starters (JC Ramirez, Felix Pena, Parker Bridwell) adds incremental value. Basically his overall approach to roster construction is excellent in my opinion. I'll give him a 10 if he extends Trout this off-season.
  7. Well based on what I see evaluating the roster combos and games played for 2019 we will almost certainly bring in a multi-positional type I think (I believe Fletcher thinks the same as well).
  8. The Los Angeles Dirt Bags of Long Beach.
  9. I love your consistent Sonny disposition.
  10. ettin

    Jean Segura?

    The Mariners will be competing next year so it seems very unlikely that this could occur. On top of that we would have to send an equally valuable piece or pieces. Would be very difficult to consummate but not impossible with a wheeler and dealer like Dipoto. With Cozart's contract I don't think 2B is our issue right now as he is almost certainly slated for the keystone.
  11. Statistically players who have had a previous injury are at an increased risk for re-injury from most literature I have read. Examples: (aging curve) There is certainly evidence that younger is better and previous injuries generally lead to recurring or even new injuries. There is also an argument to be made about the best application of resources too but to each their own.
  12. Stroman is a huge ground ball guy so he would fit in nicely with the Angels defensive infield (at least what I assume will be a nice defensive infield ). Archer puts the ball more in the air but strikes out more hitters.
  13. Yeah I could see @VictorRojas29 making the call: "Ball hit deep in the corner! Didi makes a nice diving stop, gets up, fires to first! Oh no!!!!! Another unforced error as he buries it in the dirt 4 feet in front of him! That is Gregorious' 312th unforced error of the season."
  14. When you consider that the Marlins were asking for one of Victor Robles and Juan Soto from the Nationals you have to believe the Marlins want a top-tier pick. I am concerned that they want quality over quantity here and frankly Marsh, Jones, and Soriano are not at that level. Suarez is closer but he too is not at that level either. We are talking proximity to the Majors here as that increases a prospects value. If you look at a rough surplus value Realmuto is somewhere in the $60M-70M range. That is usually the value of a top-tier position player prospect. Of course the Angels might entice them with a spread of good but not elite prospects and overpay like was suggested above with the Marsh, Suarez, Jones, Soriano deal but that increases the risk that Miami doesn't develop a surefire guy. I think the total value of those 4 guys would be enough to pique the Marlins interest however as it is a bit of an overpay with the 4th prospect.
  15. From a Hardball Times article: Above the arbitrarily selected 106/107 exit velocity mark off to the right (younger age) is a name we all like to see. Link is here: