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  1. He is going to trade his extra skip for a high-floor type.
  2. Is Kinsler changing our minds?

    My two concerns with Kinsler were this: 1) His stupid douche comment about getting off our grass always anti-endeared me to his presence in our stadium 2) I was concerned that although he had a down year that it could be age catching up with him and his 2016 (and before) performance levels could be impacted I can sort of get over the former but it will always be there. The latter however clearly seems to be a non-issue. He is getting on-base well, is explosive (for his age) around the bases, and is playing really solid defense. I'm happy with the preliminary results and if he plays like this all year, particularly at the plate, the Angels will be in good shape for a potential playoff berth. As far as the returning part I think the Angels could re-sign him on a short-term deal to bridge to a Jones (who is working out at 2B but who knows if it is serious) or Rivas or another trade or signing out of free agency (of which there will still be a lot of options next year).
  3. Welcome to the angels Zack Cozart

    We are really getting off on a tangent now.
  4. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    I'll leave IP and others to respond as well but it is my understanding that after the Top 5 or so it is a pretty deep tier from about the late single digits all the way through the 1st round or so meaning that approximately #10-#40 are all on the same relative level talent-wise. I could be off but I read that recently (and cannot find the source right now).
  5. Welcome to the angels Zack Cozart

    Of course he is a math enthusiast, Tank, don't be obtuse.
  6. Stradling

    Five Guys bitches!!!!!
  7. In his first at-bat he immediately got two balls.
  8. Tough Decision Time on Ohtani ?

    As @tdawg87 said he will without any doubt barring an actual injury on the Opening Day roster. There is no way he is starting down in the Minors.
  9. If by gathering, you mean sausage orgy, then, yes, it sounds like there will be.
  10. Isn't Arizona a conceal and carry state anyway? Enjoy the game you two sorry I'm not there.... in other news my interviews seemed to go well this week.
  11. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    Also he can only receive one Qualifying Offer so he won't be burdened by that next year, particularly since the Royals are almost assuredly going to trade him at the deadline which would also nullify a QO if he were even eligible for one.
  12. Can't wait for the Unsolicited Sick Picks of Mike Trout
  13. It is my opinion, as I stated in the Primer, that the Angels should give him an extension. Length may be flexible but the Angels could probably negotiate a clause in the contract related to his plasma-injection for his elbow similar to Lackey's deal with Boston when they put a clause in there that if his elbow blew out the following season he would only get paid league minimum. There are potential ways to work around this issue. Someone of Richards' caliber is worth taking a calculated risk on particularly in a depressed off-season where the Angels might be able to negotiate a team-friendly deal. I'm all in on giving upwards of 5-6 years depending on the amount and the terms of the deal. There has to be either a reasonable discount or protection built-in to the deal but in my opinion it is worth the roll of the dice. In the end only the team doctors know the condition of his elbow so there is a lot of information that is obscure to the casual fans.
  14. Maybe you missed that 8 out of 10 of the other playoff teams all ranked in the Top 20 in defense? Three of those teams (Cubs, Dodgers, and Rockies) ranked in the Top 5 in all of baseball in 2017. By the way my statement you quoted is still 100% correct. Keep cherry picking though, even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  15. Yes but tdawg is referring to a different kind of hung.