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  1. ettin

    Swing Rate

    You're right he did whiff a lot.
  2. ettin

    Swing Rate

    Passerby: "Hey Mickey! Looks like someone done and gone walked over your grave!" Mickey: "Walks are a false stat!"
  3. ettin

    Grit Baby!!!

    We laugh, not only because it is funny, but because it is true.
  4. ettin

    Taylor Ward up, Justin Anderson down

    He's not wrong.
  5. ettin

    AW in a Nutshell

    So, this: we lose: GDT = 18 pages = tdawg typing about jacking off we win: GDT = 5 pages = tdawg actually jacking off
  6. ettin

    Nut Swingers vs. Tin Foil Hats

    Before I even opened up the thread I thought of you first.
  7. Just needed to tender him a contract. He was projected to make about $4.3M or something close to that. Still surprised we cut loose on him, he was always a competitor. Spilled milk or something....
  8. ettin

    and Shoe gone as well

    Still puzzled and now even more annoyed.
  9. ettin

    Things we've learned from

    I have learned that I am good at analysis. Case in point: Justin Bour is young, fat Elon Musk This is why Musk's latest business venture is called the 'Bouring Company'. You're welcome for connecting the dots.
  10. ettin

    Tommy La Stella

    To piggyback on Jeff's statement, defense sample size usually takes multiple seasons to stabilize, i.e. 81 games in defensive terms is a small sample. Like Fletcher (David and Jeff) but let's not crown him a Prince of the Universe just yet.
  11. ettin

    Things we've learned from

    This is just fundamental baseball.
  12. ettin

    It's extension season!

    This isn't really that new, the Indians and Rays have been executing this extension strategy for years now quite successfully (e.g. Archer, Kluber, et al). It's just becoming more common place around the rest of the League.
  13. ettin

    Come eat your crow

    Right about the player and even the length of the contract but definitely off on the total price ($500M vs. $426M). In the team's favor and that can only bode well for an Ohtani or Simmons extension (or both).
  14. I am not sure we should laugh that hard at that statement, it could very well be one minor reason why Trout wanted to stay, when you consider his relationship with Albert.
  15. Well they did get to the right number just not in the manner I thought they would.