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  1. "What's in the box!?!?!"
  2. ettin Members!!

    Sorry for your loss, may your brother Rest In Peace.
  3. On a different note I hope the Angels trade for Luiz Gohara as a reclamation project.
  4. I am sure Eppler has a better feel for his potential market based on trade deadline discussions and projected needs of teams. They can choose to exercise it or not based on that information. Haven't deep dived it myself Lou as baseball has been on the deep back burner for me lately but I am sure the team will perform due diligence and act accordingly. If he keeps up this recent performance through the end of the year, the option may be easier to pick up?
  5. ettin

    Happy Birthday Chuck Richter

    Wait Chuck has a bun in his oven? Woah.
  6. ettin

    Happy Birthday Chuck Richter

    Happy Birthday Chuck!
  7. Not to mention that the Angels will have more teams to talk with in the off-season where Calhoun could potentially develop a real market (or stay with the Angels).
  8. ettin

    Jo Adell to AAA Salt lake

    They could option him down and the 2020 year wouldn't count against his total, if I am not mistaken. If they bring him up in September for a cup of coffee then he will likely see more action in 2020 but the Angels will manipulate the service time to their advantage so he doesn't exceed more than one year.
  9. You're on fire the last 48 hours! No literally when you piss it's on fire, you should seek help.
  10. Are you okay? DIRTBAGS FOREVA!!!!
  11. ettin

    Why we have a serious Wild Card chance

  12. ettin

    Eppler’s Bizarro Bullpen

    I thought he had a chance to make the team before they lost him to the Padres: . Of course my projected back-end trio of Cam Bedrosian, Alex Meyer, and Keynan Middleton will never quite materialize either.