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  1. Salome

    Angels runs scored contest

    871 Salome
  2. Salome

    Rest In Peace Paul (Pablo) Smith

    I am so saddened to read of the loss of your Dad. I met him on the old Los Angeles Times Refugee Board so many years ago. We met up for a few games together but mostly interacted on a daily basis talking about our beloved Angels. Funniest memory was when he got everyone to start using the word Sip in place of the word suck to voice displeasure about the team. This was to set a better example for his kids. You were taken way too soon "Pablo" but you will be remembered for your wit and for just being a genuine kind of guy. My sincere condolences to his Family and Friends. R.I.P. Penny
  3. Salome

    Garage Sales

    If you are brave enough to do another sale try this. Make a pile of crap that you know won't sell and put something great in with it. The deal is they have to take everything in that pile. Less clean up at the end of the day.
  4. Salome

    We need to bring Latos back next year

    I hated watching his delivery, it looked like he was wiping his ass each pitch.
  5. Salome

    Hamilton in pain

    Karma is such a great thing. In Josh's case You reap what you sow.
  6. Salome

    3 Day Suit Broker Commerical

    Daddy, I'm scared.
  7. Salome

    3 Day Suit Broker Commerical

    I am way to old. I remember when Earl was painting cars for $19.95. Of course it was paint over the dents, the bugs and so on. The commercial I can't stand is the stupid bitch teenager that has wrecked Daddy's car.
  8. In 1995 at 107 games the Angels were 66/41 in first place by 9 1/2 games.
  9. Not even going to mention the basket of Watermelons in the kitchen picture.
  10. Why is joining a Double A team more of a challenge than a Triple A team?
  11. Salome

    Hamilton's Texas Press Conference

    It seems that Arte is a man of principles. He took Josh at his word that he would keep his nose clean ( no pun intended) I would like to know of anyone here that would not be shit canned from their job for doing what Hamilton did disease or not. I applaud the Angel organization for their zero tolerance on druggies. I hope Karma catches up with Josh.
  12. I hated the way they let Downing go. My daughter and I flew to Oakland for the last game of the season and they didn't even let him play in a totally meaningless game. Vlad would be my second choice.
  13. Salome

    Dog catching fails

    The second dog belongs to my friend Jeannie, who lives in New Jersey. His name is Pacino. He has mastered the catch now that he is older.
  14. The DR does not have a legal limit.
  15. Salome

    This game proves...

    Howie with 2 hits and 3 RBI's in Hamilton's spot?